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DISCLAIMER: This section won't try to go in-depth on how to play each match-up as Rubber Soul but rather list their distinctive peculiarities such as interactions and countermeasures specific to each one of them that might be helpful to know when following the guidelines explained in the Strategy section.

For that reason it is advised that you first read the Strategy section in its entirety before coming here.

NOTES: 'Unscaled Wrap' refers to any wrap combo in which only dashing normals are used into an unscaled 236+AA ender for an easy combo that does considerable damage.

Whenever 4S is mentioned as a punish tool against Stand ON opponents, it will be implied that it's referring to the j.S UB Reset set-up (4S j.A j.S (j.S) string) which often is followed up by an Unscaled Wrap midscreen.


Battle of the Counterpokes. Both of you have some excellent space control tools, good raw damage on pokes, supers and tech chases so this can be a very neutral-oriented MU. What you lack in speed you make up for your okizeme once you eventually land a hit on him.

Avdol has some solid reversal options and his supers are pretty good, namely 236+AA. This isn't to say you shouldn't leave any gaps in your pressure, but rather try and bait them. Remember that Avdol's 236+AA super is punishable on block with 2A xx 4S, on whiff with 4S/6S and its initial hit can trigger your counter so there's no reason to be scared of it. Just keep your eyes open whenever you decide to rush him down.

Avdol's Stand ON strings are incredibly minus if he cancels them into 236+A. DO NOT RESPECT IT. It might seem counterintuitive but you need to charge right at him and dash under his projectile with d.2A and hit his ankles. The payoff is huge since you get a free Unscaled Wrap. You can counterpoke his Stand ON pressure and whiffpunish his good-priority normals with 4S as well.

Feel free to block high all the time cause Avdol has no competent low moves.


Alessi will capitalise on Rubber's worst habits to deal damage so winning this MU means overcoming your monkey side and mastering your whole toolset.

Your 214+S counter will whiff against Alessi's 2C at longer distances but don't give up just yet, there's a 3f window in which you can hit Alessi with 2A before he fully recovers, which can lead to a free wrap confirm. Alessi has a way of preventing this if he's Stand OFF by cancelling 2C into roll or 214+S so read your opponent carefully before committing to the punish.

One of the most lacklusting aspects of Alessi as a character is his anti-air game. Unfortunately for you though, j.A will whiff entirely against crouching Alessi and he can easily punish you with 2C for trying to use it. If you don't want j.B/j.C to contest with Alessi's 5C, you will have to commit to more vertical jumps. Bear in mind that going for a more vertical jump arc will give Alessi more time to react with 214+AA so jumping in shouldn't be your main way of approaching, at least when he has meter.

The Sethan Anomaly

One thing that sets Alessi apart from the rest of the cast is that hitting only Alessi's stand during his Stand ON pokes will not trigger the combo counter, which also means your first hits will not add up to launch and damage scaling. You can take full advantage of this by going for your most damaging air combos after countering or GCing Alessi's Stand ON pokes - j.C xx j.S j.A xx j.S.

Counter vs. 214+AA

Rubber's 214+S counter doesn't work against attacks that hit him from behind and Alessi's 214+AA super is so disjointed that it will meet that criteria occasionally, meaning that Rubber will get hit if he does his counter point blank but will be triggered at any other distance.


Rubber happens to have one the worst childmodes in the game, with depressing normals, a huge hurtbox and 5 start-up frames in his jump meaning Alessi has it relatively easy to land 4 axes into gun if they're any decent. But not all hope is lost, there's a situational glitch that might turn the odds in your favour. Holding 2 after transforming will perform an attack that looks just like his regular k.5A but will actually have the property of the last whiffed attack before entering childmode. Depending on the whiffed attack, this can potentially lead into an untechable launcher if 214+S was the move in question or even a Backbreaker confirm. Even if you get hit, the attack whiffs or you jump, you can always try again after landing. Using any of his kid normals will overwrite the property of the last move so if you know that you got the install with 214+S or Backbreaker, hold 2 with one hand while crossing your fingers with the other hoping Alessi whiffs any of his meaties. Sure, this isn't the most viable tech ever but it's the best you got.

Black Polnareff

Get used to cancelling your grab attempts into 214+S to prevent him from using 214+AA as a reversal. Keep your eyes open at all times for it.
His 214+AA super is punishable on hit in the corner due to your insanely fast wakeup speed. The window is pretty tight but you can hit him at the very end of his animation right after the flash.

His Rekka can be punished on block with backbreaker between hits. Punish his 236+AA super by pushblocking the stand and doing 4S into a hard knockdown.


This is one of those MUs where staggering your pressure is vital as Chaka's Stand OFF Guard Cancel is one of the most rewarding GCs if it catches you grounded. Chaka will probably be thinking the same and focus on defense. If this becomes too much of a problem, consider going for a more air-oriented game, forcing him to have air battles where you have the upper hand with better air-to-airs and anti-airs attacks until you can get that hard knockdown.

Although you will find them in completely different situations, both his 236+AA supers are punishable point blank by early pushblock. s.236+AA with a short foward dash 4S and his 236+AA with your fullscreen 236+AA (which you can follow up with a Jab UB Reset if you're fast enough). Additionally, Rubber will fall out of Chaka's s.236+AA cutscene if Chaka catches YT with its initial hit at max range. Similar to Black Polnareff's Anubis Counter whiffing, he will be completely invulnerable until the very end of his animation where you can meaty the first frame he's able to act again with Backbreaker.

There are many ways to punish his Stand ON Rekka on block; you can sneak a counter or Backbreaker between hits though this can be baited by delaying the second hit of his Rekka enough but delaying it even the slightest also makes it punishable this time with 4S. The only move that covers all possible options is d.2A into an Unscaled Wrap so keep your eyes open.

Chaka's Anubis Counter is exclusive to Stand ON so you need to watch out for it only then. Same goes for his blockstun nullification gimmick once he counters a move. At least you won't have to worry about his threatening Stand OFF Guard Cancel anymore. He can cancel his Stand ON rekka into his Anubis Counter after the second hit so think twice before you try to punish it with a physical attack.


All of Rubber's worst nightmares merged into one character. Attacks that hit you from behind which render your most important defensive options useless? Check. Extremely low crouching hurtbox that makes it impossible for you to land j.A xx j.S? Check. Powerful reversal options that lead to full combos that will make you hesitant of using any stand attack at all? Check. High defense values that will force you to have to win several interactions while his damage output only goes higher and higher? Check!

It comes as no surprise that this is Rubber's toughest MU but it's not an unwinnable battle by any means; Rubber still has some answers to some of Devo's stuff and your basic gameplan still works on him.

When Devo is in Stand OFF, focus on whomever is closer. You could see Devo superjumping at you, for instance, which would put you on the alert to AA him or block a jump-in but nothing would stop him from activating the doll on the ground and suddenly tickgrabbing you with it. Understanding when you should divide your attention between Devo and the doll is the key to winning this MU.

On a similar note, think twice before anti-airing him. Nothing stops Devo from inputting 214+AA or 214+S in the air which will make him go right through your anti-airs and leave you wide open. If you want to play it safe, only engage in tech chases when he's out of meter.

His attempts at anti-airing you with 5C can be punishable on hit by instantly teching down into a combo. If you're already close to the ground then teching won't even be necessary. The only way for him to stay safe is to spend meter. He can alternatively anti-air you with 2C, punishing your landing after making your j.A whiff but then all you need to do is switch to using j.B/j.C.


DIO would have to rely solely on speed to open up Rubber because of his linear rushdown playstyle which is why most DIO players will opt for a more defensive/keep-away playstyle in Stand ON focusing on whiff punishing, which can make this MU extremely boring but who can blame them honestly.

The biggest threat in this MU is, undoubtedly, his s.236+AA Knives. If he's in your roll range he will use them to force you to either get some chip damage by blocking them or get grabbed if you roll through them, the former being the better option, especially if you're low on health. He might also use them to catch jump-ins and in tech chases. When DIO has meter to spare he can get pretty cheap with them, creating some pretty bad situations for you once you block them. If he doesn't space himself correctly and uses them upclose, you can punish him by quickly Guard Cancelling before he recovers. Do NOT use your GC if you're not in range and he has more meter. You can also punish them on whiff after the superflash at 6S max range as the range of your 6S exceeds that of his Stand ON Knives after the i-frames wear off but I'll let you decide whether this is worth the risk.

In Stand OFF, he will resort to two-piece pokes to try and stay safe, mostly dashing attacks cancelled into a mid, usually d.5C/d.5B/d.2B xx 236S. You should still be able to GC them on reaction; him turning his Stand ON helps you have more damaging follow-ups. If he does a 214A/B/C cancel and gives up half way through his pressure, you can hit The World before it disappears with 2A xx 5S.

You can punish his Stand OFF Grab in the corner by teching and doing 5A/2A into anything. DIO might take every single chance he gets to grab you in order to play it safe but don't be disencouraged by this; everytime he grabs you is a chance he wastes to confirm into his damaging combos.

His Stand ON rekka can be punishable between hits by early pushblocking the first hit into counter or even Backbreaker (Backbreaker might whiff but you're plus enough to follow it up with 2A afterwards). For okizeme he may try to poke from a safe distance Stand ON since it will make both your counter and Guard Cancel whiff so keep that in mind.

Hol Horse

Rubber never really has a great time approaching the opponent, and in this MU especifically he needs to be extra cautious with his jump-ins if he doesn't want to get kicked in the face. Fast wakeup speed will help Rubber escape Hol's most dangerous okizeme options off 2C knockdowns but he's still prone to getting looped off 5C and d.2C knockdowns.

Hol's pressure up close is nothing to write home about but there are a few nuisances you should know about if you don't want it to catch you off-guard. First of all, his 2A beats your counter as it's considered a projectile move so most his strings will start with 2A if he plans to stay safe from your counter though it's fairly slow for a low jab. Forget about GCing after the first couple of hits of his blockstrings since you'll end up too far away to hit him and Hol can bait your GC by doing 4C from a considerable distance into a super or Hanged Man.

Speaking of Hanged Man, it's important that you remember that you shouldn't mash during his frametraps, neither should you try to jump away since Hanged Man is Air UB and 5C still poses a threat. What you should do instead is get ready when you see the start of the animation and 6+ABC the moment Hanged Man attacks then quickly press 6 again to dash in as soon as possible. If you do this correctly you'll punish all of his possible follow-ups and you'll be safe from the metered ones.

If he ever tries to do his signature Slow Bullet oki off a 2C knockdown, you can punish him with 2A into anything before the bullet reaches you. In neutral, you can erase them with a single 236+A/B/C projectile. You can also just roll right into his face or behind him and Backbreaker him during your post-roll i-frames. The slow-mo actually works in your favour here since you have plenty of time to mash the last attack button of the sequence, just make sure you input the motion circle twice as slow during your roll as Slow Bullet is infamous for eating inputs.

Hol & Boingo

Hoingo relies heavily on S bullet and is so dependant on it to have any sort of space control in neutral that the chances of catching him doing it with 236+AA at any giving moment even by accident are pretty high. Abuse it. You can also try to keep him at check with 6S but if you weren't already in range and you didn't make it in time to punish its startup then you're the one who's gonna get hit if it whiffs.

Once you've made it past the bullet hell, don't mindlessly dash-in since you might be greeted with a brick to the face or more uncommonly, his 421+AA Pipe Super. Sometimes you're better off leaving it to Hoingo himself to make a bad decision like rolling, whiffing a move or make a bad cancel into S bullet and punish him for it than to try to challenge his tools directly.

Dealing with Truck

Recognising common Truck set-ups on the fly is a valuable skill to have. The easiest way to spot them is by paying close attention to Hoingo's movement; they all share a sudden switch from defense to offense from Hoingo. Up close, Hoingo might sideswitch roll and surprise you with a jab into truck from the other side, which is why you should refrain from using stand normals so you can grab their fast roll when necessary.

Another one of his common set-ups, this one for longer ranges, is jumping towards you, using air glass to try and cover their landing and then inputting truck while you're in blockstun from the glass. To punish this, simply GC glass on reaction as Hoingo falls towards you and enjoy your hard knockdown. He may also charge at you while you're blocking his S bullet grounded and 360 you right there and then if you're being too respectful.

Realistically, it won't be that easy to react to these set-ups since Hoingo will use all the projectile mayhem to keep you busy so you can't see what he's setting up behind the scenes but as long as you know what you should be looking for, you should be fine.

If you see the superflash then it's already too late so there's no need to panic; instead, focus on how you should punish it in case it whiffed for whatever reason. Remember that if he didn't use a normal to cancel it from, he's most likely immune to hitgrabs/command grabs so in that case, punish him with 236+AA or a wrapless combo.


This is a unique MU compared to the others. While Rubber may lose a handful of his tools, he also gains some character specific tech to make up for it. You will have to use j.B/j.C against Stand OFF Iggy; it can be tricky to get used to the timing but you can't afford to get hit by his 2C into 236+AA every time you jump. You will most likely be crouching all the time because of his height and that makes you an easy target for his Stand ON IADs so try to act preemptively and use 5B. 236+A can't be used as an extender anymore but it can still serve as a frametrap. Iggy likes to take advantage of his inhuman walking speed by grabbing you every time you get close enough so don't be too respectful. Iggy's 5C is his best neutral tool


Iggy's turtling with sandballs may seem overwhelming at first but the way of dealing with it is relatively simple. First of all, forget about trying to contest them in the air. You can't. If Iggy is close enough to the ground, slap him out of the air with 6S. If he's above 6S range, which he most likely will, you'll have no choice but to play around them, literally, roll through the sandballs and wait for Iggy to fall/land on the other side. You can also predict when he's gonna land and time your 236+AA super with his fall to force him to block midair or take some damage.

Multiple Wraps

Rubber can land an additional wrap right after the first one by timing its start-up with Iggy's fall just as his about to touch the ground. The extra damage from this isn't that huge but it's still a good idea to go for it whenever you land one. The screenlock after the second wrap launch makes it impossible to position oneself again to land a third one but you can hit Iggy with j.S at certain heights to catch him with another wrap before he touches the ground to keep the combo going indefinitely.


A MU where both players put their patience to the test. Oldseph is kind of similar to Rubber in the way that they will both be relying on reads to get in except Oldseph has it much, much worse. Still, you shouldn't underestimate his ability to convert into full combos off his long reaching normals. Stay alert at close-to-mid range as Oldseph players will look for a chance to pushblock you out of your jab range and counter hit you with s.2C/5C/2C into Hermit Grab or a Custom Combo. Don't let him get away with 236+B blockstrings, they are punishable on pushblock so if you see an Overdrive coming just 6+ABC 6 2A into an Unscaled Wrap.

Make it a habit to Tiger Knee your raw specials and supers (pressing 7/8/9 right after doing motion inputs and pressing the attack button immediately after). If done correctly, you will cancel your pre-jump and perform your grounded special/super with the benefit of having the hitgrab/command grab invulnerability pre-jump status provides. This will allow you to use raw specials and your 236+AA super with little to no risk since Oldseph won't be able to punish you with a full combo if he manages to catch their start-up/recovery.

Oldseph's basic okizeme is fundamentally flawed and pretty harmless to Rubber if you know how it works. It consists of using 3B as you get up and then either cancelling it into his 360 super or letting 3B meaty and continue the combo. You can Option Select your way out of it with Backbreaker (86241+AA); if 3B meaties then you block it and push him away, and if he goes for his 360 super or simply mistimes the meaty, he gets his back broken.


This can be a very unforgiving MU for both players if they are familiar with their punishes. S+5A will be his go-to punish tool upclose to deal with your stagger pressure and your grab attempts. Your counterplay to this will be to resort to d.2A/2A d.2A frametraps. If done quickly enough, you will duck under his 1f s.5A everytime and you might even get a free reset. Nevertheless, you should always hold 1 in neutral whenever you're in range of his Stand On dashes just to be safe and only block high when he's in the air. Additionally, because of how risky it is for Jotaro to pressure Rubber in any considerable way due to counter/GC, he may resort to cheap tricks like quickly doing d.5C/d.5B into Star Breaker to deal an absurd amount of damage in a moment while also taking minimum risk (and effort).

As for your punishes, early pushblocking 6B will leave a gap big enough for you to counter his 214+B cancel during his blockstrings, so try to anticipate his attempts of converting into anything. All of his rekka enders are punishable on early pushblock with a short forward dash and 4S, even if he tries to cancel them into Star Finger. If he ever does s.236+AA, don't settle with just Guard Cancelling it. You have enough time to get a full punish by mashing pushblock and doing 4S once you roll behind him. Yes, that much time. s.214+AA can also be punished by early pushblocking into 4S but Jotaro can always resort to cancelling it if he has to.

Luckily for you, his Star Finger 50/50 Oki won't work on you after his Stand ON rekka ender due to your fast wakeup speed. If he decides to go for it anyway he will have no choice but to either meaty with 6B or delay his attack to bait your response first. Don't fall for it. He can still do his Star Finger 50/50 Oki off a 2C knockdown, sacrificing some damage by ending his combos early.


His s.2B > s.2C chain string can be punished on block with front dash 4S. If he cancels s.5B into a net to keep him safe, you can 5B on reaction to force him to not press any buttons after placing the net.

Similar to the NKak MU, you want to purposefully walk/roll into his poking range with the intention of GCing any attempt of keeping you in check with his long pokes. Fighting Kak means making sure every interaction counts.


Nothing special about this MU. Your tools completely outclass his. Just don't get too snotty cause being reckless with lingering S moves and getting one of your jabs countered might just make things mildly inconvenient. Focus on maintaining a strong neutral and you'll absolutely destroy him once you land a hard knockdown because Khan is made out of paper.


Mariah as a character gets hard countered by Rubber and her traps and projectiles are not enough to keep Rubber away.


Her d.2C is punishable on block/pushblock unless she cancels it into super.

To avoid getting stuck in cars and the chip damage that comes along with it, focus on early pushblocking one car so you can easily roll your way out by spamming ABC right after. If she's pulling the screen by backdashing then dash forward and do another dash. Don't do this for the last couple of cars since she may grab your roll.

New Kakyoin

Similar to the Kak MU, except NKak lacks the punish potential of his original counterpart which means you can get away with a more carefree style when it's time to approach him.

His s.2B > s.2C chain string can be punished on block with front dash 4S.


No legs means no wrap enders when he's standing. Your low jabs will fall out of range at a closer range than usual. You'll have more luck trying to contest his pokes at a medium range instead of trying to get all the way in, using 5B, Counter and GC as your shield and 4S as your sword for converting into a hard knockdown. He can't pushblock you and charge his icicles at the same time so you're the one who counts the shots once you cut the gap.

Keep your eyes open for his 3C pseudo-teleport. Similar to Iggy's, it only moves him forward a fixed distance, so you should be able to predict where he will pop out and whether it will cross you up or not. Punish him the moment he comes out before he shoots with 4S into a hard knockdown.

Other than his supers and icicles, Pet Shop has no way of chipping your health away so don't think you're obliged to approach him. Especially if you have the lifelead.

His 214+AA isn't fully invincible during its startup so if you had already commited to a Stand attack and you see him use it, don't be afraid to slap him with a poke before it hits you.


Pol mains rely on s.4B for anti-airing whenever they're Stand ON. Use this to your advantage by using j.B/j.C more, which actually beats their s.4B if you're above them. When Pol isn't trying to zone you with s.4B, he will most likely be double jumping around looking for an opening. It can be rather tricky to punish his Stand ON jump-ins but 5B should still be reliable.

Shooting Star

Keep your eyes open at all times for Shooting Star. If you see him crouching Stand OFF at longer distances, he will most likely try to set it up then. You can hit Silver Chariot with j.A or any of your jumping attacks if you time them correctly and if you're already occupying the corner they were going to. Do a super jump to make sure you hit it. Using 236+A or 236+AA will make SS hone Yellow Temperance, which has no hurtbox, so you'll be safe from getting mixed for as long as YT is out (and you're not in the way). Take this chance to dash or jump in while Polnareff is vulnerable. 236+AA serves other purpose however.

At closer distances you won't be so lucky, however. If Pol shoots out SS in the middle of a combo, you have to respect the mixup. When Pol is that close, holding 8 is a bad idea as your long prejump will most likely get caught by his jabs. Unless you plan on using Backbreaker before your roll i-frames run out, rolling will only prolong the inevitable mix-up so don't mash pushblock either.

On block it's a different story. You can punish Pol by pushblocking 2C, which is the button he normally uses to set up SS. Don't do it too early since your goal is to hit Pol after releasing SS, if you PB late then the pushback will be transferred to SC.
If your back is against the wall then your counter will trigger against SS but it won't hit the stand.

Rubber Soul

Interestingly enough, Rubber has an answer to deal with each one of his own tools. Mirrors tend to be a big knowledge check that are usually won by the player who presses less buttons but more efficiently; focus on standing your ground and gaining some momentum before fully committing to the offense.

2A makes 214+S counter whiff and neither player ends with a signficant advantage over the other so this means you can go nuts with d.2A/2A as a safe way of approaching, only being mindful of GCs. Avoid using 6S in neutral against grounded Rubber, even as a punish tool, since it can lead to a slapping contest that will go on and on until one of you is out of range so it's better to save it for the kill; even if it won't be enough to take the round at max range, you can still bait your opponent into punishing it with their own so you can hit them again and secure the kill that way. Hilarious, I know.

There will be a moment in the match, without fail, in which both players will input 236+AA at the same time. If this happens, which will, remember to roll as late as possible as to ensure you don't get hit by the last bits of the opponent's super before your stand fully disappears. This also goes for dealing with 236+AA in general. If your timing is right, they won't be able to throw anything threatening at you since their stand will still be out recovering by the end of your roll making your biggest concern blocking a jab.

Regarding air-to-air battles, we've already covered how j.A xx j.S can be punishable if Rubber does j.A on his way up after launching the opponent and j.S whiffs. Rubber himself can punish this by down teching into a full air combo (j.B xx j.S j.A xx j.S.) so careful with tech chasing in the air.

Shadow Dio

Despite Shadow DIO having the superior mobility, Rubber has the upper hand in neutral simply because of better tools. 5B does a great job at dealing with his jumping shenanigans and his legless airborne hurtbox, even if he staggers his fall with j.S. You can punish his attempts of starting his BnB by early pushblocking his 5C. That will make his 5S fall out of range and you can respond with 5B/4S for some guaranteed damage or 236+AA to force him to roll or jump since his stand will still be out.

At longer distances, you should be able to react to the start-up of his knives special with 236+AA or use it as a read for his laser special (or his Time Stop super if he was feeling lucky). If SDio wasn't pressing any buttons, he can react to 236+AA's superflash and respond with his 421+AA Book Counter if he's fast enough. To avoid his chances of getting a full punish from his counter, simply jump after your superflash. Now, if SDio is backdashing away from the corner and you don't mind potentially losing a bit of your health in exchange, you can trick him into countering the super to save you the trouble of chasing him and you gain back the corner advantage. They will never suspect a thing.

Similar to Rubber himself, his j.B/j.C xx j.S cancel can be punishable if j.S whiffs so if you ever catch him whiffing j.S in air-to-air battles just down tech j.B xx j.S j.A xx j.S and enjoy your hard knockdown.
Against his 236+AA you have plenty of time to counter it on reaction post-superflash and on block you have enough time to confirm into an Unscaled Wrap point blank. He has no practical uses for his 214+AA Charisma super, you can 236+AA it from afar, counter its initial hit upclose. If you're feeling ballsy you could use 214+A just outside its range or roll towards it and backbreaker but there's a chance SDio might have jump cancelled the super.

Vanilla Ice

You'll want to avoid staying for too long in your usual poke zone since Vice has a variety of dangerous unreactable options he can mix you up with even at that range: most notoriously his 2C, 6B, and his IAD.

Don't feel threatened by his meterbuild/normal whiffing space control, as you can poke him out of it with 4S/6S/d.5B just outside its range. 4S will help you punish A LOT of his Stand ON attacks, especially those that leave him airborne during their recovery like his Dark Void Ball (after late pushblocking the first attack), his s.421+A/B/C teleport, his s.214+AA super and even his s.623+AA super on whiff.

If Vice ever ends up in the air while Stand ON, use whatever means necessary to trick him into blocking your attacks; he enters a very floaty state while in blockstun where he begins falling down slowly and he's totally at your mercy. You have plenty of time to hit him with 4S once he's close enough to the ground.

Due to the nature of Cream's airborne hurtbox, you won't be able to meaty his landing with a low hitting normal as usual since he will most likely not be grounded by the time he comes in contact with your hitbox. Using d.5A once Cream has gone below its hitbox will do the trick to meaty his deceptively tall landing hurtbox. This also applies to 4S UB Resets.

Young Joseph

Another day, another MU where your opponent has massively better mobility than you do. If only Youngseph had decent moves to properly exploit it, though.

You can stop all his zoning attempts on reaction with 6S or 236+AA fullscreen if you don't feel like playing his game at all, he has no choice but to respect it. Be careful with trying to close the gap with dashes as he might catch you off-guard by instantly turning around to do 66S, d.2C xx 236+B or go for a jump-in.

Your 5B catches all his approach options, be it aerial or grounded. His 66S will make your counter whiff at max range but it's active long enough for it to hit you again so all you need to do is counter a second time while being covered in i-frames and this time it will hit him. 66S is also punishable on pushblock at max range with your 6S, useful to remember for a round ender when Youngseph opts for using less committal options. His 236+B comes in handy as a safe poke in mid range to deal with your counter and 5B so act preemptively if he starts abusing it.

Don't let him get away with 236+B blockstrings, they are punishable on pushblock so if you see an Overdrive coming just 6+ABC 6 2A into an Unscaled Wrap. You can duck under his Guard Cancel by doing 2A, not to mention it's pretty slow so kick his ankles as much as you'd like. He has to rely on pushblock to stop your pressure so use that to your advantage and focus on baiting rolls and whiffed moves.

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