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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future/Polnareff/Combos

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Disclaimer: [Number] means that you will buffer the charge input at this point. (Number + Attack) means you will release the charge input and input the attack button necessary. [Attack] means hold that button. (Attack) means release the attack button. Text in italics are comments or things that aren't normally part of the notation, but are important for how the combos are laid out here.

Reminder: Remember to TIME YOUR HITS. Don't just mash and hope the hit comes out. This is how you'll execute combos consistently. While this is true for every character, this is even more true for Polnareff becomes of Million Spits. So yeah, time your hits, don't mash. It'll take a while, but you'll definitely get the hang of it.

Beginner Combos

These combos are for people who are new or weak in fighting games. If you have decent experience you might be able to get the Basic Combos down, as they are quite easy.

2A, 2C

  • Polnareff's most important link. If you wish to get good with Pol, LEARN THIS LINK!

s.5A, s.5B, s.2C

  • The usual 5A 5B 2C combo, nothing much.

j.B[4], 1A, 1A, 1C xx 6C

  • Basic combo into Ray Dart. Should give you a feel on charge buffering.

j.B[2], 1A, 1C xx 8C

  • Basic combo into Shooting Star. 1C xx 8C is not a combo lel. Should give you a feel on how to set up Shooting Star. What happens after 8C will be detailed in Strategy. Don't do it on block as it can get punished, learn how to hitconfirm it

j.C, 2C xx 236AA

  • Simple confirm into super, causes unscaled damage

d.s.5C [4], s.4A > s.4B > s.1C xx s.6C

  • d.s.5C catches your opponent off guard. Decent damage, although you can't follow up with anything after this except 214x after Ray Dart, but this is a 2F Link.

Basic Combos

Note: All of the combos below are essential to know if you want to be at least competent with Pol.

Combo Starters

[2]-(8)[C], d.3B, 2A, (C), Let Shooting Star finish hitting opponent, d.3C, 2C, 214S {(5A 5B 5C)x5}

  • This one is pretty simple, a Shooting Star mixup into a tandem.

d.s.2A, s.2A, s.2C xx 214S {(5A 5B 5C) x5}

  • Very easy tandem confirm. Important to note that a stand on jump in is optional. When you are in Stand ON, this should be your go to starter for tandems. S.2a S.2c can also confirm into tandem but the d.s.2a allows you to close any distance between you and the opponent. P.S. s.2C whiffs on some crouching opponents/short characters so be careful. For these characters, you can opt in for s.j.A, s.5C xx 214S

[1]A, 1A, 1C xx (6)C, d.3C, 2C, 214S {(5A 5B 5C) x5} [CORNER ONLY!]

  • Corner specific combo, you can use a jump in here if you want to as well. Really important to know, allows you to close out matches. You won't use this often unless you corner carry with tandem. If you corner carry, you can get a bit more damage than if you used the midscreen/corner tandem enders.

Tandem Enders

  • This is what you will be using after the tandem ends to either end the combo or reset into Shooting Star.


(Tandem ends), j.C, 2C xx 236AA

  • Very simple ender for damage, however after 236aa ends, you don't get much off it.

(Tandem ends), j.B [2], 2A, 2C, RESET (8)C

  • Consistent way to setup for SS Pressure after a combo midscreen. Also useful in the corner.

(Tandem ends), j.B [1], 1A, 1C xx (6)C, d.[3]C, 2C, RESET (8)C ...

  • Similar to the previous SS setup, you can go for another mixup after your tandem. It's pretty quick and dirty, and you basically force your opponent to block another shooting star 50/50. Whatever you do after the ... is up to you. This is also possible in the corner and it is recommended you do this because Shooting Star mixups are generally stronger in the corner because they don't have as many options as opposed to midscreen.

Corner Only:

(Tandem ends), j.B [1], 1A, 1C xx (6)C, d.3,C 2C xx 236AA

  • A good way to end your combo but it's only really good for the damage and if you know it will kill as you don't get much from 236AA. It's the same as your corner combo starter only instead of tandem, you do 236AA.

Combo Extensions

Warning: Most of these are affected by the Infinite Prevention System also known as IPS so be careful when you do these. Nobody knows how it works because the Capcom devs live in secrecy, after finishing the game, they were never seen again...

On a serious note, IPS starts at 9 hits but not much has been found since that. You should be able to get one extension in though at least.

Note: For the corner extensions, you can replace some of the notations with something else, although you can figure that out by yourself.

Ray Dart Loops

d.3C [1], 1A, 1A, 1C xx (6)C

  • The extension you'd use for looping, and the one I suggest learning first.
  • After Stand Off Ray Dart hits in the corner, you can go for this extension and loop it. However, if you exceed over 3 reps, it becomes tournament illegal. Here it is in action:

Shooting Star Extension

[1], 1A, 1C xx (8)C, 2A/2B, d.3C

  • Probably the most useful extension out of all of the ones listed here. It functions as a mixup-combo hybrid kinda thing. Let's say you want to do the one frame "2A, d.2B" instead of 2A/2B, there's a chance it can't connect, there's a chance it can. Therefore it's a sort of win-win situation for you. If it connects, well the combo continues, if it doesn't, you get a reset and a mixup, making it very powerful.
  • A bit harder then the Ray Dart loop but not THAT hard execution-wise.
  • You can go for this combo after you hit Stand Off Ray Dart in the corner. This is a great way to get more damage when you are in the corner without worrying about looping (it can still be looped). The difference between using 2B over 2A is that it has more hitstun. This may be useful against crouching Devo but they are pretty much both interchangeable and it doesn't matter which one you do. Here is an example of it by Jin (RETIRED!):

Million Spits Extension

5A, 5A, 5Ax3, (Million spits), d.3C

  • Requires above average execution
  • While very stylish, this extension is useless as an "extension" as it activates IPS very easily, so you'd have to be really lucky to connect this with even 1 more extension.

Midscreen Extension

[1]A 1A 1C (6)C d.3C 2C 214AB

  • After tandem, instead of resetting in order to setup for a mixup, you can loop back into tandem for another meter, which you will probably have since Pol has crazyyy meter build. When tandem ends, you can do the extension, then wait for the final hit of 214AB and then go in with d.3C 2C 214S. It's a good way to secure extra damage if you want.
  • However, it is very illegal to tandem loop so to circumvent this, you can just use it as a midscreen tandem confirm other than your normal SS tandem confirm. Parental supervision is advised.
  • If you want still want to do the extension, then instead of tandem, you can go for d.3C, 2C xx 236AA.

Stand Crashes

Stand Crash combos

j.B [1], 1A, 1C xx 6C, d.3C, 2C xx 236S !SC

  • Works on all Stand Gauges, although it results in remote mode, so it doesn't give that much damage unless you're in the corner.

[2]-(8)[C], d.3B, 2A, (C), d.3C, 2C xx 214S {Notations based on Stand Gauge}, j.B after tandem ends [2], 2A, 2C, !SC

  • Requires 1 meter
  • Tandem notations depend on the amount of Stand gauge they have

Stand Crash Continuations

Here are some easy and effective ways to continue combos after getting a Stand Crash. These are good ways to get some more damage out of your combos.

Stand Off: Typically, you will want to use d.2C 214S after getting a stand off stand crash. This is usually the way to go when you are in stand off.

Stand On: While you are in stand on, after you get a stand crash, you should usually go for d.s.5C 214S or d.s.2c 214S. Sadly, most stand on stand crashes happen at a distance so you may not hit this one as much. If you manage to get a stand crash with Stand ON Ray Dart, you can go for s.d.2a s.2a s.2c to capitalise on that but it's sort of tight.

After 236S: 236S sends your stand out in remote mode. Remote mode is when the stand acts independently from the user and is able to move around. 236S does a lot of Stand Gauge damage making it pretty useful in some situations. You will want to do d.5C 236AA after the Stand Crash.

However, if you are close enough you can confirm into tandem by doing d.5C 214S, getting some well earned damage from your Stand Crash. You can also do d.s.2A s.2A s.2C 214S but it is affected by IPS so watch out.

Youtube combo videos

Polnareff BnB combos by BBC, remastered by Aleph Null:

Midscreen extension by GaryButternubs:

A bunch of combos by Hoongga: (Not mandatory to learn for the most part as they are a bit advanced, but they're stylish so that's cool)

Polnareff Stand Crash setups by Kain: (Very stylish and neat stand crash setups)

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