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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future/Petshop/Introduction

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Pet Shop (ペット・ショップ Petto Shoppu) is one of the Egypt 9 Glory Gods and the Stand Master of Horus. This vicious falcon is very loyal to DIO and will do whatever it takes to protect his master and his mansion with his Ice elemental Stand.

Petshop is globally regarded as tournament banned in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure due to his insane damage output, movement options, unpredictable mixups and who knows what else. Still, learning Petshop isn't easy and his playstyle varies greatly from the rest of the cast. Using Petshop is like playing an entirely new game.

Petshop-stance.gifHFTF Petshop ColorB.gifHFTF Petshop ColorC.gifHFTF Petshop ColorS.gifHFTF Petshop ColorStart.gif

Color Palettes
Pros Cons
  • Insanely high damage output
  • Very powerful mixups due to his Icicle Break special
  • Rules in several matchups as he is immune to some low attacks
  • Can create icicles on block, effectively giving him one of the best "guard cancels" in the game
  • Very good supers
  • Features an 8-way dash
  • Great combo potential due to icicles and having lots of very fast plus on hit moves
  • Lowest 'health' in the game
  • Cannot block midair at all, and his midair roll does not have full invincibility
  • Many attacks cause no chip damage
  • Has pretty bad hitboxes on quite a few moves, meaning that without icicles your approaches are pretty easy to outpoke

Petshop A.png

Stand: Passive

Defense Value Stand OFF: 105

Defense Value Stand ON: -

Stand Durability: -

Roll Speed: 29

Wakeup Speed: 24

Prejump Stand OFF: 3

Prejump Stand ON: -

Notable Players

Color Nickname Country Platform Accounts Notes
Petshop-stance.gif PLACEHOLDER Japan Arcade (BigOne2nd) None PLACEHOLDER
Petshop-stance.gif PLACEHOLDER Canada Fightcade 2 Twitter: Dannytheballu Veteran since GGPO
Petshop-stance.gif Dark Overkill USA Fightcade 2 Twitter:
Fightcade: Dark Overkill
HFTF Petshop ColorB.gif Vyon UK Fightcade 2 Fightcade: Vyon One of few solely dedicated to Petshop. Discovered/popularized a lot of tech and the most knowledgeable on the character. Status: Retired