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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future/Pet Shop

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Petshop, an eagle with a stand. How Bizarre. He is pretty much the guardian of Dio's mansion. Nothing else is to be said. He was beaten by Iggy in the manga.He's banned due to his overwhelming nature. He does'nt need to block low, his mix-ups are stupid, and his icycles let him be overly oppresive against essentially the whole cast. Petshop is dumb. Plain and simple.

Moves List


 Joystick Position
       7 8 9      
       4 5 6      
       1 2 3      
a1 == Light Attack
a2 == Medium Attack
a3 == Heavy Attack
S == Stand button
T == Taunt/Start button
?a == Any attack button
?2a == Any two attack buttons (pressed at the same time)
?3a == All three attack buttons (pressed at the same time)

Normal Moves

Since Petshop has the ability to fly, his moves can be broken up into 2 categories: Flying and Grounded. Petshop will only stay grounded if the joystick is held in a crouching position.

Flying Moves

5.A1 - Extends an ice spike at a slight downward angle from Petshop.

5.A2 - Extends an ice spike directly in front of Petshop.

5.A3 - Extends 2 ice spikes in front of Petshop, one at an upward angle, and one at a downward angle.

4.A2 - Extends an ice spike at a slight upward angle from Petshop.

5.S - Petshop's ice projectile. 3 ice shards fly directly ahead of Petshop and travel the length of the screen.

Grounded Moves

2.A1 - Extends an ice spike directly in front of Petshop.

2.A2 - Extends an ice spike at a slight upward angle from Petshop.

2.A3 - Extends a slightly longer ice spike directly in front of Petshop which knocks down on hit.

3.A3 - Petshop burrows into the ground and pops up near the opponent, firing a shard of ice into the air. Can be used to "teleport" to the opposite side of the opponent.

2.S - Petshop freezes the ground and traps the opponent. You may also use 1.S or 3.S to vary the distance that the trap appears from Petshop (3.S being the furthest distance).

Special Moves

236 + A1 - Petshop will dive toward the ground at a 45 degree angle.

236 + A2 - Petshop becomes surrounded by ice and flies straight ahead at the opponent. Move is identical to 236+A3.

214 + A - Petshop summons a giant spike of ice from the ground. Button pressed will determine how far ahead of him the ice will appear (A3 being the furthest). Launches the opponent on hit.

Hold/Release + A - Holding down A1, A2, and/or A3 will cause icebergs to form on the ceiling. Releasing the button(s) will cause the ice to fall directly downward. The ice will fall on its own if the button(s) are not released. Button held determines the distance from Petshop that the ice will form (A3 being the furthest).

41236 + S - Homing ice projectile. 6 shards of ice fly from Petshop and home in on the opponent. Slower start-up than Petshop's Flying 5.S projectile.

Super Moves

236 + AA - Petshop bombards the opponent with ice shards. Hits 30 times and does good chip damage on block.

214 + AA - Petshop drops a gigantic ice boulder directly onto the opponent.

A1, A1, 6, A2, A3 - Petshop's command grab super. He flies toward the opponent and flings them into the air, then bombards them with ice shards.

The Basics

Advanced Strategy


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