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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future/Midler/Strategy

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Midler is a weird character. She's a diverse character that can be played however you want her to be played. Somewhat like Iori from The King of Fighters who has everything and is a versatile character overall. Only Midler's moveset is deemed to be weird because of it's true purpose. The one character that I can truly compare her to is Orochi Shermie. Because her electric balls works in the same fashion as Midler's cars. Cars are used for anti-airs, and her harpoon can be used for zoning or pressure. Her grab is one of the best in the game and her mixup game normally comes from that. and she has a useful super move (214+AA). She's one of those character where you're mainly focusing on neutral since she's limited on other tools. She's mid-tier as well. Not too strong and not too weak.


She should focus on tech chasing, spacing, and okizeme since her true strength shines from there. Midler's 2C is the main tool that she uses to get a knockdown with. She can cancel it with 214+A and has enough hitstun to get away with it safely. If 2C successfully cause a knockdown, that leads to her oki. Jump B, 2A, 2C, and empty hop are the only tools she really needs to get her grabs in. You're constantly making guesses off of the opponent and you can't afford to be predictable, or else, Midler is going to potentially suffer.

Tech Chasing

Midler has a simple combo that leads to her tech chasing. Tech chasing is something I'm going to talk about a lot with Midler. Because that's one of her main source of getting damage, and she's one of the best, if not, THE best at doing it since she has many options for it. Jump B (you can crossup with this too), 2A, 5B xx 236+S should launch the opponent. Then, you can bully them with Jump C and make the correct reads. If the opponent just so happens to be in the corner, and they neutral tech off of 236+S, You can use a tandem and simply input 2C during tandem. You can launch them again and follow up with Jump C after. Or you can use 214+AA as an anti-air method. Midler can also tech chase after 214+A. Once again, 214+A is unblockable when the opponent is in the air, and with the right reads, you can really hurt them.


Dinner Time is also a useful move, but the bad part is that you're relying on reads. If you make a bad read, you're toast. However, if you make a good read, then the opponent will take a lot of damage.

Midler has a Stand Crash tandem combo where she can successfully combo into Dinner Time after 2B, but it must be timed right or it will miss. It only works on a few characters (Jotaro, DIO, Oldseph, and a couple of others). This combo was used by SQ in one of his matches. Use s.4B to build up meter, and start using combos with Stand On to get some damage without relying on meter. A good start to her Stand On combos is 2A, 2A or Jump. s.B.

Midler also has a good guard cancel. Don't be afraid to use that when you're in a tough spot and decide not to pushblock. Midler also has a loop in this game, but the timing can be a bit strict. It's 663A, 5A, 5C xx 236+C, repeat. When doing this loop, try not to go above the tournament's limit when you're in a tournament. Other than that, go nuts.

Midler's fast dash allows her to go for very hard to react to dash-in throw setups. Like other characters she can rapidly cancel her normally stiff dash with the Stand ON activate animation by pressing S during a stand off dash and then throwing. Also like other Active/Weapon stand characters, she can cover Stand ON throw attempts with an OS, by going for a throw with s.6AC: if your throw attempt fails, you get a s.5A rather s.6C. This is particularly useful for Midler, considering how rewarding her throw is, how quickly her dash covers ground, and how unsafe an s.6C is compared to the advantageous on block s.5A, even more so if you misspace and dash wrong.

Midler has weird things going on with her jump. First of all, she is one of the few characters with 2 prejump frames: this means that you can completely avoid throws on wakeup by jumping because of the 3 universal throw invulnerability frames on wakeup. Just like most other characters you also have weird hurtbox placement in those frames preceding your jump, allowing you to avoid some attacks whose hitbox is really low to the ground. These things lead to some weird OSes where you can hold 7 on wakeup and avoid most if not all low-block only meaties your opponent can attempt and block the mids and overheads that can actually hit you, while also being fully throw invincible (this works in a similar way to how guard jumping does in SF3 Third Strike). Be warned that this is a matchup specific trick and doesn't allow you to avoid meaties altogether, and can easely be baited. On top of that, if she is in stand ON, she has a few i-frames on her landing animation, regardless of wether or not she hits a button. This means that you cannot punish a Midler doing bad jump-ins with pushblocking into an anti-air. As if it wasn't enough, she also is invincible till she hits the ground if she airblocks something, meaning you cannot, for example, force her to block an air-to-air, land first and hit her with a grounded attack. Aside from this being cheap in the way that it's hard to punish Midler for throwing out jumping normals willy-nilly, it also helps her out a lot against things like Polnareff's Shooting Star, and other risky situations like the ones described before that would be trouble for everyone else. Beware this invulnerability window is pretty small, so it does not mean you can land and mash for free: it just means you cannot be hit with a full grounded combo after a bad jump-in. Examples of these quirks in practice by SQ:

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