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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future/Midler/Introduction

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Midler (ミドラー Midorā) is a minor antagonist appearing in Stardust Crusaders, and one of the two female characters in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage For The Future. She is the last of DIO's assassins the heroes encounter before entering Egypt and uses The High Priestess, a stand capable of quickly shifting itself into inanimate objects, as well as changing its size.

While in the manga she only appeared on a single page in a very generic manner, CAPCOM requested Hirohiko Araki to redesign her specifically for this game. Ever since, this has become Midler's main look, although, oddly enough, the anime retained the original design.

In the game, Midler is a diverse neutral focused character with alot of good tools but lacks strong combo potential. She is a character for those who care about footsies more than combos.

Pros Cons
  • Very solid Toolset
  • Good Zoning
  • Powerful 214AA Super that easily controls the flow of the match
  • Decently strong grab that can give Oki in some matchups
  • Great air and ground Normals with a lot of active frames
  • Stand ON jump has an i-frames glitch after blocking in the air which makes her fully invincible until landing
  • Limited combo potential
  • Has Remote-like properties in Stand ON which make her take way more damage on counterhits
  • Straightforward to a fault pressure game
  • Very wide Hurtbox in Stand ON
  • Has some weird stuff like S.OFF J.C landing hurtbox, some useless moves and a lack of Double Jump after activating Stand ON in the air which might fuck you over

Midler A.png

Stand: Active

Defense Value Stand OFF: 89

Defense Value Stand ON: 76

Stand Durability: 88

Roll Speed: 42

Wakeup Speed: 37

Prejump Stand OFF: 2

Prejump Stand ON: 2

Notable Players

Color Nickname Country Platform Accounts Notes
Potatoboih Poland Fightcade Twitter: @potato_boih_sfw
Fightcade: potatoboih
Discord: potatoboih#3187
Veteran since GGPO, plays a slew of other characters and is well known for their TAS videos.
Status: Semi-Active
bbdouble USA Fightcade 2 Fightcade: bbdouble
Discord: bbdouble#1801
Will vouch for Midler's combo potential. Also sometimes plays Iggy.
Status: Rarely Active
Damous Brazil Fightcade 1+2 Fightcade: Damous   Also enjoys Midler's esoteric combo game.
Status: Rarely Active
SQ Japan Arcade (BigOne2nd)
Fightcade 2 (Rarely)
Twitter: @jojohftfsq Japanese OG player, considered to be the best HFTF player who just so happens to play midler very well.
Status: Active