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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future/Midler/Combos

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A lot of Midler's combos consist of her hitconfirming into 236+S out of her normals or going into her Stand On magic series chain combo of her jabs.

Basic Combos

Stand OFF

j.A/B/C, 5C, 236+A/B/C/S - You can combo into 5C easily out of jumping attacks. j.A/B/C, 2C - Easy way to get a hard knockdown on the opponent. j.C works the best in this case.

d.2A, 5A/2A, 5B/3B xx 236+A/B/C/S - Some links into a special. Linking into the harpoon requires negative edge or very fast input unless following up with 236+S which is much easier. If the combo started from j.A or j.B you can skip using d.2A as it might be hard to perform, but if you landed a j.C close to the ground, go for it.

d.2A, 5A/2A, 5B/3B xx 236+AA, 4S+C - Canceling into the super is extremely tight. You can follow up with a quick attack after the super is done if you're close to the wall.

d.2A, 5A, 2A, 3B, 236+S - Optimized string into 236+S.

d.2A, 2A, 2A, 5S+A/2S+A>s.2B>s.5C - Links into Stand On chain combo. s.2B can be replaced with s.5B but it does generally less damage and whiffs against some crouching characters.
d.2A, 5A, 5C, 236+A/B/C ... - 5A into 5C is a 1f link. Very hard to perform but also quite rewarding. Leads into an infinite loop in the corner. You can use 236+S to end the combo after 5C.

Stand ON

j.s.A/B/C, s.5A/s.2A>2B>5C - Jumping attack into most damaging chain combo. Very simple, yet effective. Sadly it's also the best she can do in Stand On.

Intermediate Combos From this point onward, all combos will start from Stand OFF only.

j.C, d.2A, 3B, 214+S {(5A*4, 5B, 5C*n) jump over opponent, d.2A must hit after fourth s.5A from Tandem, 2A*n}, 2A, 2A, S+2A>2B>5C - Basic combo using a Tandem. Might not work against some shorter or crouching characters.

Advanced Combos (Corner Only) 623+C, 2A, 5A, 5C xx 236+C, d.2A, 5A, 5C xx 236+C, d.2A, 5A, 5B xx 236+AA, S+4C - 5A into 5C is a 1f link. It leads to an infinite in the corner. You also need to cancel into 236+AA out of 5B very quickly for it to combo as it's very tight.

Stand Crash Combos j.C, d.2A, 3B, 214+S {(5A*3, 5B*3, 5A*3) jump over opponent, d.2A must hit right after third s.5B from Tandem}, 5A, 2B, !SC 623+AA, S+6C - You need to delay 623+AA for just a few frames so that it hits just as opponent recovers from the stun caused by Stand Crash. After Stand Crash you can follow-up with another attack, though it's rather difficult in some cases.

j.B, 3B xx 214S {(5A*4, 5B*4, 5A*3-4) d.j.B, d.2A, 2A*n until Tandem ends}, 2A, 5A, 2B !SC, d.2A, 2A, 3B xx 214S (5A*4>5B*3-4, 5C*n), d.j.B, d.2A, 2A*n until Tandem ends, d.2A, 2A, S+2A>2B>5C -

Small Stand Gauge: j.C, 5C xx 214+S (5B x4) j.B, 5B !SC xx 623+AA

Medium Stand Gauge: j.C, 5C xx 214+S (5B x6) j.B, 5B !SC xx 623+AA

Long Stand Gauge: j.C, 5C xx 214+S (5A, 5B x6) j.B, 5A, 5B !SC xx 623+AA

(For all 3 of these you want to land the j.B between the second to last 5B from the tandem then link out of it. You may also need to delay the 623+AA cancel for a bit like in the other Stand Crash combo. Of note is the fact that after the 623+AA, on some characters that hit the ground abnormally slow you may be able to juggle a 236+S, for example Hol Horse.

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