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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future/Khan/Combos

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You can start most of these combos from any jumping attack, preferably j.B/j.C. Most of Khan's combos start with his 2A or the dashing version, and in some situations, it's just easier to hitconfirm straight off them than to go for his links as they can whiff against some characters. When you’ve fully mastered links like 2A 4B and d.2A 2A Khan has some swag to him, trust me it sounds crazy but it's true.

Khan's basic BnB combos by BBC, recreated by Aleph Null


These are some links that you will learn and perform a lot with Khan. These links will be very frequent in his combos and approach game, and all have relatively the same level of match application.

662A, 2A

The most optimal Khan link out there. Learning this link is the key to mastering this character and being at least a character to respect in neutral. Your primary approach is 662A, that is a given. However if you can confirm off of that fast and far poke into a 2A, you can confirm into very good damage. There’s one thing about this link that prevents most Khans from really getting good with him. It’s a 1 frame link, meaning you have 1/60th of a second to time that 2A. While that seems enough to make it seem situational, this is without a doubt the easiest 1f link to hit in the game. Jotaro’s 2A, 6B is easy sure, but with Khan you just need to press one button in a very consistent rhythm to hit the 2A. Trust me, with enough practice and repetitions in real matches this link will become second nature. You’ll feel like a real threat in neutral with this link mastered in your arsenal. It’s imperative to learn this link if you want to take your Khan to the next level.

2A, 4B

The second most optimal Khan link. Another link that is required to master Khan, and is also required to do his BnB combo. This is your go-to confirm off of 2A if you’re down on meter, and unlike 662A 2A, this is actually a 2f link instead of a 1f, and considering how easy 662A 2A will get with enough repetitions, 2A 4B will land almost every time if you’ve done it enough. Again this link has a near constant and consistent rhythm to it so the whole mental aspect of this link is super easy and fluid. Your go-to moves to follow up this link are [4]6B/C or 214AA if it hits at a close distance. Also another link you should hit consistently.

j.B / j.C, 2A

The street fighter jump-in. Can rake a good amount of damage if 4B is hit immediately after 2A. 2A is going to be your go-to confirm from a jump-in, and it can be linked into easily from j.B and j.C on their descent. j.B as a jump-in is not nearly as underrated as it’s use as an air-to-air but j.B can actually beat some anti-airs like Hol’s 4A or even Jot’s s.5A if you space it right, and you’ll have more than enough space for a 2A. Super easy link that will also be used regularly to confirm into good combos.

here are some miscellaneous links that have little to no use at all.

  • 662A, 5A: The exception to the rule in terms of a link having little to no use at all. This link is primarily used by JP Khans as a substitute for the 1f 662A, 2A link since who really wants to learn a 1f for a low tier anyways, and it does the job surprisingly well. If you aren't used to the 662A, 2A link then this should be the link you should use. It's far easier than the 1f link, it's actually a 2f link, and much like 2A, 4B it's far easier than what the window makes it out to be. It might be difficult to confirm into [4]6x after the 5A at first but it should combo into both [4]6B and [4]6C just fine, and obviously it is great for confirming into 214AA. If you want a viable substitute for 662A, 2A, then this is a good link, otherwise if you can do 662A, 2A consistently then this link won't be of much use to you.
  • 2A, 2B: A 2f link that uses a far less optimal follow-up. Just use 4B after 2A.
  • 2B, 5A: Only hits on thick characters, never used.
  • 2A 662A: A much harder variant of the 662A 2A link, however it has far less use. Sure it may look cool but it scales like a bitch, and second it’s super situational. If your 2A cannot combo into 4B for some reason then I guess this is a use for it, but this is a link that is very difficult to land. Most times you’ll be using it as stagger pressure into a tick throw so you’re not even linking anything. On paper it sounds good but the difficulty paired with the scaling makes it far too situational to make it have any good match application.
  • 2A, 5B: A 1f link that can only be landed once 2A is hit as a meaty. I don’t think I need to tell you if it’s useful or not.
  • j.B/j.C, 662A: Same jump-in combo except the jump-in is confirmed into a 662A. Only really used if j.B hits at the tip, as j.C will confirm into a normal 2A at any distance.
  • 2A, j.B/j.C: 2f links using your j.B/C as an IOH. Must be cancelled into j.S to make it safer.
  • j.C, 5C: potential 1f depending on where j.C lands. Deals decent damage but super punishable on block. Never use.

Basic Combos

These combos are good for if you're just beginning to learn Khan. Note that a majority of these combos are just easier versions of combos shown in the "optimal combos" section.

2A, 2A, 2A xx [4]6B > 623C

Khan's most basic combo. Note that [4]6B whiffs against stand off Iggy.

2A, 2A, 2A xx [4]6C

Ends with a hard knockdown. Does not work against characters with Stand On.

5C > 5C xx [4]6B > 623C

Combo off Khan's 5C > 5C, not particularly useful due to 5C being quite slow.

5C > 5C xx [4]6C

Leads into a hard knockdown, its the only real useful thing you can do off of a 5C > 5C.

j.C, 623C

Can be used as air-to-air or on a grounded opponent as well. It doesn't always combo as your opponent sometimes has a small window if they were hit midair by j.B/C but it does combo often enough and the tech window is small enough that you can use this as a less reliable, more damaging Air-to-Air.

4B xx [4]6B > 623C

Long range poke hitconfirm. Also works as a situational anti-air.

5A / 5B / 5C / 2A / 2B / 66A / 66B / 662A / 662B xx 214AA

All the normals you can use to confirm into the super, however 662A/2A is the confirm you'll be using the most.

Optimal Combos

These are combos you'll be using regularly as Khan. Most if not all experienced Khan players use these, and it's imperative to learn them for true mastery of this character

662A / 2A, 2A, 4B xx [4]6B > 623C

Khan's bread and butter combo, usually consisting from 1 to 3 2As. The 2A into 4B link is quite essential to learn for a Khan player. It's a 2f link, but with enough practice it's quite easy to time properly. Unfortunately, this combo won't work on every character the same way. If you notice that you cannot combo with 623+C stop using it in that particular matchup. You are going to use the combo below if you can't reliably hit 623C when they're stand off (particularly with Pol and B.Pol). If they're stand on and you still can't combo into 623C for whatever reason, [4]6B is 0 on hit so you wont be punished for leaving your combo there.

662A / 2A, 2A, 4B xx [4]6C

Same as above but ends with a hard knockdown. Useful against characters that the 623C combo whiffs against. This will also be your go-to option for getting oki. This version of the combo works against stand off Iggy, so it's useful in that particular matchup. (Never use [4]6+C against a Stand On opponent.)

5B xx 623C

Optimal confirm from an anti-air 5B

5B xx [4]6B > 623C

Another confirm off of anti-air 5B, however it requires charge so this one is only useful off of a good read.

662A / 2A, 2A xx 214AA

Your go-to confirm into 214AA. 2A scales damage, so avoid using too many of them unless you want to gain a tiny bit more meter from it. Two to three 2A's is usually enough for the best damage.

662A / 2A, 2A, 4B xx 214AA

A combo into 214AA off a harder link. Way better damage than the combo above, however 214AA will whiff if 4B hits at a longer range, however if you use 662A, 2A before the 4B xx 214AA then 214AA will hit almost every time due to the velocity the 662A has.

j.B / j.C, 2A, 4B xx 214AA

One of Khan's most damaging super combos due to how little it scales. The j.C starter will do more damage compared to j.B.

Misc Combos

These combos aren't really that useful in the long run, but they're combos, so they'll be documented here.

2A, 2A, 2B xx [4]6B > 623C

A different variation of the bnb combo, using a 2A, 2B link (2f). Far less optimal and never used.

5A, 5A xx 623C

If you insist on using 5A for some reason, here's a combo for it. The first 5A can be exchanged for 2A. Useful against Petshop for whom 2A whiffs, but other than that, doesn't have much use.

j.B / j.C xx j.S

Works both as an air-to-air and jump-in. Remember that after 3 hits from the j.S, Khan will drop down to the ground.

662A / 662B / 2B / 5B / 66B / 5C xx 236AA

The only moves that combo into 236AA. Khan needs to be as close to the opponent as possible as 236AA triggers the first attack based on proximity. These confirms might not work in all matchups, 662A being the least consistent one. Also never used as the 214AA confirms net better and consistent damage.

A comprehensive guide on learning Khan's BnB combo and how to punish it.

The Secret Khanjutsu

Here are some advanced combos that are super tough or nearly impossible to perform. Most of these combos are very stylish, which makes up for them being so hard, however in terms of damage most of these combos will be lacking.

j.B / j.C, 662A, 2A, 2A, 4B xx 214AA

The only "Advanced" combo Khan might have in his arsenal that does optimal damage. Features a 1f link and a 2f link. With enough practice it's actually not very hard to do at all.

662A, 2A, 662A, 2A . . .

Khan's frame perfect infinite made out of 2As. d.2A 2A is a 1f, and 2A d.2A is also a 1f, so you'll be doing around 4 1fs per rep, although even one rep raises the damage scaling to such an extent that your combo would do more damage without it, making it more than just impractical. Unless you're a god at combos and want to defile your opponent's career never frequent this infinite.

j.C, 5C > 5C xx [4]6B > 623C

j.C into 5C link (1-2f depending on where j.C lands). Quite impractical due to how punishable it is on block, but it does do really good damage. Go for it for style points if you really want to, but doing 2A after your j.C is a much safer option.

2B, 5A xx 214AA

1f link into super that only works against thicker characters like Khan or Alessi, potentially corner only. It’s useless.

5C > 5C xx 214AA

Only works against Devo with the screen stretched to full thanks to his doll in the opposite corner. Also very impractical.

2A, j.B

2f combo. Instant overhead thing, but this is probably not the best move to use it with. Even if it hits, it leaves you wide open, which makes it very impractical. All you can do after is try to spin away with j.S. Not recommended unless you're going for the kill. j.S can sometimes hit taller opponents, like stand on Vanilla Ice or stand on DIO.

2A, j.C

Same as above but now 1f. Definitely the better move to go for an instant overhead, but still not recommended unless you're going for a kill. Cancel into j.S to fly away as IOH j.C is punishable on hit.

214AA !SC, 214AA

The classic. Corner only against a stand on opponent in the air. Does MEGA damage, around 55%. You can sub out the second 214AA for 236AA for less damage because come on, you're only doing this for style anyway. Legend says in certain matchups you can also fit a 5A in after the !SC...

214AA !SC, [4]6B

Want a variation of THAT strange anti-air combo that works midscreen? Here you go. 623A/B/C only combos if they get carried to the corner. Also useless.

66B xx [4]6B > 623C

I know what you're thinking, but yes, this DOES work. Will you use it? No.

j.B / j.C xx j.S, 2A xx 214AA

Requires you to hit an opponent on the ground with any jumping attack canceled into j.S at a very specific height. Hold forward and you should touch the ground right as j.S finishes, then hit 2A. The j.S into 2A part might be frame perfect and require Ice-Dragon Blood. Won't work on every character.

j.C, 662A xx 236AA

If you're one of those weirdos who likes 236AA here's a combo for you, now go and take that L for me.

214AA !SC, 5A xx 214AA

"The Kreeg." It is a 1f, that being linking the 214AA into 5A after the SC. Works on standing Stand On Iggy, Polnareff, and Chaka in corner as it sends them high enough for Khan to use 5A.

(Meaty) 2A, 5B xx 214AA

Commonly known as the 144Hz Monitor Combo. It's a 1f link and it's the only way you can link 2A, 5B with Khan. Only real gamers land this on oki 😎

Exhibition of the combos shown above + basic ones.

Stand Crash Combos

these combos are barely match applicable.

Only time you're gonna actually use one of those is either failed Custom Combos or if your opponent is too dumb to turn their stand off.
If you do somehow find yourself fishing for stand crashes however, use Khan's j.C and S buttons to attack the opponent while they're blocking as it gives out really good stand gauge chip damage. If you want an actual stand crash combo just do his BnB lmao.

hh j.C xx j.S !SC, 5C > 5C xx [4]6C

Easy stand crash setup, j.S stand crash is a very easy setup and allows for a lot of combo options.

j.C. 2A, 2A, j.B !SC, 662A, 2A xx 214AA

The only somewhat tricky part of this combo is the 1f 663A 2A link, but other than that its also a simple combo.

j.C, j.C !SC, 2A, 4B xx [4]6B > 623C

Double j.C is also a tricky link but nothing too difficult. Looks pretty stylish.

hh j.C xx j.S !SC, 662A, 2A, 4B xx 214AA

Another really easy stand crash combo, very good damage.

j.B, 5C > 5C !SC xx 236AA

Really bad combo, unfortunately 214AA whiffs on the 5C followup so his terrible 236AA is the only ender here.

j.C, 5B !SC, 662A, 2A xx 214AA

Another combo with a tricky link, that being j.C into 5B, but besides that the combo is really easy to do. The 1f link is optional because without that link, it still does a lot of damage.

hh j.C, 2A, 2A, 2B !SC, hh j.C, 2A, 4B xx [4]6C

Not difficult to perform, really good damage, and ends in a hard knockdown, however the [4]6B followup is optional.

j.C, 2A, j.C xx j.S !SC, 2A xx 214AA

VERY hard. j.B xx j.S has to be hit in a very specific spot so that j.S hits only once and is at the right height in order to link into 2A. Even with the right positioning, linking j.S to 2A from hat stand crash is a 1f link, and also only works on taller Stand On characters like DIO and Ice. Definitely the most stylish one out of them all though.

Exhibition of all the combos above by JtheSaltyy

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