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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future/Kakyoin/Misc

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Remote Mode

Remote Mode is a fun risk/reward option for Kakyoin that allows him to play with a stronger vortex and new mobility options in exchange for being more harshly punished for mistakes. Increased walk speed allows easier followups after s.2c knockdowns, while remote stands being ungrabbable strengthens tickgrab setups, allowing you to continuously mix up your opponent, particularly in the corner. During Stand Off remote mode activation, the stand itself cannot be hit while Kakyoin can. This can result in psuedo-invincible grabs and can force shorter moves to whiff. Be careful not to overuse this however, the stand simply has no hurtboxes, so larger moves can hit Kakyoin easily. You should almost never use Remote Mode without having at least 1 bar of Meter for safety. Tandem is always a powerful reversal, and it disables remote mode on activation. If the opponent hits Kakyoin with a move that does not disable remote mode, Hierophant Green will be able to act immediately, allowing you to even Tandem reversal while getting hit. If the opponent is sandwhiched between you and the stand, certain moves can become tandem confirms, mainly s.2B. The increased walk speed from Remote can also be used defensively to anti air, tech chase, and space yourself.


Kakyoin can intentionally drop his combos to mix up his opponent. Not really that useful but very BM.

Funky Crossup

By jumping over the opponent with j.A or j.B, and inputting a net, you can do a tricky crossup due to the net special turning you around midair to face your opponent.

Passive Stand Glitch

Kakyoin has a strange glitch that is hardly understood. Randomly, he will lose access to his stand entirely. He cannot go stand on, he cannot use specials or supers, and he cannot use any move with Hierophant Green. This effect persists until he is hit. It is unknown exactly what causes this, and it seems to be possibly character specific.
"I've seen it happen with Ice and Midler, and I think maybe Rubber, and that's about it. But multiple times with Midler." -Mewtastic

Tandem Cancel Glitch

While in Stand On, if you try to cancel a move on block/hit into tandem too quickly, Kakyoin will instead perform 236S, and take 1 bar of meter anyways. Needs only a tiny bit of delay in your cancels to avoid this, you will likely not do this accidentally that often.

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