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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future/Jotaro/Misc

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Bugs and glitches

Timestop Glitch

Performed by not being at perfect health, and doing 66BA6CS to kill. It works because the d.5C hitbox lingers upon cancel, allowing you to freeze time during the round transition. You can perform this glitch with d.5C, d.2C, or d.2B.
This will give you an almost guaranteed winning round against:

  • Petshop
  • Vanilla Ice
  • Alessi
  • Rubber Soul
  • Avdol
  • Polnareff
  • Black Polnareff


Jotaro has a few softlocks. Goes without saying that each is banned in a tournament setting unless you're playing in edge's weekly series.

One of them involves you doing s.214A s.214C xx s.623X against DIO, and if the DIO instantly techs and does 214AA, you can't get hit anymore.

Another is much more practical, however it is still rather difficult to do outside of training mode. To activate it, all you need to do is get hit in the air, or get launched. After that, you simply air tech in any direction, and grab your opponent as soon as possible. You'll know that you successfully performed the glitch once you see Jotaro grab the enemy without hitting them.

Safe s.j.236AA

Did you know you can make s.j.236aa safe on hit? This requires you to perform s.236aa while in an airwalk state (this can be done by cancelling prejump with a dash in Stand On). After you successfully entered your airwalk state, you can simply hit the enemy and then do s.236aa normally. You'll hit the opponent for a bit and then you'll be flung to the opposite end of the stage where you are unable to be punished, or rather it would at least make it very hard to punish.

References and Resources

Just a couple of Jotaro related resources that are good to have.

A playlist of Japanese Jotaro matches

A smaller playlists of Jotaros who show off pressure, oki, movement, and tech chase quite well. Or ones that are just fun to watch. These guys may mess around a bit so take stuff with a grain of salt. SQ is the start palette one, a favorite of mine. :)

The oki guide

Stand Off hitconfirms into Tandem

Link to the matchup evernote I plan to keep the wiki up to date with this, but there's a better chance this will be updated, and it includes extra stuff like matchup odds and FAQ on MU numbers.

JP Jotaros to watch: SQ, WJ, BBC (retired), OraOra. On fightcade you may see Mazuibou and Cy002 play Jotaro (not main character but still cool to watch).

Overseas Jotaros to watch: TheShadowJin (retired), BNOC, KainZC7 (retired), MisterSystem (retired). Exceptional non-JP players. Additional Jotaros include Mono-1, CaineTemple, Reinerro. I may include a playlist of current overseas players' replays, to not only serve to show the gap in skill, but to also serve as a look into how Jotaros play in the "western meta".

Posterd#7176 - I just recently overhauled the Jotaro wiki, so if there are any questions or you just want to chat, let me know! You could watch me but I'm probably the least experienced of the bunch.

Multi#6350 - I ported the Fandom wiki over to SRK. I'm not that good or anything, but I play some Jot. You're better off asking the notable players on Jotaro advice.

Thanks guru for the transparent hitboxes <3

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