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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future/Iggy/Introduction

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Iggy (イギー Igī) also known as Iggi, is a core ally who appears in the second half of Stardust Crusaders. An urban mutt from the streets of New York, Iggy begrudgingly aids the protagonists on their final expedition to Cairo. Iggy commands The Fool, a really bizarre looking Stand made of sand that can partially change its shape, allowing it to even mimic humans.

In Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage For The Future, Iggy is a very odd character, using charge style special attacks and featuring different gimmicks depending on whether his Stand is On or Off.

In Stand Off, he's the shortest character in the game which gives him a lot of advantages, but also limits his movelist, most notably making his simple attacks really hard to connect due to short range. In return, once Iggy manages to knock down the opponent, his moveset contains an easy to time meaty low attack, a decent overhead and a fantastic grab, giving him some good reset options.

In Stand On, Iggy's hitbox becomes larger and wider, which comes with many disadvantages, but Iggy himself gains some new mobility options, exclusive only to his character. Instead of a double jump, Iggy can glide in the air while protecting himself with sand balls. He also gains the ability to perform a simple airdash. His normals also become much better when it comes to range.

Overall, Iggy is a very versatile character, but none of his modes truly give him a massive advantage, meaning that you'll be switching your playstyle a lot while using him.

Pros Cons
  • The shortest hurtbox in Stand Off in the game which leads to a lot of moves missing him in stand off
  • Has a lot of movement options, including teleports, a very fast walking speed, and Stand On glide/air dash
  • Simple combos that still do decent damage
  • Good anti airs and air to airs
  • Very disjointed and safe poke in 5c
  • Lots of strong oki options
  • Fairly good mixups between a grab that gives you oki, IOH and IAD
  • Extremely safe and abusable projectile that can shut down a lot of the cast
  • Very wide Stand On hitbox gives opponents easier cross-ups
  • Many Stand Off normals have poor range and many Stand On normals have mediocre frame data
  • Small combo potential, even including tandems
  • Very weak dashing moves overall, limiting his approach
  • His Charge ender BnB is punishable on hit by a good half of characters, especially if not spaced properly.
  • Inconsistent, character-specific okizeme that takes a decent amount of work to adapt to.

Iggy A.png

Stand: Active

Defense Value Stand OFF: 91 (Low)

Defense Value Stand ON: 81 (Low)

Stand Durability: 80 (Medium)

Roll Speed: 42 (Slow)

Wakeup Speed: 32 (Fast)

Prejump Stand OFF: 4

Prejump Stand ON: 5

Notable Players

Color Nickname Country Platform Accounts Notes
SQ Japan Arcade (BigOne2nd) Twitter: @SQ
Fightcade: yukke
The undisputed best player in the world. Plays the entire cast at the highest level.
Status: Active
GO Japan Arcade (BigOne2nd) Twitter: None Frequents BigOne2nd.
Status: Active
A mongol USA Fightcade 2 Fightcade: a mongol
Discord: A mongol#8513
Biggest Iggy gangsta, also knows what the dog doin.
Status: Active
FunkyDude Sweden Fightcade 1+2 Fightcade: FunkyDude
Status: Active
KarnazZ Denmark Fightcade 1+2 Twitter: @setplaybird
Discord: August#0766
Past top player.
Status: Retired
Niceboy555 UK Fightcade 1+2 Fightcade: niceboy555
Discord: niceboy555#1494
Chad veteran Iggy player single-handedly carrying #iggy on his shoulders. Is also good but would never admit it.
Status: Semi-active