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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future/Iggy/Combos

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Basic combos

s.5A > s.5A > s.5B > s.5C xx s.[4]6+C

Iggy's BnB. Does a surprisingly good amount of damage for how short and simple it is. Can be confirmed into with s.j.B/C. Unsafe on hit since its -9 meaning a lot of characters can punish it but depending on the situiation most characters don't get much. Heres a video showing some punishes Make sure you lab it with your character since a lot of these don't work depending on the distance of when iggy does s.[4]6c

s.2A > s.5B > s.5C xx s.[4]6+C

A version of iggy's BnB, but it starts from a low. Will hit characters with low hurtboxes, since s.5A whiffs on some crouching characters. Keep in mind that you can't do 2 s.2As in this combo. Unsafe on hit.

s.2A > s.2A > s.2B > s.2C

Another incredibly simple magic series, but it's all Iggy really has. Does less damage than the other combos, but against stand off opponents it is safe on hit and knocks down, possibly giving Oki.

2A WC S + 5A > s.5B > s.5C

The first combo but you walk cancel into it with 2A. To walk cancle press 4 or 6 during the 2a and you will recovery quicker which allows the link to happen. misinputting it might cause a tandem which will make you waste meter or 236s. both of these are still safe on blcok tho

2A WC S + 2A > s.2B > s.2C

The second combo but you walk cancel into it with 2A.

2B xx 236+AA, 6B

Can be used during okizeme. Does decent damage and a lot of corner carry. The 6B isn't hard to follow up, and leads into a hard knockdown. but you can just run with them instead which makes it easier to get oki. In the corner, you can add another 6B, but you need to be fast, as hitting the opponent as they are being knocked down will reset them and allow them to tech. You can spam up to 5 2As without worrying about them being reset, but it does less damage than a second 6B. That being said, if the opponent isn't spamming ABC to tech, they may be surprised by the sudden reset, giving you a free throw.

2B 2A xx 236AA 6B

The previous combo, but you add a very meaty 2B to the mix. Only works in corner due to the distance. adds a liiiiittle bit of damage, but it's gonna be hard to land due to how long the 2B has to be out for. Only really going to be used to catch mashers on their wakeup in the corner.

6B xx 63214+C, 2A(x5), 6B xx [2]8+C

Can also be used as okizeme. Does great damage for no meter. The amount of 2As can vary, but doing 5 starting immediately after the cancel allows you to easely time the followup. The 6B has to hit right as they're released, so the [2]8+C can juggle after.

6B/2B xx 214s... (tandem followup)

both are important since its the main way iggy gets a tandem in stand off. 6b xx 214s is easy to hit confirm after a while but 2b is a lot harder. you will mainly be doing 6b xx 214s in oki situation and 2b can be used in oki and in wiff punish situations.

s.j.C [can be done from airdash] > s.665B/C xx 214S... (tandem followup)

Basic route into tandem. The dashing attack needs to be done as fast as possible.

Tandem Enders

Iggy's tandem is one of his bigger sources of damage. It combos easily by itself and does not require any close following, but you can add substantial damage and guarantee enders by rolling to get to the other side and spam Iggy's fast and chainable 2A.

Confirm into it with 6B/2B/s.66B/s.663B. Your tandem enders are:

(Tandem ends)...6B xx 63214+C, 2A(x5), 6B xx [2]8+C

good ender if you want damage since if [2]8+C is timed right you can get a hard knockdown and go for 2b/6b oki on pretty much everyone but petshop.

6B xx A A 6 B C

At first glance this seems not as useful, as it's 1 meter more for barely more damage than the 0 bar ender, and it doesn't give you any good options afterwards either. But it does do slightly more damage, which can make it useful for finishing off an opponent with style.

6B xx 236+AA, 6B

Same as above, except it's easier to execute. It's not that good of an option unless you really want the corner carry or you can do 236aa j.c 2a 2a wc s.2a s.2c for oki. which is very hard since the j.c after 236aa is a 1 frame link.

2A, 2A xx 236+S

If you miscounted your reps, you can end the combo with this if you weren't able to get your 6b off. Only really used in that scenario, as the first ender is infinitely better.

Iggy doesn't have much in the way of elaborate stand crash setups, but you can easily bank on stand crashes with his tandem. His s.j.B/C do good stand gauge damage and can quickly lead to stand crashes. After a confirmed stand crash you can just do 214+S or a s.665B into it.

J.C, 2C

A very strong ender even if it doesn't do damage since the main use for this is when you want to keep pressuring with more oki since it gives you a hard knock down that lets you do most of your options on most of the cast. only option you can't do is something into another tandem because of the tandem cooldown timer.

Corner IOH Loop

Iggy has a corner loop where he abuses his stand on glide move.

s.9[9] A [release 9] B.

float as close to the ground as possible, do an A ball, unfloat and aerial attack. Rinse and repeat


236+AA Loop

Iggy has another corner loop where he can combo multiple 236AA's together.

236+AA J.C 2A 2A

It can be done as long as you have meter. It's very impractical, and does next to no damage for the meter cost. Should only be used for style points, as the J.C has to be hit on the exact frame the last hit of 236+AA hits. You have to do two 2A's, as his stand has to disappear before being able to use another 236+AA.

Example (The loop is shown at the end):

Its also possible to do 236AA J.C 2A 2A WC S.2A S.2C which is good since it gives you some oki to work with.

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