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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future/Death13/Strategy

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After you knockdown with 66c/a or 41236x with the optimized loop combo ,instead of just trying to do 66c or 66a you do 44c/44a.Since you are doing it while backdashing it won't be punishable on block in case you guess wrong. If you land 44a you are done with oki they will be launched away and you can begin setup or start tech chasing. In case you land a 44c you will teleport back to the opponent with 421c and will try to do 44c/44a again. On another note because you back dashed with 44a you will be in a position where you can start techchasing more effectively. Another positive about this oki is the fact that since you are backdashing you will be at a decent position in neutral where you can start zoning.

A demonstration of Death13 okizeme is shown

This okizeme is actually pretty good. As i said before, it's unpunishable if you guess wrong and resets you to a good neutral position, can enable techchasing and can semi vortex. Unfortunately, the oki wont work on pet shop (for now. It might be possible but further testing is required. If it is possible, it's really hard to do).On him and on opponents where you don't feel like you will be able to hit a 44a/c meaty, your best option is to dash/teleport away from the opponent and try to zone or setup. However, it is very important to learn Death13's okizeme as it will boost your offense and damage.

Death13 also has crossup okizeme, after a 66c,you can teleport behind them with 421c and doing either 66c or 66a.This option will meaty everyone besides petshop. Keep in mind however that this option is quite reactable and because you are using 66c and 66a it will be punished in case the opponent blocks so use this option sparingly. It is still a good option to learn, as it allows you to have another chance of hitting another 66c and continue the vortex.

A demonstration of Death13 crossup okizeme is shown


In general, when playing Death13 you will find yourself dashing and teleporting a lot. His dash is incredible and his teleport might be the best move in the game so it's only normal for this to happen. If you have life lead try to zone your opponent with 6x and 236a and teleport away with 421a or 421c when they get to close. Try to use 236b and 214c whenever you can to greatly boost your defense and pressure. When you want to approach usually utilize 421c and instantly do a 6a out of it since it comes out really fast. Try to position yourself correctly to use 5a,6b and 6c.Death13 functions quite differently from other characters. You can’t block so always try to avoid moves instead of thinking that you can block them like with usual characters. Since his aerials are so unusual(and bad),you don't usually jump that much with him. His jump is interesting in the sense that it makes Death13 fall slowly when holding 8.A short hop backwards is a good way to bait out punishes in case the opponent sees you dashing to them. Always be on your toes when playing him. Every move the opponent makes is a threat to a character that can't block. Although his roll is unpunishable by grabs and is quite fast, don’t rely on it to much as some moves can caught you on the end of your roll. Since his optimal combos aren’t that complicated, his neutral is where his difficult lies.

tech chasing

Death13's tech chasing is pretty cool. You can do a lot of thing and, even though you won't use any moves that are air umblockable, you can still use tech chasing to get chip damage off of your opponent, increase your pressure with setups and waste time.

44a-This move provides the best techchasing since it launches really far in the air and puts Death13 in an advantageous position. You will usually be able to hit this move with his okizeme. After landing a 44a you usually use 236a.If done with the right timing and at the right location(preferably near a corner),you will be able to cover every tech option the opponent has. Most of the time the opponent will try to tech towards you. To use 236a to its fullest potential in this scenario you will want to delay the move enough so that the opponent will only get hit by the last projectile that comes out from 236a.This way you still prevented the opponent from reaching the ground and still kept 2 of your projectiles in the air. In case your opponent decides to tech away, you can use this opportunity to use 236b and 214c/623b to get a free setup. In case the opponent decides to tech towards you from the 236a,you can back dash or use 421a and use another 236a.This type of tech chasing although might be really strong has a flaw: it can be punished by some attacks(supers that can used in the air mostly) these attacks are:

Hol and Hoingo's j.236aa Mariah's j.236aa Dio's 214aa Dio's j.236aa On these characters you can do a couple of other things. If they instantly do these supers(Besides Dio's 214aa) after teaching your best option is to use 421c to teleport bellow them and use 623a to catch them while landing. This strategy is not perfect as well since the opponent can predict if you are going to do it and back tech into super to punish the 623a If a Dio instantly uses his 214aa you can just not do anything, wait for the road roller, roll to avoid it and then punish with a 6a loop. The reason why Dio's 214aa is able to punish Death13's attempts of using projectiles in techchasing is because, since 44a launches him so far in the air, he is able to instantly fly outside the stage and do road roller. Because of this reason, Dio can't use road roller to punish well if he doesn't use it instantly after teching. In case the opponent knows what they are doing, they will try to play tricks on you. If such case happens, you can play some mind tricks of your own. Try to mix your options around and punish their punish attempts.

66a-This option is just slightly worst but overall you'll be able to land a 66a way more times than the previous option. In case you want to use 236a,use 421a to be at the normal distance you end up after a 44a.However,because of the time it takes to teleport to said place, you almost never be able to only hit the opponent with the last projectile of 236a.One of your best options after a 66a is to use 623b and catch the opponent since most people usually tech down after it. Since you're completely below them, all the moves that punish your projectile tech chasing attempts will whiff(besides Dio's 214aa).The only way for the opponent to punish is to tech away from you and use their attacks to punish 623b.However,this process take long and you are able to see what is happening and wait for the punish.

66b 6a-This is Death13’s main combo. As so, you'll find yourself utilizing the techchasing potential it provides. After landing the 6a the opponent will be quite high up in the air. Because you’re comboing out of 66b,the 6a will always land in the corner. Usually, your best option is to do a 623b,since it covers basically any tech possibility. Only Dio’s 214aa can punish this option. If said punish is happening a lot, you can do what was recommended in a section above. You can also use 421a and use 236a.Although not your best tech chasing starter, it will be the you will find yourself using the most.

41236x-Not a tech chasing starter but it deserves to be talked about since it is your only move that is air umblockable. On the characters where it is possible, you should definitely use it since it improves your tech chasing by a lot. Use the 41236x with the better hitboxes and more active frames.