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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future/Death13/Matchups

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Death13 mu's


8:2-Hol Horse


6:4-young joseph,midler,iggy,old joseph



3:7-Kak(if he doesnt lame),New kak(if he doesnt lame),jotaro,avdol,sdio

2:8-Rubber,petshop,Dio,Chaka,vanilla ice,mariah

1:9-kak,new kak

Informative table for Death13.PNG


-Important moves that whiff-2a;d.2a;2c;236aa;s.5a;s.5c;s.d.5c;


Moves to watch out for-j.a;j.c;5a;214aa;s.214aa;41236x;s.5b;s.2b;5c;214s

lol you win.This matchup is extremely one sided,there isnt much alessi can do,you ignore all his main attacks and his main gimmick with your hurtbox and debug jank.Just zone him out or whatever you want,you will win. "here are my thoughts regarding alessi:d13.D13 has everything that counters alessi. floating hurtbox makes everything but 5a, 5c and s.5b whiff. 5a is as fast as 5c so i have two buttons to poke you with. 5c can be confirmed into 214S but there's not enough hitstun for alessi to get close enough for s.5c(close) to come out. s.5c(far) whiffs so he can't confirm. d13 has an immunity child mode that can seemingly attack back. d13 has long, active stuff with his projectiles which directly stops all of alessi's preemptive hurtboxes. even alessi's j.c loses to everything because it's big hurtbox comes out way before the hitbox does. d13 has a teleport and fast fullscreen dash which stops gun from being functional d13 also outranges alessi in every way alessi has no good pokes, no approach options except roll (which can be meatied cause alessi won't reverse you in that MU), no damage, no potential for laming you out etc. it pulls the elements of what makes airdashing kakyoin-alessi so impossible to win, cranks it up to 11 and makes a whole character centered around it. the only way for alessi to win is for d13 to continuously fuck up and eat like fifteen 5c's until he dies"-Captaintenshou


-important moves that whiff-2a;2c;63214x

Moves to watch out for-2b;5a;5b;5c214x;236aa;623x;s.6a;s.5c;s.623x;s.jc;s.214aa;s.236aa;214s


-important moves that whiff-2a;2b;5c;rekka second hit;214x

Moves to watch out for-5a;5b;2c;jc;5s;4s;623x;236aa;214aa


-Important moves that whiff-5b;5c;s.5a;s.214x;s.2a;s.2b;s.2c

Moves to watch out for-5a;2c;jc;236aa;236s;s.6a;s.5b; s.236aa;214s


-Important moves that whiff-2a;2c;236aa;s.5a;s.5c;s.236aa

Moves to watch out for-5a;5c;236x;214x;22x;214aa;jc;s.6a; s.jc;s.214aa;214s


-Important moves that whiff-2a;2c;s.2a;s.2b;s.2c;suck

Moves to watch out for-5a;5b;5c;s.6b;66c;jc;214x;j.s236x;214aa; s.5a;s.5c;s.236aa;214s

Very hard matchup. Dio can change his combo to deal nice damage so he isn't that hurt by death13's hurtbox. The real problems start when you get into his tools. Knives(s.on 236aa) are a nightmare to deal with, effectively shutting down your whole game plan. In case Dio has meter, you really can't use 90 percent of your tools like 6b,6c,236aa,236b and 623b, leaving you only with your dashing moves and teleport to fight him. Not only that, Dio also has his teleport, which can completely bypass your 6c in case you are trying to harass him from full screen, while also being unpunishable since you can't grab. Another move that surprisingly hinders your gameplan is road roller. Death13 can't block meaning that if Dio does it while you are in the air you could get punished, however you can use your air teleport for it isn't a game changer, watch out for accidentally using j.x or j.4x however. Road roller can also disrupt your set up attempts after a 66a for example so watch out when using your projectiles after that move. While tough the matchup is still winnable. Mainly watch out for the stand mode of the Dio player, it's rarer for Dios to turn their stands on and instantly do knives as they will usually turn their stands on a little bit before. In case that is a consistent behavior you can afford to maybe set up your projectiles in case he is stand off. Air knives are the type that the Dio players will do the most since they end up being more effective at shutting down your zoning attempts so you can predict them in case a Dio players turns their stand on and starts jumping at you. Meter is essential for him so any opportunity to waste it is quite valuable. In regards to his teleport, be less trigger happy with 6c, limit doing it to when Dio is in the air quite far away, when he can't teleport. In case he tries to run away with teleport, you have a teleport as well, and one that is better in every way. If you see him teleporting to any place just teleport there as well so you can meaty him. If possible, try to use 6a slightly before Dio comes out of his teleport so that he gets hit by the second hit of the move, maybe even on the latest frames of it. This will cause death13 to be in really good frame advantage so he can mix up Dio. With enough strategy and wit you can pull through.


-Important moves that whiff-5a;5b;2a;2b;2c;4c;236c;270x; 236bc;

Moves to watch out for-4a;4b;66c;236b;5s;623x;jc;236aa; j236aa;421x;

Hol Horse

-Important moves that whiff-5a;5b;2a;2b;2c;214x;236c;214aa; 236bc

Moves to watch out for-4a;4b;5c;jc;236b;623x;236aa;j236aa; 421aa;


-Important moves that whiff-2a;2b;5b;5c;6b;41236x;aa6bc;s.2a

Moves to watch out for-2c;cl.c;236aa;jc;s.5a;sandballs;s.jc; s.236aa;214s


-Important moves that whiff-2a;2b;2c;6b;6c

Moves to watch out for-5a;5b;5c;3c;jc;214x;623x;214aa; 236aa;s.5a;s.214x;s.214aa;s.236aa;214s


-Important moves that whiff-2a;s.2a;s.2b;s.2c;s.chained 5c;s.623aa;s.aa6bc;

Moves to watch out for-5a;5b;5c;214x;jc;236aa;s.5a;s.5b; s.6a;s.jc;s.214x;s.236aa;214s


-Important moves that whiff-5a;5c;2a;2b;2c;4b;[4] 6c;214aa

Moves to watch out for-5b;[4] 6a/b;jb;jc;js;5s;236aa

You win.There isn't much khan can do since his whole kit just becomes useless against you.Except for 5b,all his grounded normals whiff and he can't get link it into 623x.Charge b/a also can't link into dp making him 0 on hit after.His Js is almost useless since 6x just denys it.His only saving grace is 236aa which can sometimes catch you out when trying to keep him away.Just be mindful of that and try not to make dumb mistakes.


-Important moves that whiff-5a;5b;2a;2b;2c;2s;214x

Moves to watch out for-5c;5s;6s;4s;js;j6s;236x;623x;214aa; 236aa


-Important moves that whiff-5b;2a;2b;2c;s.2a;s.2b;236aa;623aa

Moves to watch out for-5a;5c;jb;jc;236x;214x;214aa;236s; s.5a;s.5c;s.2c;s.jc;214s

New Kakyoin

-Important moves that whiff-2a;2b;2c;214x;s.5b;s.2a;s.2b;s.2c; s.236aa;s.aa6bc

Moves to watch out for-5a;5b;5c;jc;236aa;s.5a;s.5c;s.4c; s.66b;s.jc;s.214x;214s

Old joseph

-Important move that whiff-2a;2b;2c;3b;3c;214x;270x;s.2a; s.2b;s.2c;s.3b;s.3c;s.236x;s.270x

Moves to watch out for-5a;5b;5c;jc;236x;623x;236aa;s.5a; s.5b;s.5c;s.236aa;s.214aa;214s


-Important moves that whiff-5a;2a;2c;2s;aa6bc;

Moves to watch out for-5c;2b;ja;jc;3c;icicles;5s;41236s; 236aa;214aa


-Important moves that whiff-5b;2a;2b;2c;chained s.5a;s.2a;s.2b

Moves to watch out-5a;5c;jb;jc;236s;[2] 8x;[4] 6x;236aa;214aa;214s;s.5a;s.5b; s.5c;s.2c;s.jb;s.jc;s.214a;s.236aa;s.214a

Rubber Soul

-Important moves that whiff-2a;2b;2s;214s;214x;270x

Moves to watch out for-5a;5b;5c;ja;5s;6s;4s;js;236x;236aa

Shadow Dio

-Important moves that whiff-2a;5c;3c;2s;41236c;623x

Moves to watch out for-5a;5b;2b;663c;5s;41236s;63214x; 41236a/b;236aa;623aa;214aa

Vanilla Ice

-important moves that whiff-2a;2c;6c;214x;s.2a;s.2b

Moves to watch out for-5a;5c;2b;6b;ja;jb;j8b;jc;236x236aa; 214s;s.5a;s.5b;s.5c;s.2c;s.j6c;s.236x; s.236aa

Young joseph

-Important moves that whiff-2a;2b;2c;3b;3c;2s

Moves to watch out for-5a;5b;5c;jb;jc;5s;66s;6s;js;236b; 236s;214s;41236x;236aa;214aa