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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future/Chaka/Strategy

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One of the most important things to get used to as Chaka is his mobility.

In stand on, Chaka's mobility is fairly unremarkable. He's more agile than much of the cast, but his options are fairly standard. In stand off, however, Chaka gains access to one of the most powerful movement tools in the game: his hyper hop. The hyper hop is performed by tapping either 1, 2, or 3, and then transitioning to 9 to do a jump. The only caveat with this is that you can only tap 9, not hold it. It is ridiculously fast, and will allow you to stay on top of your opponents very frequently.

The second notable mobility option he gains access to in stand off is his super jump. It is performed in the same way as his hyper hop, but instead of tapping 9, you need to hold it for a tad longer. This jump does not lead into immediate pressure in the same way his hyper hop does, but it covers a vast amount of distance. Against characters that want to keep you out, such as Hol Horse or Mariah, a stand off super jump can bridge the gap between you and them very effectively.

Stand On and Stand Off

Chaka's Stand on and Stand off mode vary greatly in their utility, so it's important to know at all times when you should be using each and how to switch from one mode to another.

As for going Stand Off, while it is true you can just press S, it can take an unnecessary amount of time to complete. To circumvent that, Chaka has 2 main options: the first one is to simply go Stand Off in the air. Not only is it safer that turning your stand off while staying on the ground, you can also space out your opponent afterwards with a j. c. In addition, Chaka's backwards mobility is greater in Stand On, so should the situation require it, you could super jump or hyper hop away from the opponent to create a large enough distance in between for you to go Stand Off safely; the other option is to hold down and press S so that the crouch animation overrides the sheathing, effectively giving you an instananeous Stand Off.

Like every other active/weapon stand character, Chaka can cancel his Stand On sheathing animation with pretty much anything, even just walking. That being said, for some links, such as the S+5A in the chain combo after the Custom Combo, you need to press both S and 5A at the same time so that the attack comes as fast as possible and you're able to link it. From Stand Off, Chaka can also go Stand On with 236+S, which also happens to be one of his best grounded pokes.


While Chaka doesn't have the best anti-air options, it's still good to know what tools he has at his disposal, since he can still get the job done:

s.5B: hits high enough for it to connect reliably. Can also be cancelled into 623+A/B/C.

236S: one of Chaka's best anti airs due to how disjointed the hitbox is. The downside is that it's particularly bad against really vertical jumps or opponents right on top of you as it extends way further horizontally rather than vertically. On hit it can be cancelled into 623+A/B/C for extra damage.

2C: a bit situational since due to its short range (the animation is very deceptive in that regard) it only really works to block incoming hops, but it's a good tool for that situation. It can lead to a quick 236+S into 623+A/B/C for quick damage or to a fast J.C. which also does decent damage and can lead into a tech chase after.

5A: hits fast and has a surprisingly beefy hitbox, can be comboed into 236+S and 623+A/B/C from there.

s.6A: can be linked into s.5B on hit and then cancelled into 623+A/B/C.

236+AA: since this super is air unblockable, it can work well against jump happy people or generally players who approach too recklessly. Be extra careful while using this super though, since while it does a hefty ammount of damage if you connect, the recovery lag is so big that if you whiff it or the opponent blocks it, you're most likely going to eat a humongous punish.

Additionally, Chaka has a couple of moves that, while not air unblockable and thus not actual anti airs, can still function surprisingly well as such. These are:

J.C: while it's truest as an air-to-air, a quick rising J.C. can still work as an anti air in catching an opponent jumping too close to you, and beating his button out.

S.236+AA: similar in concept to J.C. in that it requires the opponent to press a button, but in this case the effective range is much larger, as well as it being a much faster option too, and the i-frames will also ensure you catch their unsafe jump-in if you react fast enough.

Spacing and approaching

While Chaka most definetely doesn't have the best damage output in the game, he has various tools which help him have a very strong neutral game, where he excels at. While Chaka might seem like a very rushdown character at first, he doesn't quite play like one. Instead, he focuses on punishing the opponent mistakes and creating openings with his strong options in neutral (which will be discused later) so that when he gets in he can be an overwhelming presence to the opponent. As far as spacing goes, his J.C is straight out one the best air-to-air moves in the game, it can be used as a great aerial spacing tool, although it needs to be done correctly, since the attack slightly extends his hurtbox as well so you might trade unfavourably against other high priority moves. While on the ground one of his best poking tool is his 236+S, it comes out decently fast and can be cancelled into from any of his stand off normals, allowing those to be safer as well. It has high priority as well due to how disjointed the hitbox is, so if timed appropriately it can beat out a lot of options. Almost all of his stand off normals can be used as good poking tools when cancelled into 236+S For approaches, as mentioned in the Mobility Section, his stand off hyper hop is great for applying pressure. Since your air momentum transfers over from stand off to stand on, you can hyper hop in stand off and go into s.J.C mid air, it's a reliable hitconfirm that leads into every of his main combo strings stated in the Combo Section. Additionally, hyper hop is when 8c is best used, as you'll be as close to the ground as possible and won't miss on grounded opponents. J.C can even act as a combo starter for some of his stand off strings, which can then lead into the Custom Combo. While his air game is definetely strong, Chaka also has good ground approaches. Dashing s.5C is a good combo starter for the rekka, s.236+AA or 214+S and it travels a good distance as well. You need to be careful when doing this move as it can be punished on block if you get pushblocked after the first hit, since you'll be left wide open while you're finishing the second one. Dashing s.2C can also be a good option due to how much distance it travels and how relatively fast it is. Against stand on opponents you can get a 623+A/B/C or 236+AA followup while on stand off opponents you'll get a hard knockdown. Finally for his stand on attacks, dashing s.2A comes out really fast and it can be a great pressure tool. While not the best setup for it, you can also use it for tick grabs. Not especially useful since you won't get much out of Chaka's grab and you can easily get punished if you misspace it, but the option is there. As for stand off, he has some great tools as well, and all of them can be cancelled into 236+S or, more importantly, the Custom Combo. 5B, and especially dashing 5B, can be used as a fast, long reaching poke, with the added utility of hitting low. Dashing 5C has a lot of range as well, so it can be a good tool to catch your opponent off guard and confirm into a Custom Combo from there. Lastly, even if the range is deceptively low, 2C could be decent too if timed correctly, since you can get an easy Custom Combo confirm out of it, as well as 5A into a linger string, although the timing for that is a lot more strict.

Anubis Counter (s.214+A/B/C)

As mentioned in the moves section, Chaka's counter, as well as with the other two anubis characters, lets him "learn" the move that he counters, meaning next time he blocks it (only in s.on), he can act out of the block with an attack and get a free punish from it, something that has been popularly coined as Anubis Guard Cancel, or AGC for short. Of course, this isn't really a tool you should be using mindlessly in neutral, as it can be easily baited once you start becoming predictable and it's incredibly easy to punish due to its long recovery animation. That being said, if used smartly it can be a very dangerous tool against your opponent, as well as being able to almost shut down some of the cast and tip the matchup heavily in your favour if you counter one of their essential moves, such as DIO's 2a or Rubber Soul's j.a. Finally, Chaka's counter can be used to make his rekka "safe" on block on very sparce situations. If you notice the opponent is acting out of blocking your 2nd rekka hit with an attack and punishing you, you could use the counter right after the second hit, so that you would counter their punish attempt. Keep in mind this can obviously backfire horribly and will only really work once you've learned your opponent (and probably will work only once), but could still work as a surprise option.


Despite probably not being the first character that comes to mind when you think about strong oki (those would likely be characters like Jotaro, Vanilla Ice, Hol Horse, etc.), Chaka actually has a surprisingly wide array of options available to him that, when performed in conjunction, can make it really frightening to get knocked down against him.

Chaka has various ways of getting a hard knockdown but the main 3 that will be focused on are: rekka C launcher, s.2C and s.236+AA, some of his oki options are only available from a specific move to get the knockdown from. These will be referred as his starters during this section for simplicity’s sake. Out of these starters, s.2C is by far the one that gives you the most time to act after landing the knockdown, though it doesn’t mean you’ll always want to end your strings with this move, as it will be discussed later on.

Additionally, Chaka’s okizeme functions in 2 distinct ways: the first one would be a combination of hard to react high/low mixups, and the other one involves ambiguous landings to cause (or not) sideswitching and make it harder for the opponent to know which way he needs to block towards.

Chaka’s oki options are basically fundamental ones available to pretty much every character (as opposed to specific ones like Jotaro’s Star Finger oki), but they especially apply to Chaka due to his mobility. Keep in mind that Chaka doesn’t have any unblockables or true 50/50 (except one very infamous exception), so all of his oki options are escapable by properly fuzzy blocking (switching to blocking high/low) and/or reacting to which side he lands on. That being said, humans are not machines, and some of the mixups can still be really hard to react to.

As for what options you’d probably want to consider once you manage to score a knockdown:

  • Meaty low: arguably the most basic form of okizeme, it consists of hitting the opponent the moment they’ve fully waken up to catch possible mashing attempts. Your best moves to do that will usually be 2A/5B due to how meaty they are and s.2A since you get an easy transition from there. You can get this from any of the 3 starters. Not particularly great on its own but it shines when paired with the next one.
  • hop into s+j.C: hop (as in tap 8, don’t hold it) straight up and perform a s.j.C as you’re coming down (you can do this higher up in your hop as you might think due to how + on hit s.j.C is). Due to how fast Chaka’s hops are, this can be a really hard to react overhead, particularly effective since usually people default to blocking low on wakeup. Since Chaka needs to be in s.on to get a knockdown, you’ll want to immediately do 2S to quickly go in and then hop. Can work from all of his starters, but against fast wake up characters it only consistently works from s.2C since that gives you the most time to act. It works particularly well after the rekka launcher since you’ll be performing the hop pretty much as soon as you recover from the launcher, which will give the opponent less “dead time” to react. This, coupled, with the Meaty Low will make it so the opponent needs to constantly pay attention to your movement.
  • empty hop low: same as above except you don’t perform any action mid-air and instead wait until you’ve landed to perform a low. Thrives once you’ve managed to make the opponent respect your overhead, so they get tricked into blocking high waiting for it, but you open them up with a low instead. The recommended low here is s.2A since it gives the easiest transition into a full combo. As with the one before, this can work from all 3 starters except on characters with really fast wake up speeds.
  • Ambiguos Landing: the principle behind this is that, after a knockdown (from s.2C or s.236+AA since they make you end a bit far away from the opponent), you jump towards your opponent and try to make it as vague as possible whether you’ll be landing right next to them or behind them, since they’ll need to react accordingly to properly block the right way. This is the one time where the floaty s.on jumps work in your favour, since they make it really awkward for your opponent to figure out where you’ll land. You can also use the quickness of your hyperhop to give them as little time as possible to react. Besides the threat itself of the sideswitch, you can (and should whenever possible) pair it up with any high/low mixup to mess with your opponent even further. A really basic and strong example of this would be jumping over the opponent to land behind them into a quick s.2A.
  • Rekka oki: Mostly a gimmick but a very simple high low mixup. You knockdown with s.2c and cancel into rekka, you then use either the third rekka variation of A for low or B for a overhead. The low is very minus on block tho and the overhead can be easily reacted to and punished so you need to make sure your opponent is respecting you. Combo into s.5a from low and d.5c from overhead.
  • Empty hop grab: Good way to mixup your opponent's defense if they're very good at blocking your mixups. The opponent can just mash or reversal on wakeup very easily though.
  • S.236+AA: THE FORBIDDEN TECHNIQUE. More of a huge flex move than an actual, practical, oki option. Reason for that is that you’d pretty much need to learn each character’s different wake up speed (as well as taking into account the different frame data for each of your starters) in order to reliably manage to meaty the opponent from the back, basically crossing them up and creating the one true Chaka 50/50 where you could (or not) cross them up on command. That being said, if you somehow manage to consistently perform this you’d be able to trap your opponent in a legitimate vortex.

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