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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future/Boingo/Introduction

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After J. Geil (J・ガイル Jei Gairu) dies at the hands of Polnareff, Hol Horse (ホル・ホース Horu Hōsu) pairs together with Boingo also known as Voing(ボインゴ) and once again attempts to defeat Stardust Crusaders. Hol & Boingo are one of the six hidden characters in the game.

The two make the ultimate duo! With Boingo's prediction book and Hol Horse's SNIPE-GUN, nothing can stand in their way! The community calls them Hoingo or Boingo for short.

Hol & Boingo is an alternative version of regular Hol Horse with a lot of different frame data on his attacks, 2 replaced supers and one removed special. While this results in a completely unique playstyle, many still consider him to be a much-nerfed version of his former self. He still has a few tricks up his sleeve, however.

Pros Cons
  • His S bullet attack comes out much faster allowing for very freeform zoning that can even cross up
  • He has a very useful command grab super that is easily comboed into
  • Fastest roll in the game
  • Can run instead of dashing
  • Second highest defense in the game (The highest Stand OFF)
  • Some strong long normals
  • Able to set up unblockable oki on certain characters
  • Passive Stand character
  • Very low damage without meter, "mixups" are often unsafe if opponent guesses correctly
  • Terrible at breaking stands, NEEDS to keep life lead due to weak approach
  • Some of his normals and specials are pretty slow, and nearly all have smaller hitboxes than Hol & J. Geil
  • Loses a few key moves from regular Hol
  • Damage, oki, and/or zoning ability severely crippled in some matchups
  • Relies a lot on S bullet but leaves himself punishable when using it
  • Grab is even worse than Hol's now that he can't spawn Boingo from Glass Shower
  • No "Stand Attacks", cannot break nets or wires
  • No frame 1 invincible reversal

Boingo A.png

Stand: Passive

Defense Value: 78

Roll Speed: 25

Wakeup Speed: 36

Prejump: 4

Notable Players

Color Nickname Country Platform Accounts Notes
Guruslum USA, Midwest Fightcade 2 Twitter: @guruslum
Fightcade: guruslum
Low Tier God. Also plays Alessi.
Puzzle3301 USA, West Coast Fightcade 2 Twitter: @PuzzleHFTF
Fightcade: puzzle3301
His hit and run playstyle can make even the easiest of the matchups very annoying to play. Also plays Hol Horse and J. Geil