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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future/Alessi/Introduction

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Alessi (アレッシー Aresshī) is a minor antagonist featured in Stardust Crusaders. He's a cowardly assassin and one of the Egypt 9 Glory Gods attempting to assassinate Polnareff and Jotaro in Luxor as Mariah battles Joseph and Avdol. His Stand is Sethan, a rejuvenating shadow.

Alessi is a rather straightforward character with a not-so-straightforward gimmick of turning his opponents into their younger version (or minor characters) for a limited time to unleash high damaging attacks on their heavily weakened forms. He's also a Weapon Stand character, meaning he gains access to the Custom Combo super, but unlike the other characters, his Custom Combo is different due to his lack of chain combos in Stand On.

His Stand is very unique in that it's a shadow on the floor. When activating the Stand, Alessi can expand it by holding the Stand button which changes the points where his attacks start.

Pros Cons
  • Short Hurtbox lets him duck under a lot of moves
  • Fluid Ground Movement and a great Backdash
  • Strong Guard Cancel
  • High Priority normals in Stand OFF
  • Good Range in Stand ON
  • Smooth learning curve with high skill ceiling for double stand attacks, GC installs etc.
  • 41236X is a Strong Chip/Zoning tool
  • Makes Matchups for certain Characters extremely polarizing due to his Toolset
  • Fast wakeup and prejump lets him avoid some okizeme
  • Very Wide Hurtbox
  • Stand ON Normals have huge Hurtboxes that appear before Active Frames, which severely cripples their Priority
  • Landing is always vulnerable while Stand ON and rarely Stand OFF, making jumpins risky
  • Optimal Combos always reset the game back to Neutral, otherwise gets Very Low Damage
  • 41236X is punishable on Hit in certain situations (like versus airborne Stand ON opponents or at close ranges)
  • Horrible Anti-Airs
  • Bad at opening his opponents up
  • Buggy Moves and Supers, not uncommon for the opponent to fall out of his 236AA and 214AA Supers on hit
  • Some useless Moves like 63214X and 236S that will only get you killed
  • Has extremely polarizing Matchups

Alessi A.png

Stand: Weapon

Defense Value Stand OFF: 89

Defense Value Stand ON: 84

Stand Durability: 88

Roll Speed: 42

Wakeup Speed: 33

Prejump Stand OFF: 2

Prejump Stand ON: 2

Notable Players

Color Nickname Country Platform Accounts Notes
captaintenshou Norway Fightcade 2 Twitter:
Fightcade: captaintenshou
Formerly S.DIO main.
Status: Active
Poezn USA Fightcade 2
Fightcade: @MasterChief982
Current Vanilla ice player
Status: Active
Guruslum USA, Midwest Fightcade 2 Twitter: @guruslum
Fightcade: guruslum
Low Tier God. Also plays Hoingo.
Status: Active