Jin Chonrei (NGBC)

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Moves List

Body Tosses

Hatsukubi Tatsu: f/b+ CD

Command Moves

Tatsu Satsu Ashi: f+B

Combination A: A,B

Combination B: A,C

Combination C: B,C

Combination D: C,C

Special Moves

Teiou Jinsoku Ken:f,f+P

Shin Teiou Jinsoku Ken:f+P during Teiou Jinsoku Ken(SC)

Teiou Tengan Ken:QCF+P

Teiou Tenji Ken:F,D,DF+P(SC)

Teiou Tashin Ken:QCB+P

Ryu Tenshin:QCF+K

Tatsu Tenshin Kouhou:QCB+K

Rojin Ken:QCB,F+P

Deseperation Moves

Teiou Shukumei Ken: QCF(x2)+P (hold P)Attacks begins when P is released. Takes 1 stock

Teiou Ryusei Ken:QCB(x2)+P Takes 1 stock

Teiou Gyakurin Ken:QCB,HCF+P Takes 1 stock

The Basics

Advanced Strategy