Jax (MKT)

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After failing to convince his superiors of the coming Outworld menace, Jax begins to covertly prepare for future battle with Kahn's minions. He outfits both arms with indestructible bionic implants. This is a war that Jax is prepared to win.



Auto Combos

1.HK, HK, B+HK 3 hits 19%, 28%, 30%

2.HP, HP, BL, LP, B+HP 5 hits 24%, 33%, 35%

3.HK, HK, D+HP, HP, BL, LP, B+HP 7 hits 33%, 43%, 45%

4. aaHPHP, JK, backbreaker about 45% (BP)

Combo Juggles

KS, HK, HK, D+HP, HP, BL, LP, and your choice of sweep, LK, or HK, which will be unblockable and work on various characters, doing more damage than his B+HP, 8 hits, 49%-50%, or vs Jax and Sub-zero you can connect a Gotcha Grab for 53%.

Basic Corner Combo - Juggles:

punch starter, HK, HK, D+HP, HP, BL, LP, B+HP, with your choice of finish: 1. HK - 50%

2. RH - 51%

3. gotcha grab 13 hits - 53%

4. uppercut - 54%

Advanced Corner Combo - Juggles

punch starter, HK, HK, D+HP, HP, BL, LP, B+HP, with your choice of finish because certains combos work more faithfully on specific characters: 1. RH, HK - 10 hits 59%

2. JK, Backbreaker - 10 hits 59%

2. aaHP, Dash Punch, HK - 11 hits 60%

3. aaHP, Dash Punch, aaLP, gotcha 16 hits 65% (against Robots, Kung Lao, Jax, Sheeva...)

4. JK, aaHP, Dash Punch, HK, 12 hits 68%

5. aaHP, Dash Punch, RH, HK 12 hits 70% (JK = 71%)

Corner Juggle Punishers:

1. aaHPHP, Dash Punch, HK 4 hits 40%

2. aaHPHP, Dash Punch, aaLP, Gotcha Grab 9 hits 52%

3. aaHP, JK, aaHP, Dash Punch, HK 5 hits 56%

3. aaHPHP, Dash Punch, JK, backbreaker 5 hits 58%

4. aaHP, JK, aaHP, Dash Punch, aaLP, Gotcha Grab 10 hits 68%

Special Moves

Single Missile: B, F, HP

Double Missiles: B, B, F, F, HP

Gotcha Grab: F-F-LP (tap LP to keep punching)

Backbreaker: BL (in air)

Quad SlamĀ : Tap HP after a throw (keep holding LP after the throw)

Ground Pound: Hold LK 3 Seconds, Release

Streaking Punch: F, F, HK


Fatality 1 "Blade Mutilation": U, U, D, DF, F, UF, U, BL (Next to)

Jax morphs his arms into blades and slices his opponent into sections in a shower of blood.

Fatality 2 "Godzilla": Run, BL, Run, Run, LK (Half Screen)

Jax grows huge and squishes his opponent with a foot.

Friendship "Jump Rope": LK, Run, Run, LK (Past Sweep)

Jax jumps rope!

Animality "Lion Maul": Hold LP, F, F, D, F, Release LP (Next to)

Jax mauls his opponent as a lion.

Babality: D, D, D, LK (Past Sweep)

Stage: D, F, D, LP (Next to)

Brutality: HP, HP, HP, BL, LP, HP, HP, BL, LP HP (Next to)

The Basics

Advanced Strategies