Jagi/Special Moves

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This page covers Jagi's special and super moves. His normal moves are explained here.


Jagi shoots a slow projectile from his shotgun. Has long recovery, and does about as much damage as a standing A. Can be used to light a drum can or enemy covered in gas on fire. Takes off one star on Counter Hit.

Anti-air Shotgun

Shoots a projectile up into the air. Does more damage than the ground version. Mostly used to keep an opponent from jumping away when in the corner or as a psychic anti-air. Takes off one star on Counter Hit.

Hokuto Senjusatsu

(Air) 236A
Jagi rapidly punches downward at his opponent. Takes off one star on Counter Hit. Used as a combo finisher or as a mixup option. The timing is quite difficult, but it is possible to link into a D upon landing if you successfully hit a grounded opponent.

Nanto Jarougeki

214C (Hold C to charge, press A to cancel)
Jagi steps back and winds up, then lunges forward. Max charge has the same effect as a max charged Banishing Strike. Can be canceled while charging by pressing A. Has very short invulnerability when Jagi steps backwards. Causes wall bounce on hit. Takes off one star on Counter Hit.

Drum Can

Jagi places a drum can where he is standing. Can place up to two at once. Makes a pillar of flame that burns for five seconds when hit with a match or shotgun shot. Pillar takes off one star on Counter Hit. Has fairly long recovery and no real effect until you light it on fire, making it less useful than Jagi's gasoline move. Used occasionally as a combo finisher in the corner.


Jagi throws a match about two character-lengths in front of him. Can be used to light a drum can, gasoline, or opponent on fire. Cannot be used to clash with other projectiles. Takes off one star on Counter Hit. Mostly used as a set with a drum can or gasoline.


Jagi dumps some gas on the ground, which stays there for 10 seconds. Opponents move very slowly over gasoline, and will often drop combos if they step over it during one. Can be lit on fire with a match. The pillar of flame it makes is slightly smaller than that of a drum can, and takes off one star on Counter Hit. Very useful for keeping opponents away.

"Y-yametekure!! T-tanomu!!"

214A (Hold A to charge)
Jagi slowly retreats backwards. Stops when you release A. Invulnerable after startup until just before stopping. If charged to the maximum, Jagi throws an unblockable needle that causes stun, but doesn't hit crouching opponents. The needle takes off one star on normal hit, and two on Counter Hit. Not very useful, but there are some rare spots where you can get a guaranteed hit with the needle, such as when Raoh uses his ground Goushouha.

"Yoku Dekita Otoutou!!"

Jagi chains a huge rock to his opponents leg. Hits low but has very slow startup. Invulnerable on startup. The opponents movement is slowed and they are unable to jump for five seconds. Takes off one star on normal hit, and two on Counter Hit. Can hit downed opponents, but the rock will not be attached in this case. Mostly used as a combo finisher or in some cases to bait Guard Cancels.

"Bakame! Kateba Iinda Nani wo Tukaou ga!"

(While knocked down near shotgun) C (Uses 0.5 Bar Aura)
Jagi shoots hit shotgun at his opponent while lying down. Can be done a maximum of four times in a row. Takes off a star on Counter Hit. Does about the same amount of damage as an anti-air shotgun shot. As you need to first taunt to throw your shotgun away, and then miraculously get knocked down right on top of it, this move is pretty much impossible to pull off, let alone use effectively.

"Madamada Yomi ga Amai wa"

236236A (Uses 1 Bar Aura)
Jagi throws a huge amount of gasoline at his opponent. Takes off one star on normal hit and two on Counter Hit. Opponent becomes covered in gas if they block or are hit by it, and can be lit on fire with a match or shotgun shot. If you do not hit the opponent with it the gas will stay on the ground and act like a big version of Jagi's gasoline move.

Hokuto Rakangeki

236236C, Follow-up with A, B, or C up to 3 times in total (Uses 1 Bar Aura)
Jagi rushes forward and strikes his opponent rapidly. Has instant startup as well as startup invulnerability. Takes off one star on normal hit and two on Counter Hit. Pressing A, B, or C during the super causes Jagi to throw a needle diagonally into the air, straight forward, and diagonally down at the ground, respectively. While the needles don't do any damage, they are useful to keep the opponent in the air during certain combos. Recovery is quite long, but by throwing needles at the end of the super your opponent will generally not be able to get a guaranteed hit on you in cases where they were able to guard it. Thanks to the instant startup you can net a guaranteed Counter Hit after blocking many normal and special moves. This is one of the best supers in the game, and one of the few moves Jagi can really rely on.

"Ore no Na wo Ittemiro!"

6321463214C, Follow-up with 236A on success (Uses 2 Bars Aura)
A command grab that takes two full bars of Aura. Jagi grabs his opponent and demands they say his name. The opponent has to successfully choose "ジャギ(Jagi)" from a list of that contains two other similar looking names, such as "シャギ(Shagi)", "シャチ(Shachi)," etc. If they choose correctly, no damage is done and play resumes with both players able to act. If they choose incorrectly, or do not answer at all, Jagi hits them for a good chunk of damage. At this point it is possible to do a follow up with 236A for no extra cost, which forces the opponent to try to pick Jagi's name a second time. If they are unsuccessful again, they lose one star and are dizzied.

In cases where you think the first hit will kill the opponent, it is best not to use the follow up, as doing so will actually reset their health to one. If they guess correctly on the second part they will still be alive and able to come back and win the round.

"Ima ha Akuma ga Hohoemu Jidai nanda!"

(Near Shin) 641236C (Uses 1 Bar Aura)
A command grab only usable on Shin. Has a very long animation, which is a reenactment of the scene where Jagi corrupts Shin. Takes a star and drains Shin's Boost and Aura. Shin is able to mash the lever to reduce the amount of gauge he loses. Upon completion both players are able to act at about the same time. Mostly useless except as a gimmick.

"Huhu, Kono Toki wo Matteitanoda!"

236CD (Fatal KO)
Jagi smacks his opponent, then dumps gas all over the place and lights it up, exploding everything. Often misses even after successfully landing the first hit, making this one of the worst FKOs in the game.