Jade (MKT)

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When the renegade Princess Kitana makes her escape into the unknown regions of Earth, Jade is appointed by Shao Kahn to bring her back alive. Once a close friend of the Princess, she is faced with the choice of betraying her friend or disobeying her Emperor.



Auto Combos

1. HP, HP, D+LP, D+HP 4 hits 22%, 31%, 33%

2. HK, HK, LK, B+HK 4 hits 23%, 33%, 34%

3. HP, HP, D+LP, LK, HK, LK, B+HK 7 hits 25%, 34%, 36%

Basic Juggles

1.(Credit to Rob Sigley) HP, HP, D+LP, D+HP, D+LK 24%, 33%, 35% (limited to character size)

2. HP, HP, D+LP, D+HP, LK 28%, 37%, 39% (even more limited)

3. HP, HP, D+LP, D+HP, HK 29%, 39%, 40% (Jax, Unmasked Sub, Sheeva...)

4. HP, HP, D+LP, D+HP, Sweep 28%, 37%, 39% (works on all characters)

5. (in corner punisher) Dash Kick, Dash Kick, HK 3 hits 37%

6. (in corner) aaRH, Dash Kick, HK 3 hits 43%

Advanced Juggles

1. (vs blocked teleport facing corner) aaHPHP, Projectile Protection, aaRH, HK 4 hits 45%

2. (same setup as 1.) aaHP, JK, aaLP, PP, aaHP, Boomerang 5 hits 45%

3. (same setup as 1.) aaHPHP, PP, JK, aaHP, Boomerang 5 hits 47%

4. run out of corner under jumping opponent, RH, dash kick, RH, R+HK, 4 hits 60%

Special Moves

Boomerang High: B, F, HP

Boomerang Middle: B, F, LP

Boomerang Low: B, F, LK

Returning Middle Boomerang: B, B, F, LP (Must be vs a human player and they must duck it)

Projectile Invincibility: B, F, HK

Green Smoke Kick: D, DF, F, LK


Fatality 1 "Staff Impalement": Run, Run, Run, BL+Run (Next to)

Jade uppercuts her opponent out of sight and holds her staff forward, the victim is impaled on it when he/she lands.

Fatality 2 "Staff Shaker": U, U, D, F, HP (Next to)

Jade jams her staff into her opponent's stomach and shakes it until he/she is skinned then explodes.

Friendship "Pogo Stick": B, D, B, B, HK (Past Sweep)

Jade bounces around on her staff.

Babality: D, D, F, D, HK (Past Sweep)

Animality "Nice Kitty": F, D, F, F, LK (Next to)

Jade turns into a small homocidal cat.

Brutality: HP, LK, HP, LP, HK, HK, LK, BL, HP, HK (Next to)

Stage: B, F, D, RUN (Next to)

The Basics

Advanced Strategies