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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core/I-No

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Ino's Select Picture
Ino Neutral Stance


I-No is considered one of the least popular characters in the game. Tier-wise, she is usually placed in the mid-tier range. Her learning curve can be awkward at first and takes time to master.

Moves List


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Special Moves

  • Stroke the Big Tree¬†: HCF+S
  • Anti Depressent Scale: QCB+P (Also Air accessible)
  • Chemical Love (Horizontal): HCB,F +K
  • Chemical Love (Vertical)¬†: HCB, F +S
  • Sultry Performance - QCF+ p-k-s-hs (During Jump; Chargeable)


  • Longing Desperation - HCB,F + HS
  • Ultimate Fortissimo - QCF,HCB + S (In Jmp)

Instant Kill

  • Last Will And Testament - QCF,QCF + HS


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The Basics

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Advanced Strategy

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