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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core/Holy Order Sol

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This Information comes from Titanium Beast's Order-Sol Thread on


5P: Same as regular Sol, jabs you with the hilt of his sword.

5K: This is an extremely fast knee kick. Supposedly this is his fastest ground normal and thus good for his offensive poke game. It can be repeat-chained into itself, apparently. Unlike regular Sol, this move is not useful as anti-air; it is strictly for ground fighting. JCable.

5S(c): A slash with the sword, seems pretty fast. Gives frames on block. JCable.

5S(f): This is a Fafnir-style punch with no forward movement. Seems pretty average so far. Decent range.

5H: Strange 2-hit slash where he twists his body around. Seems pretty powerful. Both hits are JCable and the angle of the attack seems to indicate it is good for anti-air purposes.

5D: If you've played Isuka, you'll recognize this as regular Sol's Line Tobashi attack, or as I like to call it, The Laziest Kick Of All Time™. He sort of just rears back and boots you into the air with a football kick. It seems to have better range than regular Sol's 5D and remains a pretty quick move.

2P: Again, same as regular Sol. Whether it retains the frame advantage of his 2P remains to be seen.

2K: See above.

2S: Very similar to regular Sol's 2S, but it seems faster. It definitely retains some frame advantage.

2H: An overhead slice with the sword. It has throw invincibility and it may also avoid lows during the early frames of the move. Must be blocked high. It is not cancellable, but RCing for followup is reasonable. Also floor bounces on CH.

2D: Same as regular Sol's, but apparently has less range. May not be as vital due to other moves being changed/improved.

6P: Weird strike with the hilt of the sword. Seems kind of fast. It knocks away on regular hit and CH, allowing for followups in the corner. Recovery seems almost nonexistent.

6K: Slides forward and kicks, similar to Baiken's 6K. Throw invincibility, staggers on CH.

6H: Similar to regular Sol. Faster, only 1 hit. Still staggers, but is not cancellable (RC instead to follow up). Apparently does a lot of stun.

j.P: Same as regular Sol.

j.K: Upward kick. Good for air-to-air when the opponent is above you.

j.S: He slashes you with his cape? JCable. Good jump-in attack. May be good for crossups.

j.H: Bandit Bringer punch (no flames). Very good for jumping in, but not JCable. Used similar to Slayer's j.H. Good offensive tool when combined with his low jump.

j.D: Near-horizontal strike with the sword. Kind of slow. JCable. Knocks the opponent far away on hit. Wall bounce on CH.


(note that all of Order-Sol's special moves have three versions, according to what level he is charged to, exceptions being his Charge, Charge Burst, and Action Charge)

Block Head Buster: Command: 236P RCable: Yes (only if 1st hit connects) FRCable: Yes

Order-Sol thrusts the hilt of his sword forward and shoots a flame from it. The level of the move effects the power of the flame. The hilt possesses a hitbox which will cause stagger if it connects (and allows the move to be RCed), but causes an increase in the recovery of the move. It is FRCable after the flame comes out.

Level 1: Flame does 1 hit. Extremely short range, but it is safe on block.

Level 2: Flame does 3 hits. At this point you gain frames when the flame is blocked, allowing you to continue your offense. This flame reaches maybe 2/3 of the screen, making it much better than the previous level.

Level 3: Flame does 6 hits and reaches even further. All hits of this version cause stagger. At this point, you can actually run up and combo while the flame is hitting the opponent. Naturally, frame advantage granted on block is quite good.

Gun Blaze: Command: 214S RCable: No FRCable: Yes

Order-Sol dashes forward on the ground and leaves a flame behind him. Increased levels increases the strength and number of flames. It is possible to pass through your opponent with this move. Due to the low trajectory with which Sol moves forward, you can dodge many attacks with this move. All levels of this move launch the opponent, letting you follow up with aerial attacks. They also all grant frames on block, making this a primary offensive move, especially on wakeup.

Level 1: Produces one flame. Moves a short distance.

Level 2: Produces two flames, moves further.

Level 3: Produces three flames and moves even further forward.

Storm Viper: Command: 623H (possible in air) RCable: Yes FRCable: No

This is his invincible uppercut (he rises up with a knee kick). It is not quite as speedy as regular Sol's Volcanic Viper. Useful on wakeup and in order to end air combos.

Level 1: 2 hits, techable.

Level 2: 3 hits. He adds a flipping kick to the end of the move. Still techable, but does more damage.

Level 3: 4 hits. Adds one more strike, a dropping kick similar to GGX Sol's Revolver Switch. This last hit floor bounces, allowing for followups.

Bandit Revolver Prototype: Command: 236K (possible in air) RCable: Yes FRCable: Yes

Order-Sol leaps forward and attacks with a sword slash. This must be blocked high. Additional levels add hits. The jump property means it will avoid throw attempts and lows. You can FRC it before the actual attack comes out while he is in the air. The air version has same properties, but is not FRCable.

Level 1: 1 hit with the sword. Gives a slight advantage if it hits, but disadvantage if it is blocked (he can be thrown).

Level 2: 2 hits. He follows up the slash with a kick that looks like the final kick of regular Sol's DI Bandit Revolver. Knocks down.

Level 3: 2 hits. He follows the slash with a flaming version of regular Sol's j.D. It causes a big wall bounce, allowing for easy followups.

Rock It: Command: 236S RCable: Yes FRCable: No

This is an extremely fast dashing punch that goes a good distance forward. It combos easily off of close attacks. Increasing the level adds hits to the move. An important offensive move.

Level 1: 1 hit. It grants frame advantage on both hit and block. In some cases, you can link additional attacks after it connects in close or on airborne opponents. Staple move.

Level 2: 2 hits. After the initial punch, he does a downward slash with the sword. This slash bounces the opponent off the ground. Depending on his proximity to the opponent, following up is possible with very quick attacks like 5P. RCing naturally makes this much easier. Also, if the slash hits an airborne opponent (example, 2D -> level 2 Rock It), the slash slams the opponent forcefully into the ground, making followups without meter much easier.

Level 3: 3 hits. After the slash, he performs a flaming uppercut with his fist. This attack is jump cancellable, so airborne followups are far easier to do after this.

Charge: Command: 63214D RCable: No FRCable: No

Order-Sol pauses and powers up his Charge Gauge. Holding the D button down will cause him to charge continuously at a slow rate. Repeatedly tapping D with the correct rhythm will cause flames to appear around his feet, and his charge rate will increase dramatically.

Charge Burst: Command: H during Charge RCable: No(?) FRCable: No

This performs a fiery Burst animation during the Charge. It possesses a long invincibility window. This is good for interrupting someone who attempts to attack you during your Charge, but Sol is in CH state if it is blocked.

Action Charge: Command: D after any special move (possible in air) RCable: No FRCable: Yes

When this is done during a special attack, the animation of the move is cut short and Sol performs a special charge animation, filling his Charge Gauge by approximately 80 percent. He is in counterhit state during this animation, but it is FRCable during the early frames. FRCing the air version causes him to drop down from the air very quickly. The safety of this move is dependent on multiple factors, including the character you are fighting, distance, which move you did, whether the move hit or was blocked, etc.


Tyrant Rave ver. Omega: Command: 632146H RCable: Yes FRCable: No

Order-Sol rears back and delivers a large flaming punch like the second hit of regular Sol's Tyrant Rave ver. Beta. It has a large invincibility window. Additional levels add hits and damage. All versions combo easily from powerful hits.

Level 1: 1 hit. Weak damage.

Level 2: 2 hits. After the initial strike, he follows with a Fafnir covered in flames. Damage is only slightly increased, but the second hit causes a wall bounce, allowing for followups.

Level 3: 3 hits. After the second strike, a large flame is shot similar to GGX Sol's Tyrant Rave. No followup is possible, but the damage dealt is tremendous.

Savage Fang: Command: 632146P RCable: No FRCable: No

He shoots a flame like regular Sol's DI Gun Flame. There is no invincibility on startup. Executes extremely fast and cannot be air-guarded. Increased levels increase number of hits and damage.

Level 1: 1 hit. Poor damage.

Level 2: 3 hits. Shoots 2 additional flames after the first. This level only is zero frames after the super freeze (if you are not guarding when the screen freezes, you will be hit). Allows for aerial followups if you are near the corner.

Level 3: ? hits. Does EX Sol's Savage Fang with the Napalm Death flame. Excellent damage.

Dragon Install (level 3 only)(max Tension): Command: 6321463214S, then P,K,S,H,D,K,S,4123641236H RCable: No(uses max Tension) FRCable: No(uses max Tension)

At close range, Order-Sol goes into a Dragon Install pose which hits, then starts a long autocombo, ending with the final hit of a level 3 Tyrant Rave ver. Omega. Deals tremendous damage. If the final hit reduces the enemy's life to zero, he ends with a powered-up Napalm Death for the Destroyed win screen. If the command for the autocombo is entered incorrectly, the move will end prematurely and Sol will be forced into a short recovery. This move has no invincibility and only hits at point blank range. Mainly for show, but it deals good damage.






Accent Core





Thanks to LM_Akira:


0. Move conventions / notation

1. a) AC Mook combos

1. b) Complete Guide Combos

2. Tougeki Damashii combos

3. Air combos

4. Using Jump Install

5. Using Charge Cancel

6. Gun Blaze combos

7. Rock It combos

8. Lv3 Bandit Revolver Prototype combos

9. Fafnir combos

10. j.HS (CH) combos

11. 2S (CH) 6HS RC combos

12. 6K (CH) combos

13. 2HS RC or 2HS (CH)

14. Throw / 6P corner combos

15. Dust combos


236 = qcf

623 = dp

214 = qcb

421 = rdp

63214 = hcb

41236 = hcf

632146 = hcb, f etc...

P = Punch

K = Kick

S(c) = Slash (close)

S(f) = Slash (far)

HS = Hard Slash

D = Dust

5xx = neutral xx

2xx = crouching xx

6xx = f+xx

j.xx = jumping xx

dj.xx = double jump xx

hj.xx = high jump xx

JC = jump cancel

HJC = high jump cancel

IAD = instant air dash (e.g. 96)

hj.IAD = high jump instant air dash (e.g. 296...particularly useful in Fafnir and j.HS (CH) combos)

CH = counter hit

RC = roman cancel

FRC = force/false roman cancel

TK = tiger knee (e.g. 2369 / qcf, uf)

CH = counter hit

JI = jump install (basically JC a move but perform another move straight away before the jump comes out...the jump is "stored" and doing this will allow you to dj after a hj, something not normally possible)

ID = impossible dust (essentially, performing an action, e.g. dj or FD 29 frames before the dust screen comes on will cancel your homing jump and let you fall to the ground quickly whilst your opponent will be stuck in a long un-techable state. The easiest example with Order-Sol is: 5D, homing jump, dj.HS i.e. hold up after hitting with dust but then dj.HS straight away before the dust screen comes on. If done correctly you will fall to the ground and your opponent will slowly float down in a long un-techable state, allowing you to combo them further. This is an example of a 1 hit ID. In general it is probably better to go for a 2 hit ID, as described by Titanium Beast: 2 hit ID is easy, the key is to doublejump after the first attack and quickly throw the second attack before you fall too far. Here's how I do it: Dust, hold 8, j.H, tap 8,9H, land, combo.)


Combos taken from the back of the Arcadia Accent Core Mook.

1. 2D, 214D (CC) 5K, 5S(c) JC j.S, dj.S, j.HS, 623HS (131)

2. j.HS (CH) dash 2K (otg) 5S(c), 5HS HJC hj.S, j.HS, j.D (162)

3. Lv3 236K, Lv2 214S, vertical jump j.S, dj.S, j.HS, 623HS (152)

4. 5K, 5S(c), 5HS, Lv3 236S JC Lv3 623HS, 6HS (168)

5. (corner) j.HS, j.D (land) 5K, 5S(c) JC j.HS, j.D, 236K (148)

6. 41236D, dash 5K, 5S(c) HJC hj.P, j.S, j.HS, j.D (198)

7. Air throw, Lv3 632146P, 5K, 5S(c), 5HS HJC hj.S, j.HS, j.D (153)

8. 5D, homing jump, j.D, dj.HS dash 5S(c), 5HS HJC hj.S, j.HS, j.D (137)

9. [2S (CH)] or [5S(f) (CH)], 6HS RC IAD j.HS, 5K, 5S(c), 2D (163)

10. [2S (CH)] or [5S(f) (CH)], 6HS RC dash jump j.HS, j.D, Lv2 623HS (going into corner) 5K, 5S(c) JC j.HS, j.D, Lv1 236K (224)


Combos taken from the back of the Accent Core Complete Guide. Combos 5. - 7. are for EX Order-Sol.

1. Dash 2D, 214D (CC) 5K, 5S(c) JC j.S, dj.S, j.HS, 623HS (131)

2. Lv3 236K, Lv2 214S, j.S, dj.S, 623HS (146)

3. Lv1 214S, dash 5HS HJC hj.S, j.HS, j.D, 623HS (174)

4. 5D, homing jump, j.HS, dj.D (land) 5S(c), 5HS HJC hj.S, j.HS, j.D, 236K (146)

(8.) 5K, 5S(c), 2D, Lv3 632146P dash 5S(c), 5HS HJC hj.S, j.HS, j.D, 623HS (209)


HOS comes in at 3:57. Here are the things he does:

Vs Axl:

Dash 5K, 5S(c), 5HS IAD j.P, j.S, j.HS, 5HS IAD j.P, j.S, j.HS, 5K, 2D, Lv3 Tyrant Rave

Vs Axl:

(vertical jump) air dash j.S, j.HS, 41236D, Lv3 236S, Lv3 623HS, Lv2 Tyrant Rave, 41236D

Vs Axl:

dash jump j.HS, 5K, 5S(c), Dragon Install: Sakkai

Note that even tho the opponent never techs in the video, the counter doesn't go black. The first thing is probably something that will only work on tall chars for a start and the last thing has already been seen or discussed quite a while ago I think.


Staying very much the same as in Slash. A few examples include;

j.P, j.P, j.S, dj.HS, Lv1 623HS

j.K, j.S, dj.K, j.S, Lv1 623HS

j.P, j.P, j.K, dj.K, j.S, Lv1 623HS


Just the usual stuff after connecting with a j.P/j.K in the air. Kaqn favours something like:

j.P, j.P, j.K, dj.K, (j.S), Lv1 623HS

As soon as you catch someone with a j.P, you can go straight into this combo. If you're deep underneath someone in the air, drop the j.S and just go for the 2 hit SV (and AC depending on the situation).

From several different combo starters, a standard option to go for in AC is:

j.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D, Lv1 236K/623HS

Lv1 BRP is safer to use if Lv1 SV will not hit twice. Lv2 BRP no longer gives guaranteed knockdown and AC from high combos (read: nearer the ground, you will probably get a knockdown but higher up you won't). Lv2 SV has a longer un-techable time in Accent Core. Lv3 BRP and Lv3 SV will allow you to extend combos further if used at the end of an air combo but the additional damage is fairly negligible and it's typically a waste of Gauge to bother with this. Use Charge Keep and just do a Lv1 BRP or Lv1 SV.


The standard midscreen JI combo is:

5S(c) JI 5HS HJC hj.S, j.K (or j.P), j.S, dj.S, j.HS, Lv1 623HS

You can get this off things like Lv1 GB (normal or CH) or CH Fafnir. If it's not possible to get two grounded hits in to do the JI, you can also do this combo off 5S(c) or 5HS alone, in which case you do the JI as 929 from the 5S(c) or 5HS. Vs some characters omit the dj.S, j.HS and just use dj.HS instead and against very light characters hj.S, dj.S, j.HS, Lv1 623HS might be better.

The standard corner JI combos are things like:

5S(c) JI 5HS HJC hj.S, j.HS, j.D, [dj.D] or [dj.HS, j.D], Lv1 236K

5S(c) JI 5HS HJC hj.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D, Lv1 236K

You can also do these off 5S(c) alone, as with the midscreen options.

5. USING CHARGE CANCEL (CC) [214D after normal moves hit or are blocked]

Charge Cancel is a new addition Order-Sol has in Accent Core. It is the ability to cancel recovery of most of his normal moves into his charge stance. Obviously the purpose of this is to build his Gauge but CC also opens up other options for him instead of solely being used to increase his charge level.

A lot of the time you'll see short gatlings ending with sweep and on block or hit HOS will CC to build up his Gauge. On block people only charge a little but on knockdown they charge for longer (obviously). It's common to see lots of short strings being CC'd on block or hit to steadily build up Gauge. These strings can be mixed up with GB crossups. You can CC all of Order-Sol's normal standing moves EXCEPT 2HS, 6P and 6HS. You also can't CC his DAA.

2P x3 2K, 2D (CC)

2P, 2K, 5S(c), 2D (CC)

2P, 5K, 5S(c), 2D (CC)

2K, 5S(c), 2D (CC)


On CH, Order-Sol's sweep can be CC'd and followed with a combo, e.g.

(dash) 2D (CH) (CC) 5K, 5S(c) JC j.S, dj.S, j.HS, Lv1 623HS

(dash) 2D (CH) (CC) 5K, 5S(c) JC j.S, dj.S, j.D

From WUT:

2D (CH) CC 5S(c), 5HS hj.IAD j.P, j.S, Lv2 SV (155)

2D (CH) CC 5S(c), 5HS hj.IAD j.P, j.S, Lv3 SV land, running j.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D, Lv1 BRP (184) (Damage on both is Vs May)

You don't have to land 2D on CH in order to land a CC combo afterwards but it does make the combo easier to time.

From close range, 5S(c) CC leaves you even on block and is a useful tick throw setup.

On the ground, 5HS CC on CH gives strong combos, e.g.

5HS (CH) CC dash 5S(c), 5HS, Lv2/3 236S or Lv3 236K > air combo

Used as anti air, 5HS CC can be used to start combos against jump ins / air dashes. On CH, 5HS CC opens up strong combo possibilities as with using it on the ground, e.g.

5HS (CH) CC (anti air hit) dash j.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D, Lv1 623HS

Note, due to the startup up of 5HS, it needs to be used as a "pre-emptive" anti air, rather than just as a reaction to a jump in.



Lv1 214S dash 5HS JC j.S, dj.HS, Lv1 623HS (Vs everyone)

Old combo, still works ok as variation. It is very simple and works on everyone with almost the exact same timing. On Chipp it does 200, meaning there is almost no reason to go for other GB combos vs him. A useful, simple combo that is reliable.

a) Lv1 214S dash 5S(c) HJC hj.S, j.HS, j.D, Lv1 623HS (Vs everyone)

b) Lv1 214S dash 5HS HJC hj.S, j.HS, j.D, Lv1 623HS (Vs everyone)

Since GB now floats the opponent lower it's possible to do follow ups like this in midscreen i.e. using dash 5S(c) on normal hit from a Lv1 GB. Combo a) is the new BnB combo from a Lv1 GB in Accent Core. Treat it as a staple. It is a useful combo to learn as it can be used to baits bursts. There are minor discrepancies with the combo on a few chars, (Dizzy, Johnny, May, Robo-Ky, Venom) as it might be awkward to land a 2 hit SV at the end. Against Order-Sol and Sol landing the 5S(c) in the beginning may also be tricky. Using 5HS instead of the 5S(c) as in combo b) is also possible vs everyone tho yet again there may be slight trouble landing 2 hit SVs vs some characters (Dizzy, Robo-Ky, Venom). Against Potemkin this combo does 149, the best damage possible from this situation without using a JI.

Lv1 214S dash 5S(c) JI 5HS HJC hj.S, j.K, j.S, (dj.S) j.HS, Lv1 623HS (Vs Johnny, Potemkin, Slayer Testament...Faust, I-No, Zappa) list to be updated soon

Against every character, it is also possible to land 5S(c), 5HS on normal hit, meaning you can go for the midscreen JI combo. However, some characters, due to the way in which you need to land the 5S(c), 5HS (e.g. slight delays, hitting them early etc) hitting with the midscreen JI combo might not be possible. This list includes Baiken, Bridget, Chipp, Dizzy and Jam. Against these characters it is probably best to follow with hj.S, j.HS, j.D.

For the last 3 in the (current) list, exclude the dj.S and just use dj.HS instead. Thanks to WUT for compiling the list.

For something a little more tricky you can do:

Lv1 214S dash 5S(c) HJI hj.S, j.K, j.S, dj.S, j.HS, Lv1 623HS

I've seen Kaqn use this occasionally and WUT has listed this combo also, using 5HS instead of 5S(c). You need to HJI from the 5S(c)/5HS alone.

c) Lv1 214S dash j.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D, Lv1 623HS (or Lv1 236K) (Vs everyone)

You can dash jump into j.HS after a normal Lv1 Gun Blaze hit as with Slash but it is less consistent than his BnB. This combo works on everyone, however against some characters it is either hard to time OR you have to finish with Lv1 236K. The combo is tight against Faust, May, Order-Sol, Slayer, Sol and Venom. Against May, Order-Sol and Sol it is better to go for the BRP at the end instead of the SV.

You can do more interesting stuff on CH (when at Lv2) like:

(Lv2) Lv1 214S+D CH AC dash j.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D, Lv3 ender

The Lv3 ender for example could be 623HS or 236K into another short air combo.

In general, landing a Lv1 GB on CH simply enables you to do all the combos listed more easily. Avoid using combos a) and b) however and opt for either JI combos or combo c). Depending on distance to the corner and the direction the combo is going, it may be better to aim for combos listed below.

d) Lv2 214S (wait) 5S(c) HJC hj.S, j.HS, j.D (Vs everyone)

e) Lv2 214S (wait) 5S(c) HJC hj.S, j.HS, Lv1 623HS (Vs everyone)

These 2 combos are probably the only Lv2 GB combos you should ever bother using. It is better to use Charge Keep and do Lv1 GB combos in the long run as you score more damage and should be able to finish with a Lv2 special. For combo d) it may be possible to add a Lv1 BRP or Lv1 SV after the end, depending on the angle at which you high jump. Vs Potemkin you can get a 2 hit Lv1 SV. Combo b) is a minor variation which will allow an AC at the end.


Lv1 214S, hj.S, j.HS, j.D, Lv1 236K (Vs everyone)

Lv1 214S, 5S(c) HJC hj.S, j.HS, j.D, Lv1 236K (Vs everyone)

If you are deep into the corner after a Lv1 GB hit (e.g. 2K, 2S, 2D, Lv1 214S, Lv1 214S (non-crossup) in the corner), these 2 combos are guaranteed on everyone.

a) Lv1 214S dash j.HS, j.D (land) 5S(c) HJC hj.S, j.HS, j.D, Lv1 236K (Vs everyone)

This probably works best when you're back is deep into the corner. It's fairly simple to do but can be extended with a dj (see combo c)).

b) Lv1 214S dash 5S(c) JI 5HS > high jump combo (Vs ...)

With your back in the corner you can do things like the above combos. The JI combo varies as;

i) hj.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D, Lv1 236K (Vs Anji, Axl, Baiken, Bridget, Dizzy, Faust, Jam, May, Order-Sol, Potemkin, Slayer, Sol, Testament, Zappa)

ii) hj.S, j.HS, j.D, dj.D, Lv1 236K (Vs Chipp, Johnny, Millia)

iii) hj.S, j.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D, Lv1 236K (Vs Ky, Robo-Ky, Potemkin)

ABA and Eddie will generally not be hit by a JI combo from normal hit Lv1 Gun Blaze in the corner. Note the JI options for Potemkin, Robo-Ky, Slayer, Testament and Zappa are either the same damage as combo c) below or differ by 1 pt only. The same probably holds true for a few other characters as well, i.e. getting the JI in does around the same damage as getting a dj in.

c) Lv1 214S dash j.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D land 5S(c) HJC hj.S, j.HS, j.D, Lv1 236K (Vs everyone)

From a Lv1 GB hit heading into the corner (or with your back already in the corner), it is possible to land this combo on everyone. Some characters are harder to land it on than others (particularly light characters). Potemkin or Zappa are probably the easiest to perform it on, try it on them first to see the timing. The dj.HS, j.D will need to be delayed a certain amount, depending on which character you are facing. It needs to hit from anywhere up to around 1/3 of the distance of a stage from the corner. Characters that it may be hard to land this combo include Axl, Bridget, Chipp, Dizzy, Johnny, May, Millia, Order-Sol, and Sol. Against them you may need to alter your timing or the combo may be more dependent on the range they are from the corner. Against Order-Sol and Sol you may want to change the first j.HS to j.S.

Since nearly all these combos do similar damage, pick the one you are most comfortable with using against a specific character.

If you're at Lv3 with your back in the corner you can also go for something like:

(Lv3) Lv1 214S+D dash j.HS, j.D, Lv3 623HS ... corner combo

where the corner combo is one of his usual options (see later);

a) dash 5S(c) HJC hj.S, j.HS, j.D ender b) dash 5S(c) JI 5S(f)/5HS HJC ... c) dash 5S(c) JC j.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D ender


Lv3 214S AC (wait) 5S(c) JC j.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D, Lv2 236K (basic combo heading into the corner from midscreen. The AC is guaranteed. The combo could probably be extended in the generic way (dash 5S(c) into something else) instead of ending with Lv2 BRP, see above). In the long run it is probably better to save your Lv3 for another move however since the damage available from a Lv1 GB is so high.

Gun Blaze Crossup

In general most of the usual strings still seem to work, e.g.

(2P), 2K, 2S, 2D, Lv1 214S (miss), Lv1 214S

j.HS (deep) or j.S, 5K, 5S(c), 2D, Lv1 214S (miss), Lv1 214S

6K, 2D, Lv1 214S (miss), Lv1 214S

2P, 2K, 5S(c), 2S, 2D, Lv1 214S (miss), Lv1 214S


The idea of the GB crossup is to use a gatling string, ending in knockdown so that your first GB whiffs and your second hits as a crossup. If you have forward momentum you may need to lengthen your gatling to avoid the first GB otg-ing. Against Faust, normal GB crossup setups may not work properly due to the length of his body.


Lv1 RI combos:

Lv1 RI isn't really used in combos primarily. If you connect it after a sweep you can RC it and follow with a short air combo. You can also use it as a tech trap (2D, Lv1 236S) and go for an air throw if you opponent techs after the RI hit. It's possible to combo after 2D, Lv1 236S without using Tension by linking a 5K or 5K, 5S(c) and then going into a short air combo but the difficulty of the link and the damage it gives is probably not worth the bother.

Lv2 RI combos:

5K, 5S(c), 5HS Lv2 236S RC dash j.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D, Lv1 623HS

Most basic example of a Lv2 Rock It combo. It's a waste of Tension to use the RC in this case as it's possible to combo after Lv2 RI without the need to RC but it does ok damage if you don't mind sacrificing Tension. Going from about midscreen into the corner. You can actually connect a dash 5K, 5S(c) after Lv2 RI as well as j.Ps or j.Ks, see below.


5K, 5S(c), 2S, Lv2 236S dash 5K, 5S(c) JC into...

a) j.P, j.P, j.K, dj.K, j.S, Lv1 623HS

b) j.K, j.S, dj.K, j.S, Lv1 623HS

c) j.S, dj.S, j.HS, Lv1 623HS

Some basic examples of using short air combos after a midscreen Lv2 Rock It. Combo a) works on everyone except May and Robo-Ky. Combo b) works on everyone. Combo c) gives the best damage overall from this type of combo and works on everyone except Baiken, Bridget, Faust, Jam, May and Robo-Ky. Against ABA, Axl, Dizzy and I-No you will need to dash into the combo.

5K, 5S(c), Lv2 236S, 5S(c), 5HS hj.IAD j.P, j.HS, Lv1 623HS

j.HS, 5K, 5S(c), Lv2 236S RC dash j.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D (land) 5S(c) HJC hj.S, j.HS, j.D, Lv1 236K (Vs Eddie, Ky, May, Millia, Sol, Testament, Venom...)


5K, 5S(c), 2S, Lv2 236S RC dash j.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D (land) 5S(c) HJC hj.S, j.HS, j.D, Lv1 236K (Vs Eddie, Ky, May...)

5K, 5S(c), 2S, Lv2 236S RC dash 5S(c) JI 5HS HJC hj.S, j.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D, Lv1 236K (Vs Ky, Venom (no JI)...)

Lv3 RI combos:

5K, 5S, 5HS Lv3 236S hj.S, j.HS, j.D, Lv2 236K

Most basic example of a Lv3 Rock It combo. Going from around midscreen into the corner, can be started from numerous gatlings and jump ins, almost full Lv3 gauge needed.


Lv3 236K (wall bounce) Lv2 214S, hj.S... (Vs Slayer, match ended with this, looked like standard follow up would have been possible in the air)

Some from WUT to start off with:

(Anything into Lvl3 BRP), run up 5HS JC j.HS, j.D, dj.D xx Lvl2 BRP

(Knockdown on everyone except certain floaties. Works with an almost full Lvl3 meter).

(Anything into Lvl3 BRP), run up 5S(c) {JI], 5HS, sjc j.S, j.HS, jD, dj.HS, dj.D xx Lvl1 BRP/SV

(More damage, generic air combo ender).


In the early days of AC Japanese players remarked how powerful HOS's force break is, literally any combo from Fafnir will do massive damage. On normal hit you can dash up to catch your opponent as they fall or, if you're close enough already, go straight into a combo. On CH the opponent is floor bounced into a long un-techable knockdown. Timing a followup is very simple.

From Titanium Beast:

41236D, dash 2S, 5HS hj.IAD j.P, (j.K or j.S or j.HS), Lv1 623HS

The reason this is so awesome is because it works from much further out than most other Fafnir combos and it works on normal hit.

41236D, 41236D

If you're too far out to combo anything at all after a normal hit Fafnir, this option does around 140 on standard damage characters.


41236D (CH) dash j.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D, Lv1 623HS (Vs everyone)

Ultra basic CH Fafnir combo, fairly reliable.

41236D (CH) dash 5S(c), 5HS HJC hj.S, j.HS, j.D (Lv1 236K) (Vs everyone)

Another basic CH Fafnir combo, midscreen JI is also an option.


41236D (CH) dash 5S(c), 5HS HJC hj.S, j.HS, j.D, Lv1 236K (Vs everyone)

Corner JI is also an option.

41236D (CH) dash j.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D land 5S(c) HJC hj.S, j.HS, j.D, Lv1 236K (Vs everyone)

(Either in the corner, or heading into the corner from midscreen)

10. j.HS (CH) COMBOS

On CH, j.HS causes a sliding knockdown effect on your opponent. You can dash in and otg your opponent with moves like 5K, 2K, 5S(c) and 2S.


j.HS (CH) dash [2K or 5K], 5S(c), 5HS HJC hj.S, j.HS, j.D, (Lv1 236K) (Vs everyone)

From midscreen or midscreen into corner, this is a very simple combo which does great damage. Using 2K decreases the damage by a few points but it's ok to use for the extra range on it.

j.HS (CH) dash 5K, 5S(c) JC j.S, dj.S, j.HS, Lv1 623HS (Vs everyone)

Against Faust, use the air combo j.S, j.K, j.S, dj.S, Lv1 623HS

j.HS (CH) 2S, 5HS IAD j.P [j.K or j.S] Lv1/2 623HS (Vs everyone)

Against A.B.A., Ky, Potemkin and Robo-Ky you can use j.HS instead of j.K/j.S.

j.HS (CH) [5S(c) or 2S], 5HS hj.IAD j.P, j.HS, Lv1 623HS


j.HS (CH) dash 5K, 5S(c) JC j.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D, Lv1 236K (Vs everyone except*)

Basic corner combo. * Axl and Jam are hard to combo deep into the corner. Against Faust use dj.S instead of dj.HS. Against Baiken and May use 5S(c) to otg. This combo does not seem to work on Bridget.


2S (CH) 6HS RC IAD j.HS, 5K, 5S(c), 2D

Some new combos in AC from WUT:

(damage vs May)

CH 2S, 6HS RC running 5S(c), 5HS, Lv3 RI IAD j.D, land, 5S(c) HJC hj.S, j.HS, j.D, Lv1 BRP (257)**

CH 2S, 6HS RC running 5S(c), 5HS, Lv3 BRP land, running j.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D, Lv2 BRP (260)***

CH 2S, 6HS RC running 5S(c), 5HS, Lv3 BRP land, running j.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D, land 5S(c) HJC j.S, j.HS, j.D, Lv1 BRP (267)****

    • Easiest follow-up to 2S, 6HS RC and the most reasonable in a match setting concerning charge meter (Lvl3 > Lvl1).
      • Most resources spent (50% tension, requires an almost full Lvl3 charge meter), but nets you solid damage and a knockdown.
        • The other reasonable follow-up in a match setting after 2S, 6HS RC. This one is a little more distance-specific to the corner, but the payoff is nice.

12. 6K (CH) COMBOS

6K still gatlings to 6HS on CH in AC so 6K (CH) 6HS RC combos are still present. 6K can also combo to Lv2/3 RI and Lv2/3 SV on normal hit, Lv3 BRP and Fafnir on CH. When comboing into these specials you can generally use the combos listed throughout this guide.

All courtesy of WUT:

Fun with Fafnir (and CH 6K) ((all tested on Sol)):

Midscreen or closer to corner:

CH 6K CC dashing Fafnir (412366+slightly delayed D), 5S(c), 5HS sjc IAD j.P, j.S xx Lvl1 SV (196)

CH 6K CC dashing Fafnir, 5S(c) jc j.HS, j.D jc j.HS, j.D xx Lvl2 BRP (226)

CH 6K CC dashing Fafnir, 5HS jc j.HS, j.D jc j.HS, j.D xx Lvl2 BRP (239) (harder than 5S[c] and more corner-dependent)

CH 6K CC dashing Fafnir, 5S(c) jc j.HS, j.D jc j.HS, j.D xx Lvl3 BRP, 6HS (248)

CH 6K CC dashing Fafnir, 5HS jc j.HS, j.D xx Lvl3 BRP land, slight dash 5S(c) 5HS sjc j.S, j.HS xx Lvl1/2 SV (262 if Lvl1, 266 if Lvl3) (More corner dependent, but works from the starting positions in Training and closer)

CH 6K CC dashing Fafnir, 5S(c), 5HS sjc IAD j.P, j.S xx Lvl3 SV xx AC land j.HS, j.D xx Lvl2 BRP (231)

13. 2HS RC or 2HS (CH) COMBOS

2HS is an overhead with low invincibility during the latter part of it's startup, hence it is a good move to use in oki. On normal hit it is not possible to follow with anything unless you RC the move, however, if 2HS is timed to be extremely meaty, it is possible to connect a 5K afterwards. On CH it floor bounces your opponent which allows for a follow up combo.

2HS RC 5S(c), 2S, 5HS, Lv3 236S hj.S, j.HS, j.D, Lv2 623HS (Vs Zappa...)

2HS (CH) dash 5S(c), 5HS HJC hj.S, j.HS, j.D (Lv1 236K)

Basic 2HS (CH) combo, JI is also an option if you want to go for it.

2HS (CH) dash j.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D, Lv1 236K/Lv1 623HS

Another basic combo though you need to confirm the CH quickly to get the dash j.HS in for some characters.

2HS (CH) dash j.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D land 5S(c) HJC hj.S, j.HS, j.D, Lv1 236K

Standard combo leading into the corner.


In AC, HOS's throw in or near the corner will now wall stick. In essence what this means now is that he can score more damage than before from a corner throw, with even a basic combo almost doing the same as a JI combo in Slash. Most of the new combos start in the same manner (j.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D or a dash 5S(c) into this) but after the first j.HS, j.D, you need to delay the dj.HS, j.D slightly in order for the second j.D on the end to hit (timing varies slightly from character to character). For the ender you can generally go for the safe Lv1 236K or longer combos with dash 5S(c) into other stuff or tech traps etc. Timing re-juggles can be hard however.

From a deep corner throw, the following characters can not be immediately hit by j.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D, instead you need to use 5S(c) or dash 5S(c) or something else into the air combo:

Ky, Eddie, [Johnny] (Dizzy, Robo-Ky, Slayer, Venom)

Everyone else will be hit ok. If you're a short distance away and your throw wall sticks, it's often possible to do dash j.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D vs everyone (need to confirm this). Note: It is possible to combo Dizzy, Robo-Ky, Slayer and Venom directly with j.HS, however the timing to do this is quite tight. It is safer to use 5S(c) into the air combo.

Throw (wall stick) j.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D, Lv1 236K (Vs A.B.A., Anji, Axl, Baiken, Bridget, Chipp, Faust, I-No, Jam, May, Millia, Order-Sol, Potemkin, Sol, Testament, Zappa. This is the really basic corner throw option)

Throw (wall stick) 5S(c) JC j.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D, Lv1 236K (Vs Dizzy, Eddie, Ky, Robo-Ky, Slayer, Venom [Johnny]. This is the really basic corner throw option vs these characters)

Throw (wall stick) j.K, j.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D, Lv1 236K (Vs Johnny. This is the easiest and most consistent basic combo on Johnny)

Throw (wall stick) j.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D land j.K, j.S, dj.HS, j.D, Lv1 236K/Lv1 623HS (Vs ...I-No, Millia, Sol... chars will be updated soon, minor extension on the basic combo)

Throw (wall stick) dash j.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D land 5S(c) HJC hj.S, j.HS, j.D, Lv1 236K (Vs ...May, Millia, Sol, Testament... chars will be updated soon)

Throw (wall stick) dash 5S(c) JC j.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D, dash 5S(c), JC j.HS, j.D, dj.D (whiffed) (Vs Johnny)

More from WUT:

An addendum to the corner Throw combos. Instead of using a dashing 5S(c) to start a throw combo on some characters (that don't eat an easy j.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D), I find myself using a running j.K, j.HS, j.D (like Titanium Beast posted earlier). You can use this on Dizzy, Robo-Ky, Faust, and Slayer:

Throw (wall stick) running j.K, j.HS, j.D, land 5S(c) HJI hj.S, j.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D, Lv# BRP.

You can use it against Eddie and Venom as well, but you don't get the extra j.HS, j.D at the end on them.

Also, you can use the j.K starter against Johnny, with a twist:

Throw (wall stick) running j.K, j.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D, land 5S(c) HJC hj.S, j.HS, j.D, Lv# BRP.

Against Axl, Zappa, Anji, I-No, and Potemkin you can go for a "Dust Loop" from the wall stick:

Throw (wall stick) dashing j.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D, land j.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D, Lv# BRP.

6P, 5S(c) JI 5HS HJC hj.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D, Lv1 236K (hj combo) (Vs ...)

6P, 5HS JC j.HS, j.D (land) 5S(c) HJC hj.S, j.HS, j.D, Lv1 236K (Vs ...)


Midscreen Dust

Standard combo remains in AC:

5D, homing jump, j.HS, j.D [or j.HS], j.S, j.K, j.S, j.K, j.S, dj.S, j.HS, Lv1 623HS (Vs everyone)

Corner Dust

In the corner it is probably best to go for ID rather than a specific corner dust combo, though there are corner-based combos (courtesy of reaVer):

5D, homing jump, j.HS, j.HS, j.S, j.K, j.S, j.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D, Lv1 236K (Vs everyone except Baiken and Bridget)

Impossible Dust

5D, homing jump, j.HS, dj.HS land j.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D, Lv1 236K (Vs everyone. Corner or midscreen into corner)

5D, homing jump, j.HS, dj.HS land j.HS, j.D, dj.HS, j.D land dash 5S(c) HJC hj.S, j.HS, j.D (Lv1 236K) (Vs Venom ... Corner or midscreen into corner)


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