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Hokuto no Ken/Rei/Introduction

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Rei is a speedy, movement-based character, having access to a wide array of air moves and the ability to triple jump. He has very powerful normals, many being jump-cancelable, which allow him to keep up the pressure without the use of gauge. He has a strong defense as well, with a great uppercut reversal move as well as his Danko super, which essentially works to deny the opponent the chance to do a wakeup mixup on you. His star-taking ability is quite good, but he also has very practical 100% combos. While using Rei to his full potential requires a great deal of player skill and ad lib, he is also the perfect beginner character, with an easy to understand offense as well as relatively simple and damaging combos.

That being said, let us start this section off by listing Rei's main strengths and weaknesses.

Pros Cons
  • Is the only character is the game with an air throw and the ability to triple jump
  • Good at getting out of pressure thanks to his dragon punch and Danko super
  • Most of his normal moves can be Jump Canceled
  • Decent star removing abilities
  • Has many practical 100% combos
  • Has the longest crouching recovery in the game; some character's have crouching-Rei-specific infinites