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Help:Tournament Calendar

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Online Tournament Calendar

In the interest of promoting the worldwide FGC the wiki has begun testing a tournament calendar for open registration, online tournaments. Read on for instructions on submitting your tournaments.

Adding your online tournament

Your tournament should meet some very basic requirements to be added:

  • Registration should be open, free or paid.
  • There must be at minimum a bracket and chat server links (such as Discord) to inform potential players.
  • tournaments should be added as one per bracket, meaning that multiple brackets run as an "Episode" of a venue will be entered individually.

Tournaments are stored on a data page that can be found here. When logged in, you will see the "Edit with Form" button in the top right to begin making additions to the page that populates the table with a user friendly form interface. Click it, and at the bottom of the list that appears will be an "Add Another" button. You will see a new form appear with fields to fill out as explained below. When you are finished, hit "Save".

Required fields

  • Name: The name of your tournament. Try to keep it concise.
    • Example: My Online Local #1 - Street Fighter V Beginners
  • Game: The game being played.
    • You can use an abbreviation here for long names. If you're not sure what abbreviation to use, pick one from the Game Directory.
    • Example: SFV
  • Platform: The platform used for the tournament, abbreviated if possible.
    • If the tournament allows cross-platform play, use "Crossplay".
    • If you're running a game with cross-generation play such as Blazblue Centralfiction's PS3/PS4 crossplay, you can specify "PSN" or similar.
    • For Fightcade tournaments specify the version of the lobby being used. "Fightcade", or "Fightcade 2".
    • Example: Crossplay
  • Region: An abbreviation of the region you are running the tournament in. This page is a good reference of abbreviations. If you are running multiple large regions you can use a + symbol. If your event allows for global entry, use "Global".
    • It may help for US users to specify the coastal alignment of their event with EC or WC for East and West respectively.
    • Example: CA+US, for Canada and United States.
  • Date: The date and time of your tournament, with the time zone.
    • Many time zones are accepted, respecting daylight savings: EST/EDT, CST/CDT and PST/PDT are valid options for North America.
    • If you receive a "Timezone not found" error when adding your tournament you should enter your time zone's GMT (not UTC) offset. For example, Brazil's BRT is "GMT-3".This page is a good reference. Remember to account for daylight savings if applicable.
  • Bracket (URL): The sign-up link to your tournament.
    • This should be publicly accessible and viewable without logging in. It is your responsibility as a TO to go more in depth on the information of your tournament here, in the case that some aspect of the SRK Wiki listing be unclear (i.e. which states are allowed in a US-only tournament).
    • Example:
  • Chat (URL): The chat server where you will be conducting the tournament, such as a Discord server.

Optional fields

  • Crowdfunding (URL): If your tournament's prize pool or charity fund can be added to publicly, list it here.
    • Example: Matcherino, Tiltify, etc.
  • Coupon: If your Crowdfunding page includes a coupon code that can be redeemed, list it here to appears a tooltip when hovering over the page link in the entry.
    • Example: Matcherino's coupon codes.
  • Stream (URL): The channel where your tournament is being streamed or uploaded to.
  • Stream 2 (URL): If you have a secondary channel for footage, put it here.
  • Info (URL): You can include an informational link here, such as a social media post or web page that explains your event further.