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Dead or Alive 5 Last Round/Helena

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Helena is a mixup character who specializes in offensive pressure and evasiveness.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Solid stun game: WIP.
  • Strong Mixups: WIP.
  • Amazing lows: WIP.
  • Pretty nice okizeme: WIP.
  • Good reset throws: WIP.
  • Unsafe moves: WIP.
  • Gimmicky Neutral: WIP.
DOA5LR Helena Portrait.webp
Weight Class Cruiser
Fastest High 11F
Fastest Mid 12F
Fastest Low 14F
Critical Burst 7DOA5LR Punch Button.webp

BT 7DOA5LR Punch Button.webp
6DOA5LR Punch Button.webp+DOA5LR Kick Button.webp in Bokuho Stance

Power Blow 4DOA5LR Punch Button.webp+DOA5LR Kick Button.webp
Power Launcher 44DOA5LR Punch Button.webp+DOA5LR Kick Button.webp