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When Baiken was young, the gears attacked the Japanese Institute she was living in at the time. During that attack she lost her right arm and left eye. Amidst the flames she could see a man, the creator of the gears, and swore revenge on him (and presumably the gears as well) for what he had done.

Guilty Gear: The Missing Link
Baiken was a hidden boss and secret character in this game, and thus was not a major part of the story. Presumably, she entered the tournament seeking revenge on the gears, specifically Justice. The most likely reason for Baiken being in the game however, is that Daisuke and the Sammy staff simply felt like putting in his "female Kenshin" what if character. As opposed to the sequel game and on, where Baiken had more distinction, in Guilty Gear she looked and sounded almost exactly like Kenshin. She didn't have face paint in this game, her hair was bright brown instead of pink, and her appearance was more masculine than her revamped form. If it weren't for the fact Baiken were a woman she could very well be a perfect clone of Kenshin in every way. Baiken also lacked her revamped form's counter-offensive fighting style, not having any counter moves. Her basic trademark moves, such as the Tatami Geishi, and the Youzansen were all present however, but her attack power and offensive prowess was ridiculously high in this game. Baiken could chain combo's together with ease, and her combo's often outdamaged even Sol's! Obviously this and her style had to be revamped for her more official outing in subsequent games although her basic premise stayed the same.

Guilty Gear X: By Your Side
Baiken is still seeking her revenge, hunting down "Monsters," including gears such as Sol Badguy and others she considers to be demons, including Potemkin and Faust. Her first ending has her nearly killing Testament and Dizzy, but then letting them go, her stated reason being that she can't find That Man. Her other ending has her accompanying Johnny for a drink.

Guilty Gear XX: The Midnight Carnival Baiken continues her search for That Man. She eventually runs into Anji Mito, who is also seeking That Man, but Anji does not wish to kill him; instead he wants to ask him questions concerning Gears. Therefore, in order to save the keeper of such knowledge, Anji attempts to halt Baiken. In one of her endings, she meets That Man, but is unable to harm him. In another, the PWAB sends a brainwashed May and a Robo-Ky after her, and she has a fairly easy time dispatching them. In her third ending, Anji stalls her, but she spares his life on the condition that he shares the information he managed to gather from That Man.

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d,df,f + K
(also in mid-air)

f,df,d,db,b + K
(invincible dash)

f,d,df + S
(mid-air only)

b,db,d,df,f + HS

S after Kabari

b,db,d + P

  • Guard cancel attack

b,db,d + K

  • Guard cancel attack

b,db,d + S

  • Guard cancel attack

== Tension Attacks ==

Tsurane Sanzuwatashi
d,df,f,d,df,f + S

Baku Ki
b, hcb + P

  • Guard Cancel attack
  • Opponent cannot jump for 14 seconds

Baku Rin
b, hcb + K

  • Guard Cancel attack
  • Opponent cannot use special attacks for 14 seconds

Baku Ryuu
b, hcb + S

  • Guard Cancel attack
  • Opponent will inflict less damage for 14 seconds

Baku Hou
b, hcb + HS

  • Guard Cancel attack
  • Opponent will recieve more damage for 14 seconds

Special Move Overview

Tatami Gaeshi
Baiken's staple move which is her bread and butter for everything she does. It has advantages such as being able to be done in mid-air and a ground Tatami will launch an opponent apon connection. I wouldn't call it a projectile since it doesn't go anywhere accept down, it serves more like a "wall" than anything. It's great for impeding aggresive opponents as well putting lots of pressure. A jumping Tatami should immediatly be followed by a ground Tatami for a great pressure fest. Also a Tatami works great in the middle of a combo to get the opponent airborne. A Tatami is a great way to follow up a sweep (d + D) as well.

A very unique move that is another one of Baiken's unique "I can counter nearly anything" moves. This simply makes Baiken run forward with her sword out, with no offensive attack. Seems useless but the great thing is she totally invincible during the run. You can run right through Overdrives, yeah, run right through "Ky's Ride the Lightning." It's all good, EXCEPT for low attacks, high and middle are cool but low attacks will plant you on the ground. A weird move that many people don't use, you'll have to find your own application for this move since it's pretty versatile. One great idea for this is when a match starts immediatly do a Suzuran right into the opponent. Most people are so surprised by this they will either throw out an attack or do nothing. Both of which are favorable options to you. If they attack, you auto-parry and counter. If they do nothing, throw them. Good times.

Not nearly as useless as most people think when they first find out this is an air only move. It gained a ton of range after they modded it from GGX, she now whips a out fan type weapon in a huge arc. They good thing is that you can do this attack over and over until she hits the ground. Good corner juggle ability with that idea. Also if your quick or just good with DP inputs you can "Tiger Knee" this attack by quickly pushing uf before you hit S. I wouldn't really use this as anti'air since you can use of your guard cancels for that so this usually stays in combos. Good for finishing off combos, or RC'ing into a air dust attack.

Kabari & Tetsuzansen
A move that came from the days of Guilty Gear and even that game it was slower than maple syrup on a cold day. Recommending this move is hard since it's slow and if it's blocked you could eat some mean damage in retaliation. It's good for snuffing mid-range attacks but too much of a risk up close. Characters like Chipp & Jam will have no problem smashing you after a blocked Kabari. The Tetsuzansen slash is optional to input afterwards which can use in your favor for a little bit of a mix up game. Since the slash has an upward angle you can use this to attack opponents you leap over the initial Kabari. Once again though there is a long delay after a blocked Tetsuzansen as well so be careful.

One of Baiken's guard cancel moves, these attacks are very similar to alpha counters from SFA in the fact she can cancel her guard animation to attack an opponent. You can do these off a low block too, you just need to quickly roll back up to "b". These are great though one thing needs to be pointed out, upon execution these attacks DO NOT freeze the opponent. So there's a chance that you can whiff with these. The Youshijin can miss also if you use it against the wrong attacks since she richochets a chain from the ground then upwards. So if the opponents was not right next to you when you executed this, chances are it will whiff. The absolute best way for the Youshijin to connect is either aerial attacks or when the opponent is right in your face. A connection with a ground opponent with launch them them so there is a bonus there.

Sakura will be the guard cancel you use the most because it's safer and more practical than the other two. Upon activation Baiken will turn around and shoot a pink flare from the tip of her sword. It travels horizontally and has decent range. Good range and damage but be careful, this attack has a tendacy to whiff opponents that are point blank range. Also don't use this against air attacks either, you're asking for a punch to the face.

The last of Baiken's guard cancels that is similar to the Suzuran in he fact it's not a direct attack. On execution baiken will atempt to swing around to the backside of the opponent giving you a chance to counter attack. Good idea but you can seriously get yourself killed using this. If the opponent is not close enough this move will simply spin Baiken's rear end in the opponents face giving them the opportunity to give her a serious spanking. So know the range of this step before you try countering everything with this. On a positive note, this move makes an easy easy way to esacape corner traps.

Tension Attack Overview

Tsurane Sanzuwatashi
Baiken's direct tension attack that is a fancy three hit slash combo with kanji appearing at each slash. I believe the three kanji are heaven, man and earth. The damage on this attack is nice so this tension attack is funtional for a comeback attempt should Baiken lose control of a match. Although the range is small and it doesn't work well for juggles. Also it's a super that will go on connection or not so if you miss you're wide open until she finishes the attack. For this reason keep it up close and after about two to three hits in a combo. Don't tag this at the end of a long combo because you'll want the most damage from this move without the combo damage modifier taking away it's real damage.

Baku Counters (Ki, Rin, Ryuu and Hou)
These are all super guard cancels that slap the opponent with various effects for 14 seconds if they hit. These also have the same weakness that her regular guard cancels do, they can whiff if used improperly. But if they do hit you can seriously handicap an opponent. The Ki version will force the opponent to the ground, meaning they can't jump for 14 seconds. Great for characters like Chipp that are airborne most of their game. Rin will force the opponent to have nothing but their normal P, K, S and HS attacks to work with. This one can also really screw up an opponents game by limiting them to what they can use. Ryuu will lower the damage an opponent will do for 14 seconds. The only character this is really worth using on Potemkin. To make a Potemkin player mad, use this the whole match. Their hits will feel like Chipp's attacks and with Potemkin being so big and slow it's hard to miss him with the super counter. The Hou counter reduces an opponent's defense making your hits more damage than normal. This would be beneficial if Baiken had a really big offensive game but since half of her moves are counter attacks this super isn't all that great since her other super guard cancels are much more beneficial.