Guilty Gear XX/Changelist

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Revision Changes

Anji Mito

Revision Changes
#Reload Jump H -> Jump D Gatling possible.
Forward Punch stuns longer, cancellable, slower, damage down.
Forward Kick Guard point increased, cancellable with K, recovers slower.
Forward Hard Slash untechable longer when hits in air.
Close Slash faster, knocks back more.
Far Slash hit boxes larger.
Hard Slash faster, reaches further, moves Anji forward, Guard Point slower, recovers slower.
Crouch Kick knocks back more.
Jump Hard Slash damage down.
Jump Dust recovers faster, cancellable earlier, floats lower.
Shin: Ichishiki recovers faster, FRCable, executes slower.
Shin: Nishiki damage down.
Fuujin (S) damage down.
Shitsu floats lower when blocked, stuns longer.
Hitoashitobi faster, jumps further.
Kou has added invincibility.
Kai (P) hit boxes larger, damage down.
Kai (K) damage up, stuns longer, bounces on counter hit, executes slower.
Issei Ougi: Sai FRC timing changed, guard gauge decreases less, recoversfaster, damage down.
Tenjinkyaku charge time down, guard gauge decreases less, damage down.
Kachoufuugestsu added invincibility, guarantees hit if within range, damage down.
/ Slash Basic Property Tension gain during dash 25->30, dash speed 7.75->8.0, vulnerable box on knockdown smaller
Guard Points Hit stop for Anji decreased by 2F
close S Hit box smaller horizontally, can be performed at far range
far S Now performed with f+S
D Has high guard point (19-24F)
c.K Hitback decreased
c.D Vulnerable box smaller down
j.P Hit box larger at tip of fan
j.D Startup 8F->10F, recovery 17F->14F, ground hit untechable time 14F->19F, air hit untechable time 28F->19F
df+P New move
Fuujin (S) (qcf+S) Vulnerable box smaller forward, can go to followup even during whiff, floats lower on air hit
Fuujin (H) (qcf+H) Untechable time 22F->31F, tension gain on startup 2.5->2.9,tension gain on hit 3.6->4.0
Shin: Ichishiki (P during Fuujin) Startup 32F->36F, tension gain on startup 1.0->1.6, automatically gains jump properties, does not increase guard balance, can move before landing
Hitoashitobi (K during Fuujin) Tension gain on startup 1.5->1.7, lower body vulnerable box during hop smaller
Nagiha (S during Fuujin) Hitback decreased, reach increased
Rin (H during Fuujin) New move
Shitsu (qcf+P) Transforms even on hit, startup 22F->21F, total 48F->46F
Shitsu (transformed) Two hits, guardable crouching, startup 26F->20F, damage 30->16x2, guard damage x2
Kai (K) (qcb+K) Ground bounces on hit, hit box larger horizontally
Shin: Nishiki (j.qcb+P) One hit, Damage 18x6->42, ground bounces on hit, untechable time ->120F, Anji falls slower
On (dp+H) Ascending speed 1800->2100, startup 13F->11F, hit box larger upwards, vulnerable box smaller upwards, hitback increased
Kou (P during guard point) Hit box larger upwards
Issei Ougi: Sai (hcb, f+H) Damage 12x11+50->9x11+50, recovery 40F->63F, FRC window 2F->3F, untechable, 4 more hits during guard
Kachou Fuugetsu (hcb+S during guard point) When guard point succeeds, can cancel that move's recovery into Kachou Fuugetsu, hit boxes and hitback fixed so that it is easier to connect all hits

Axl Low

Revision Changes
#Reload Dust executes faster, recovers slower.
Jump P -> Jump f+P, Jump K -> Jump f+P Gatlings possible.
d/f+P stuns longer.
Forward Kick jump cancellable.
Tenhouseki recovers slower.
Hachisubako recovers slower.
Raieisageki (S) damage down.
Byakue Renshou damage down.
/ Slash


Revision Changes
#Reload Forward Kick damage up.
Sweep prorates 70%.
Tatamigaeshi (ground) FRC timing changed.
Sakura FRCable.
Mawarikomi FRCable.
Youzansen recovers slower.
/ Slash


Revision Changes
#Reload Starship speed down, invincibility down, damage up.
Roger Rush FRCable.
Jagged Roger FRCable.
Roger Hug damage up.
Maintenance-chuu no Higeki damage down, sped up.
Ore to Kill Machine damage down.
All Roger moves now performable from Roger Hug.
/ Slash

Chipp Zanuff

Revision Changes
#Reload Hard Slash -> Forward Kick gatling gone.
Far Slash slower.
Sweep recovers slower, damage down, stuns shorter.
Sakuganki more vertical.
Forward Punch executes slower, recovers faster.
Forward Kick hits overhead, slower, no wall bounce on counterhit, stuns shorter.
Dust executes faster, recovers slower.
Alpha Plus counter hit blows oppponent back, wall bounce.
Beta Blade floats higher, untechable longer, damage down.
Air Beta Blade recovers faster.
Genrouzan much faster, recovers slower.
Banki Messai damage up, more effective against airborne opponents.
/ Slash


Revision Changes
#Reload Crouch Hard Slash damage down, FRCable.
Sweep FRCable.
Forward Hard Slash FRCable, staggers on counterhit.
Dust faster.
Sakana wo Karu Toki FRC timing delayed, damage down.
Hitori ni Shite Kudasai faster.
Imperial Ray damage up.
/ Slash


Revision Changes
#Reload Hard Slash -> Dust Gatling possible.
Crouch Kick Gatlings only to far S, crouch H, forward H.
Sweep Gatlings only from forward P, K, H, crouch K, crouch S.
Guts down (takes more damage).
Backstep invincible less.
Dizzies easier.
Hard Slash damage up, hit boxes larger, guard gauge increase up, staggers on counter hit, recovers slower.
Dust faster.
Kick prorates 70%.
Crouching Slash slower, damage down.
Crouch Kick faster, hit boxes larger, recovers faster.
Jump Slash hit boxes smaller.
Sweep recovers slower.
Throw recovers slower.
Forward Kick faster.
Far Slash damage up.
Break the Law recovers faster, draws counter hits.
Invite Hell slower, S version not FRCable.
Dranka Shade damage up, invincible to throws, recovery down.
Shadow Gallery damage down, untechable less.
Eddie Gauge recovers slower, decreases more, doesn't refill until Drill Special ends.
Chuudanwaza prorates 70%.
Amorphous executes slower, recovers faster.
/ Slash


Revision Changes
#Reload Crouch H -> P, Crouch H -> Crouch P Gatlings possible.
Far S -> Sweep Gatling gone.
Far S slower, reduced reach.
Sweep recovers slower.
Jump D dizzies easier, staggers on counterhit, recovers slower.
Poison damages more.
Rerere no Tsuki faster.
Both doors FRCable, recovers slower.
Souten Enshin Ranbu links faster, lowers guard gauge more, recovers slower, no longer FRCable.
Zenpou Idou wallbounces on counter hit.
Growing Flower dizzies easier, recovers faster, damage down.
Hana Daro? Ore Hana Daro? faster.
Going My Way decreases guard gauge more, untechable less.
Going My Way (linked) faster, angle more horizontal, damage down.
Ai now treated as projectile.
Shigekiteki Zetsumeiken faster, FRCable.
/ Slash


Revision Changes
#Reload Hard Slash damage down.
Crouching Hard Slash damage down.
Jump Kick damage down.
Jump Slash damage down.
Jump Dust doesn't have upward trajectory.
Kyougen Jikkou (H) FRCable.
/ Slash


Revision Changes
#Reload Crouching Slash -> H, Crouching Slash -> Dust Gatling gone.
Far Slash slower.
Jump Kick damage down.
Crouching Slash hits low, recovers faster.
Forward Punch recovers slower.
Forward Kick decreases guard gauge more.
Ensenga trajectory unaffected by jump, prorates 90%, recovers slower.
Mist Finer (level 1) faster, stuns longer, stance slower. Mid, low versions prorate 85%.
Mist Finer (level 2) faster, stuns longer, stance faster. Mid, low versions prorate 85%.
Mist Finer (level 3) faster, decreases guard gauge less, damage down.
Can now dash in Mist Finer stance.
/ Slash

Kuradoberi Jam

Revision Changes
#Reload Punch damage up.
Close Slash damage up.
Far Slash damage up.
Hard Slash damage up.
Sweep FRCable.
Jump Punch damage up.
Jump Kick damage up.
Asanagi no Kokyuu speed up.
Kenroukaku hits down.
Hyappo Shinshou one hit.
Senri Shinshou one hit, loses FRC.
Houeikyaku damage down.
Geki: Saishinshou damage up.
/ Slash


Revision Changes
#Reload Hard Slash damage up.
Forward Punch slower, prorates 90%, hit boxes smaller.
Forward Hard Slash forces crouch on hit.
Crouch Hard Slash recovers faster, floats on counterhit, floats towards on air hit, damage down, stuns less.
Jump Punch faster.
Air Stun Edge FRCable.
Vapor Thrust damage up. HS version untechable, blowback down, prorate 80%.
Stun Dipper recovers slower.
Greed Sever hit boxes smaller.
Ride the Lightning damage up, invincibility up, hit boxes larger.
/ Slash


Revision Changes
#Reload Jump Dust damage down.
Crouches lower during Hakushuu de Mukaete Kudasai.
Overhead Kiss untechable.
/ Slash

Millia Rage

Revision Changes
#Reload Jump Dust damage down.
Bad Moon FRCable.
Iron Sabre damage down.
/ Slash

Order Sol

Revision Changes


Revision Changes
#Reload Hard Slash recovers faster.
Crouching Slash staggers on counterhit.
Jump Slash staggers on counterhit.
Crouch Hard Slash FRCable.
Forward Hard Slash FRCable.
F.D.B. reflects more.
Heavenly Potemkin Buster damage down, recovers slower.
Slide Head earthquake RCable.
/ Slash


Revision Changes
#Reload Crouch Hard Slash damage up, floats on counterhit.
Jump Hard Slash damage down, bounces on counterhit.
Forward Hard Slash damge down.
Crosswise Heel damage down.
Under Pressure damage up.
It's Late damage up.
Dead on Time damage up.
/ Slash

Sol Badguy

Revision Changes
#Reload Air throw dizzies easier, untechable on counter hit.
Kick recovers slower.
Crouching Kick recovers slower.
Jump D decreases Guard Gauge more, blows back more.
Forward Punch slower.
Forward HS faster.
Gunflame FRC timing later.
Gunflame Feint faster.
Volcanic Viper recovers slower.
Volcanic Viper (HS, Dragon Install version) damage down.
Tatakiotoshi hit box larger.
Grand Viper damage up, prorates 80%.
Bandit Revolver startup slower, recovers faster.
Bandit Revolver (Dragon Install version) faster, stuns more, damage up.
Bukkirabou ni Nageru untechable, whiff animation draws counter hit and is longer.
/ Slash


Revision Changes
#Reload Forward Kick -> Forward Hard Slash, Forward Kick -> Forward Punch, Forward Kick -> Dust Gatlings possible.
Punch damage up.
Dust damage down.
Forward Hard Slash FRCable, damage up.
Phantom Soul damage down, ground version faster, crow attacks slower.
Exe Beast damage down.
Warrant FRCable.
Master of Puppet damage up, FRCable.
/ Slash


Revision Changes
#Reload Throw, Air Throw damage down.
HS Stinger Aim damage down.
Carcass Ride charge time down.
/ Slash


Revision Changes
#Reload Ghost Close Slash damage down.
Ghost Crouching Hard Slash damage down.
Ghost Jumping Hard Slash damage down.
Sword Close Slash damage up.
Sword Crouching Hard Slash damage up.
Raou Close Slash damage up.
Raou Far Slash damage down.
Itasou, tte Iu Ka Itai followup damage up.
Ochitoite Kudasai FRCable.
Chikazuku to Yukimasu FRCable.
d+D Dog Attack damage up, knocks back.
/ Slash