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In a nutshell

Goku is a very versatile character who can fight competently at all ranges. He has the most invincible reversal attack in the game in the form of a kicking shoryuken. His Kantsu Energy Dan is a fast level 3 fireball that will plow through most other projectiles, allowing him to effectively fight zoning characters. The incredibly High.png stun value of his double punch attack gives him access to some of the easiest infinite restun combos in the game. All this combined with the ability to remove himself from unfavorable positions using his teleport specials, makes him one of the strongest characters in Hyper Dimension. Goku utilizes all system mechanics well, making him a good choice for beginners.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Close st.Y - Goku throws out a quick gut punch. Average close standing normal and combo move, good for hitconfirming into Qcf.gifY.

Close st.B - A knee to the gut. One frame slower than close st.Y, but deals 2 more points of damage. Pretty much interchangeable for all purposes with the above.

Far st.Y - Straight forward punch to the throat. Best used to stop hop-in attempts.

Far st.B - Straight forward kick to the ribcage. Not terribly useful since hops will go right over it, and whiffing this move against a hop or a jump is death.

cr.Y - Muscly uppercut to the chin. Not a horrible anti-air, although the range leaves something to be desired. Mostly used for combos due to the extra stun value. Can cancel into normals or specials.

cr.B - Crouching shin kick. Goku's only low, and quite a good one at that. Special cancellable, and at close range can combo into Qcf.gifY. If blocked, you can opt to reset the pressure with Qcb.gifB.

F.gifB - Goku throws out a far st.B, then follows up with another forward moving kick. You wont be using this move in neutral too much due to the risk of being whiff punished, but it can be used to surprise opponents who block the first hit thinking it is a regular far st.B, then run into the next hit. Can't be cancelled into anything. Second hit knocks down.

j.Y - Overhead noggin smash. Very strong air normal due to its speed and hitbox. Slightly more active than j.B. Best used for air-to-air confrontations. Neutral jump version is special cancellable.

j.B - Flying downward angled kick. Again, one of the stronger air normals in the game due to it's great speed and hitbox. Same startup as j.Y. Best used as an air-to-ground attack.

Neutral j.B - Horizontal kick unique to neutral jumps. Good air-to-air to use to stuff regular jumps and late hops on the way down.

Special Moves

Double Punch - Qcf.gifY - Forward moving double punch ending in an uppercut. Goku's strongest combo tool and part of the reason he is so good in this game. This move has an insanely high stun value, can be comboed into off of most special cancellable normals, and launches on hit leading to further combo possibility. With this move, Goku can easily stun his opponent in one combo, and then restun them by using the same sequence in the follow up combo, leading to an infinite restun combo. Hitconfirm into this whenever possible because if you land a clean jump-in as Goku, you win the game.

Chicken Wing - Qcb.gifB - A flying, Fei Long style chicken wing kick. Hits twice. Can go over fireballs. Not a bad tool to get in at midrange, since it clears most fireballs if timed right, and against a standing opponent it is -3 on block at worst. Against crouchers it is neutral on block. On hit, it can be comboed into Dragon Kick. That said, being two hits it is quite easy to guard cancel against, and if blocked standing at close proximity, is always throw punishable. A sometimes food.

Dragon Kick - Dp.gifB - Goku's reversal, a fast rising knee reminiscent of a street fighter shoryuken. This is the most invincible move in the game; Goku is fully invincible almost all the way up. Very strong "get off me" tool, especially when used as a guard counter. CAN NOT BE USED AS AN ANTI-AIR. Yeah, hitting an airborne opponent with this move will cause them to instantly flip out, landing on their feet for a free punish. You'll have to be careful with the way you use this DP, as it can be easily baited and punished by simply jumping into it. Go figure.

Quadruple Kick - Hcf.gifB - Goku does a series of kicks ending in hard knockdown. Pretty useless move. There is no reason to combo into this when you can combo into Double Punch instead, the telegraphed hits make it very easy to guard counter against, and is way too long and risky to be using in neutral. You can do better.

Dive Kick - F.gifDown.gifB while in the air - Divekick! Pokes the opponent in the forehead, knocking him down before bouncing off. Not a good divekick at all, but has its uses. Jumping back then using this can catch forward hops, and you can react to projectiles with it if you are already in the air. Very unsafe on block.

Teleport Forward - Rdp.gifY - Goku uses instant transmission to teleport himself about a half screen forward. Invincibility starts when Goku begins to fuzz out. Pretty good for getting out of the corner, as well as other situations you'd rather not be in. A bit too slow to use as a guard counter unfortunately, but very viable in neutral.

Teleport Backward - Rdp.gifB - Goku uses instant transmission to teleport himself about a half screen backward. Invincibility starts when Goku begins to fuzz out. Useful when you want to just get away from someone. A bit too slow to use as a guard counter unfortunately, but very viable in neutral.

Kantsu Energy Dan - F.gifB.gifF.gifA - Goku fires a dense energy blast from his hand. Level 3 projectile. Costs 5 health to use. Very strong fireball, as it will plow through all level 1 and 2 projectiles, trade with level 3 projectiles, and has faster recovery than the generic fireball. Also unlike generic fireballs, this one travels fullscreen without fizzing out. Well timed hops will go over it, but if spaced right it is quite safe to throw out. You will get the most mileage out of it against zoners though, as not many other projectiles can compete with it.

Kamehameha - Hcf.gifA - Goku throws a powerful energy blast diagonally up-forward. Generic anti-air projectile attack. Costs 10 health to perform. Does its job for the most part, too slow to use on reaction to hops but is still useful as a preemptive anti-air or on reaction to full jumps.

Chou-Kamehameha - Qcb.gifF.gifA - KA! ME! HA! ME! HAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Standard chargeable projectile attack that most characters have in some form. Costs 10 health to perform. Hold down A while performing in order to charge it up to a maximum of 3 power values. No charge will quickly release a level 2 projectile. Medium charge will release a level 3 projectile. Maximum charge will release a highly damaging level 4 projectile.

Desperation Attack: Saiyan Meteor - B.gifDown.gifF.gifUp1.gifY - Goku powers up for a second, then teleports in front of his opponent and punches them. If the punch connects, Goku combos the living fuck out of them, ending in a spirit bomb. Unblockable. Requires 80 or lower HP. Very slow startup and quite easy to jump on reaction to, especially considering the opponent should always be looking for it when your health is flashing. Very fast recovery on whiff though, so not all is lost if it misses. Because the startup of Saiyan Meteor looks exactly like Goku's charge up, you can fake out this move by tapping B+Y (Despite the real desperation attack not having a voice clip for its startup charge). Can't be used as a meaty or comboed into. Good luck landing it, maximum cool points if you pull it off.


Goku is a pretty straight forward and honest character if you disregard his infinite.


Goku's strongest point. At midrange, you want to abuse his good jumping normals with hops and j.Y. Any successful jump in attack against a grounded opponent will win the game for you, but don't forget that none of Goku's air normals cross up, so don't get caught out landing on the wrong side. You can also try to force your way in with Chicken Wing; at the right range it's fairly safe on block, plus it's airborne so if interrupted, you'll safely flip out. Qcf.gifX is by far your best anti-air provided you are playing on Kami's Lookout stage, and will secure a knockdown for you to start some offense. If you're feeling a good read, you can use Hcf.gifA to anti-air an opponent's jump, but keep in mind it is slow to come out. Do not under any circumstance anti-air with Dragon Kick. Your far normals aren't particularly good and there's no reward for landing them, so avoid using them. Also avoid proactively using divekick; it's slow and very punishable. At mid - long range, Kantsu Energy Dan is a strong fireball to beat most other projectiles. Otherwise, just continue to work your way in with hops and jumps. If the opponent gives you the space, you can use teleports to get yourself out of trouble.


A bit of a weak point for Goku, he has no good way to open the opponent up. He has no crossups and his throw takes takes them out of the corner. Still, the sheer threat of winning off of one successful jump-in attack is something to your advantage. If you have them cornered, the standard pressure tactic of hopping all over them should work just fine for Goku. Mix it up with cr.B and chicken wing. Be ready to hitconfirm into your infinite should you land a jump-in. Alternatively, sit back and play reactively. The opponent will probably try to hop out a lot, so sitting back and countering that with your anti-airs and pokes should dissuade them from doing so. Just don't over-commit too much.


You have some good options here. Dragon Kick works fine against grounded opponents and as a guard counter, just be careful that it doesn't hit them in the air or they'll flip out and kill you for it. Qcf.gifX is a fast anti-air and can be used as a guard counter, although for guard counters you're better off going with Dragon Kick or Double Punch, the latter of which leads to a nice combo for you. Otherwise, standard reversal hop is really strong on wakeup and just in general.


j.Y/B, close st.Y/B, Qcf.gifY, Qcf.gifX, Qcf.gifX - Bread and butter stun combo, works against everyone except Fat Buu and Cell.

j.Y/B, close st.Y/B, Qcf.gifY, Qcf.gifY, jump back Y/B - The variant you must use against Fat Buu and Cell.

Close st.Y/B, B+Y, Qcb.gifF.gifA (no charge), hop or jump forward Y, Hcf.gifA

cr.B, F.gifB.gifF.gifA - Works at most ranges.

cr.B, Qcb.gifF.gifA (no charge) - Only works at closer ranges

cr.B, Qcf.gifY, close st.Y, Qcb.gifF.gifA (level 2 charge), Dp.gifB - Only works in the corner

Qcb.gifB, Dp.gifB