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Arcana Heart/Gier

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Gier “The Overwhelming Darkness” (Arcana of Shadow)

One day, the collective wickedness of all of man’s deepest, darkest desires became an entity of its own. Forever lurking in shadow, he feeds on the very same emotions that spawned him. It should be no wonder that he has now chosen Lieselotte to help him satisfy his hunger.

Gier is very simple. Its based around calling out the blob that follows you around on the ground to shark attack your opponent and trap them with some of the strongest wakeup in the game.

Passive Changes

  • Gier has no passive changes.

Command List

  • You can hold any special or super as long as you want by holding the D button. If you get hit or block a move, the shark will not come out. You know you're holding a move if the little blob loses the eyes, antenna, and batwing, and just becomes a circle.
  • You can move the little blob forward and backwards (while holding a move) by using 6 and 4. You can also use 3 and 1 and crouch and have the blob move while your character stays stationary.

Special moves

Schmerz - 236D: (1500 dmg) The blob turns into a shark and jumps forward and hits the opponent. Can be performed in the air.

  • Generic attack, you can combo off of it, and its a good way to keep pressure without using a bar. Granted, the super is better, but this one can still lead into combos if it hits.

Schere - 623D: (2400 dmg) The blob turns into a shark and jumps up and hits the opponent. Can be performed in the air.

  • This one goes upward and freezes the opponent for a bit. Can be comboed into and out of.

Fallen - 214D: The blob turns into a pile of goop on the ground and if the opponent gets hit by it, in the state they're in, they can't jump. If hit them with a knockdown move or a move that hits them up, they fall straight down. Can be performed in the air.

  • Pretty useless. Even if the opponent gets hit by it, they can still hit you, and once they do, it goes away anyways. And if you try to launch them and combo from it, they just fall down and you drop your combo. Not really worth using.

Super moves

Martern - 236236D: (3455 damage) Same as the Shark Bite, but the blob does 3 bites instead of just one

  • This is the core of the arcana. After knockdown (assumingly after an air combo), you can cancel your last hit into this super, from that, you can apply some of the strongest wakeup in the game. If your opponent stays blocking, you can 6[C] or 3[C] them and even if they're not against a wall, they'll get guard crushed and gier will hit them before they can recover, and then you can combo after this. It does a lot of damage and if you let it go if you think your opponent is going to hit you, it could lead to them getting comboed if you just let it go. Very strong super.

Schwur - 236ABC Super - Summon Gier

Gier will grab the opponent and turn them into a little blob for a short period of time in which the blob cannot block and is not affected by hitstun normally. After the timer runs out, they turn back into their character again.

  • The super comes out the INSTANT you do the input for it. The amount of bars you have when using this move and getting the opponent in the bubble is whatever you had left when you did the move. For example, if you had 2 bars and then you did the move, you have 2 bars that you can use while the opponent is a blob. They are not drained until after the opponent turns back into their character again.
  • The opponent's blob can move around, jump, and duck. When they turn back into their character, they ALWAYS end up in the air, but they can attack right out of turning back into their character.
  • If the opponent isn't right next to you and not moving when you do the input, they will not get thrown.

Activation Changes

  • Gier attacks do more damage.