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Geese (RBFF2)

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The final boss of the first Fatal Fury game, and this is just another of his usual appearances.


  • Amazing damage output
  • Can use his feint cancels to extend combos into his pursuit for free or keep up pressure
  • Tough to stop when he gets started on his rushdown
  • Geese's Rashomon pretty much can secure a round for him, when his opponent is in the red or just close to it (Even if Geese was losing :P)
  • Good combo ability
  • Can open up defensive opponents well
  • Good hitbox on his counters


  • Quite a fair bit of his gameplan will involve lows to get a knockdown to combo his pursuit
  • Limited moveset
  • High learning curve to use to full potential
  • Opponents will be looking out for dash-in throws to punish eventually

Moves List

Normal Moves

5A - Stand Jab, can catch short hops.

2A - Crouching Jab

5B - Solid Poke, decent range

2B - Low, decent range, starts your better Chain Combos.

5C - Slow Poke with longer reach, Solid Damage.

cl.5C - 2 Hit, Frame Advantage with Feint Cancel?(Needs to be tested)

2C - Sweep, Long Reach, Special Cancel.

j.A - Long Active Frames, good to use with Short hops.

j.B - decent air to air

j.C - Hits multiple times, good for crossups on knockdown

Short Hop j.C - Kick with long range, great air to air.

Command Normals

3A: Uppercut, Special and Chain Cancel. Anti-Air.

6A: Overhead with jump (invulnerable on feet and against throws). Chain Combo with 5C.

4B: On hit it shifts opponent to background lane, Can be Kara Cancelled into all of Geese's specials and supers. Very useful for setups and combos.

-> 5D: Overhead Followup to 4B. Can be ducked, if the 4B was blocked, otherwise it is a combo. Special Cancel.
-> 2D: Sweep Followup to 4B. Soft knockdown. Special Cancel.

Chain Combos

2B, 2B, 2C: Special Cancel, Knockdown.

2B, 2B, 3C: launches & Hard Knockdown. Special Cancel, Juggle possible with Reppuken.

2A, 2A, 2C: Special Cancel, No knockdown, Followup combo possible.

5B, 5C (2 Hits): Special Cancel, No Knockdown. 3 hit combo that leaves lots of time for hit. Caution: the first C-hit does not strike against ducked Tung.

5A (c), 5A (c) Special Cancel.

5A (c), 5A (c), 2A, 2C Special Cancel.

5A (c), 2A, 2A, 2C Special Cancel.

5A, 5B, 2C: Special Cancel, Knockdown.

5A, 5B, 5C: No Special Cancel, No knockdown - a pseudo-reset.

3A, 5C, 2C: No Special Cancel.

6A, 5C, 360 ° + A: First hit is an overhead. The 5C must be entered late, the 360 ​​immediately when the 5C starts.

Special Moves

214 + A = Reppuken (Break Shot)

214 + C = Double Reppuken (Break Shot)

41236 + A = Low Counter (2C OTG Followup possible. Mid-Screen you must dash first to get the 2C OTG)

41236 + B = High/Special Counter (2C OTG Followup possible.)

41236 + C = Mid Counter (Allows combo followups)

360° + A = Command Throw

AB: Upper body invulnerability, Special Cancellable.

2BC: Raging Storm Feint. (Faster than the Reppuken Feint)

2AC: Reppuken Feint

3C is a special animation Grab

Proximity 2C is an OTG grab

Super Moves

641236 + BC = Raging Storm (Desperation Move, Hits Both Lanes, Punishable on Block)

360 ° + C = Rashamon (Super Desperation Move, Command Throw Super, Can be Kara Cancelled into from 4B)

632146 + A, A, A, B, B, C, C, C, 214C = Deadly Rave (Super Desperation Move, Break Shot)

The Basics

Geese does a great job of playing Footsies with a decent 5B, a Sweep that you can special cancel and a powerful tool in 4B where you can Kara Cancel it into all of Geese's specials. His Anti Airs are average for the most part, 3A trades with some bigger hitboxes, AB can work but requires you to time it late in some cases and the end of the chain combo 2B, 2B, 3C requires you to have the time to whiff 2B, 2B first.

Once Geese gets in he has great pressure while using the Raging Storm Feint. 4B Kara Cancel is one of his most essential tools, you can bait pokes by Kara'ing into Reppuken, if you expect a poke Kara into mid counter, if they want to DP or jump-in you can kara into high counter.

After Knockdowns Geese can jump over and do solid crossups with the j.D side switch mechanic, opt for meaties or run a Guessing game with 4B Kara Cancel Command Grab.

Advanced Strategy


VS Cheng Sinzan

Be careful with blockstrings because Cheng players love to breakshot any chance they get. The damage is well worth the meter for them.

Don't ever let him get away with that Sneeze move up close, you can stop it with pressing Stand C up close or Stand C if they far away and time it late

If he throws fireballs in the corner, let them know that it's -5 on block so you can normal throw them up close, Stand C if they like the sneeze move (Time Stand C late if they're far away use something like Stand A beforehand) as well as A or B chains to take your turn back

AB beats his Belly Dive outside corner and in corner if he tries to scare you with that. Very punishable for him if blocked of course.

If they tiger knee their P-Power it hits lows and if they do up in the air it hit high up and very punishable. Tiger Knee'd just normal throw them out of whatever they're about to do.