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Rolf's overally strategy is to use runaway tactics and punish approaches with his combos and anti-airs. Sometimes, Rolf can also utilize okizemes in addition to his runaway and combo strategy. With the runaway part, Rolf can use long, crouching normals to check for the opponent's crouch block. If they are blocking, then you can back dash away. If they aren't, then you have options based upon which normal you used. 2B is great for starting a combo while 2C is great for starting okizeme. Most of the time you'll be poking with 2B because it's fast and gives you more, immediate options on hit. Rolf also uses his 236+A/B/C to force approaches because you can cancel into a special afterwards. You cancel into 360+A/B/C if they dash in, and you cancel into 623+A/B/C if they jump in. In a situation where the opponent is up close, Rolf will wait for an opportunity to guard cancel into his 214+A. That's how he usually begins his touch of death combos. Completing his overall strategy, Rolf can mix up his responses with a grab and force okizemes. Rolf's moveset can respond to any wake up option, but he has to predict correctly.

Important Moves

Standing Normals:

f.5A - A combo starter and extender. You use the regular version to crouch cancel into 2B and link after a Weak Rapid Crush. You use dash version to combo into the first hit of Planet Breaker and to stop your dashes.

66 f.5B - A combo and juggle extender. You only use the dash version because it can be special and stop canceled.

c.5A - Your primary combo starter and extender. You use the regular version to crouch cancel into 2B and link after a Weak Rapid Crush. You use the dash version to combo into the first hit of Planet Breaker.

c.5B - This is another combo and juggle extender. It also works as an anti-air because the hitbox is still active when Rolf raises his fist. Both the regular and dash versions are good for combo extension.

Crouching Normals:

2A - It’s used to link into f.5A or c.5A. In certain situations, 2A is also good for interrupting block strings.

2B - You’ll mostly use this to extend combos, but it also works as a combo starter. 2B can check the opponent’s crouch block. Depending on the situation, you can use 2B to dash into a combo, back dash away, or cross up the opponent.

2C - Only used to check the opponent’s crouch block. You can go for an okizeme after the knock down.

Jumping Normals:

8A - You only use this to punish crouching, short characters. After hitting them, you'll only go for a grab.

8B - You use this to punish crouching, heavy characters. The hitstun should give you enough time to follow up with 2B.

7A/9A - You use this to extend juggles.

7B/9B - You use this in air-to-air situations and to extend juggles.

7C/9C - A strong, overhead combo starter, but you often use it after stunning the opponent. It's also great for punishing crouching, heavy characters.


Boost Overdrop 4/6B - A throw that causes an okizeme situation. Since the opponent faces away from you on the first frame, you can go for a low attack, a cross up, another grab, or just wait.

Boost Pressure 4/6C - Another throw to cause okizeme situations; however, the opponent does not face away on the first frame.


Rolf Shot 236+A/B/C - Rolf Shot is used to force approaches and combo into Striking Napalm.

Planet Breaker 623+A/B/C - A good anti-air tool. As a combo finisher, you want the first hit to stun the opponent.

Weak Rapid Crush 214+A - Another great combo starter and extender. You either use it out of a guard cancel, dash, or cross up to start a combo. In combos, you’ll cancel into it after using 66 f.5B, c.5B, or 2B. The dashing version is also great for starting block strings, but use this sparingly.

Striking Napalm 360+A/B/C - Your primary combo finisher because it inflicts a large amount of damage. It’s also great for punishing back dashes and aerial approaches.

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Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors is a 2D fighting game released by Sunsoft in 1995.