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Terms and Definitions

Situation Related

  • Mixup - When a player has multiple offensive options in a situation, and the opponent must predict correctly to avoid being hit.
  • Wake Up - When a player gets up after being knocked down.
  • Okizeme - Mixups that specifically occur on wake up.
  • Trade Offs - A situation where a player must sacrifice a resource or alternative option in favor of another decision.
  • Block Strings - A situation where a player repeatedly attacks a blocking opponent.
  • Juggles - A situation where a player actively prevents the opponent from landing to continuously damage them.
  • Cross Up - When a player attacks the opponent immediately after changing which side they are facing.
  • The Neutral - When both players are neither blocking or attacking, and both players are attempting to get a hit in.
  • Neutral Stance - When a character is not performing any action, but they are able to do so.

Character Attribute Related

  • Matchup - Strategies that revolve around two specific characters. Matchups are used to determine what weaknesses and strengths two characters have when fighting each other.
  • Well-Rounded - A character that is designed to have a variety of attacks. They excel at having the most responses for a given situation.
  • Rushdown - A character that is designed to fight up close rather than at a distance. The excel at chasing down the opponent and close range combat.
  • Runaway - A character that is designed to hit the opponent with low risk attacks and flee after doing so. They excel at forcing the opponent to approach them.
  • Grappler - A character that is designed to inflict a lot of damage after grabbing someone. They excel at defensive, close range situations.
  • Mobility - A trait that offers a character multiple ways to escape and approach with movement.
  • Consistency - A trait that helps a character maintain the same options throughout the match.
  • Variety - A trait that offers a character different types of attacks. This increases their options for different situations.

Combo Related

  • Combo - A series of attacks that connect with each other and prevent the opponent from blocking during those attacks.
  • Touch of Death - Also abbreviated as TOD, a touch of death is a combo that completely depletes the opponent's health from one hit.
  • Juggle Extender - A move that keeps the opponent in the air. It's used to prevent the opponent from landing and to increase your damage during a juggle.
  • Stun - An inflicted status that prevents the opponent from acting for a certain period of time.
  • Combo Potential - The ability to interchange your attacks to create a variety of combos. A low combo potential means a character does not have many, interchangeable attacks.
  • Damage Potential - The ability to deal high amounts of damage consistently. A low damage potential means a character cannot inflict high amounts of damage consistently.
  • Stun Potential - The ability to inflict stun consistently. A low stun potential means a character cannot inflict stun consistently.
  • Link - When two moves combo into each other by letting the first move entirely complete its recovery before starting the second move.
  • Cancel - Interrupting the recovery of an attack to immediately transition to another move.
  • Hitbox - The area of an attack where it's capable of hitting the opponent.
  • Hurtbox - The area of a character's sprite where they're able to be hit.
  • Frame - A measurement of time that's used to determine how long an attack takes.
  • Startup Frames - The period of time before a hitbox appears on an attack.
  • Active Frames - The period of time where a hitbox is active.
  • Recovery Frames - The period of time after the hitbox is no longer active, and the character returns to a neutral stance.
  • On Hit - How long it takes a character to recover after hitting a non-blocking opponent.
  • On Block - How long it takes a character to recover after hitting a blocking opponent.

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