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Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors

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Galaxy Fight
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Hamster Corporation
Sunsoft Games (US)


Hamster Corporation
D4 Enterprise
Monkey Paw Games


JP: January 24th, 1995

JP:February 25, 1995
NeoGeo CD
JP:February 21st, 1995
JP: May 3, 1996
EU: April 30, 1996
Sega Saturn
JP:November 22, 1995
NA:July 3, 1996
Playstation Network
JP: Match 28th, 2007
NA:December 14th, 2010
PAL:January 11, 2012
Wii Virtual Console
JP: March 23, 2010
US:February 28th, 2019
Playstation 4
AS: April 6, 2017
NA:April 27,2017
Xbox One
WW:April 6,2017
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FightCade2 (PC)

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Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors is a 2D fighting game originally released by Sunsoft in 1995. It features a neat pixel art style and a cast of 8 playable characters. The most immediately notable gameplay features are infinite stages (meaning no corners) and a bonkers Guard Cancel system, allowing you to execute dashes and specials while blocking. Galaxy Fight offers a 4 button scheme similar to other SNK games, but only 3 of them are used to attack, the 4 button is a taunt, it can be seem as the prequel to Waku Waku 7 but other than that and characters like Bonus Kun this 2 games are rather different, being Galaxy Fight a more old school aproach with no Super bar.

Game Mechanics


There are three normal attack buttons and a taunt button.

  • Kof.lp.png - Weak Attack
  • - Medium Attack
  • Kof.sp.png - Strong Attack
  • - Taunt


  • While close to an opponent, B.png or F.png + Kof.lp.png/ button (depending on character; usually B or C).
  • Throws are instant.
  • If both players throw at the same time, the winner will be randomly selected.
  • Some characters can also air-throw.
  • Throwing an opponent resets all stun built-up previously.

Back Dash:

  • B.pngB.png
  • Strike invincibility.

Forward Dash:

  • F.pngF.png. The character will keep dashing until you stop.
  • You can stop dashing by inputting B.pngB.png or by doing any attack. Doing a weak attack is a common way to stop dashing, as it keeps some of the dash momentum.
  • Attacks done while dashing deal 50% more damage.
  • Medium and Strong normal attacks while dashing deal chip damage.
  • Some dash attacks may also cause a huge blowback to the opponent when hit, during which your character will automatically auto-chase. Some dash attacks need to hit multiple times for this to occur.

Guard Cancel:

  • While blocking, you can Guard Cancel to either dash OR a special move.
  • Special moves lose their invincibility (if any) when Guard Cancelled to.
  • Back Dashing while guarding is a good way to escape pressure.


There are three types of stun in the game. They are skull, bubble, and star stun. Each have different properties when landed.

  • Skull Stun: A combo that sends the opponent in a tumble will result in a skull stun. Examples of a tumble include Kazuma's dashing close 5C, or Rolf's B/C Planet Breaker. The player can input any direction on the lower half of the control stick when they see their character tumbling to avoid being stunned when they get up. The only characters who CANNOT cancel Skull Stun are Roomi and Rolf.
  • Bubble Stun: A combo that ends with bubble stun means that the next combo/launcher will not stun. Rapidly moving the control stick gets you out of bubble stun faster.
  • Star Stun: Star stuns do not allow the opponent reduce the stun in any way.

Other Mechanics

  • All attacks that are special cancellable, may also be cancelled to either forward- or back dash. This can be used to extend combos or pressure, or to make attacks safe.
  • Hitting a crouching opponent with an overhead deals more hitstun than if there were standing.

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