Frieza (HD)

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In a nutshell

Frieza is a very versatile character centered around the use of projectiles. He has the most projectile attacks in the game, each with a unique function. He also has some really strong close range tools, including a fully hit-invulnerable reversal, a 1 frame command grab and a very fast and safe divekick. Frieza's offense is strong and dangerous, his Evil Energy corner oki can generate Unblockable.png situations, and his defense is also one of the best in the game with two solid reversal options. Frieza has the lowest damage output in the game, but his great versatility, space control and okizeme are more than enough to make up for it. Good choice for players who want a jack of all trades character.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Close st.Y - Quick tail slap. One of the slower close standing normals in the game, you're almost always better off going for close st.B instead.

Close st.B - Girlyman kick to the shins. Does not hit low. Frieza's fastest normal and bread'n'butter hitconfirm from jump-ins.

Far st.Y - A spinning tail swipe. Fast with good range, decent poke for footsies. Just watch out for hops, most will go clean over this.

Far st.B - Frieza lunges forward with both legs out. Another good footsie tool, this attack moves Frieza forward a small amount, and when cancelled into his launcher, he maintains his forward momentum. Decent poke for beating out short hops, and can combo into Explosive Grab at certain ranges if you whiff cancel it into B+Y.

cr.Y - Frieza shoves the opponent's legs. Can be special cancelled but not normal cancelled. Mostly a corner combo tool, since it's the only normal Frieza has that can combo into his Frieza Slash.

cr.B - Frieza reels back then slides forward with both legs out. Hits low. Knocks down. Can't be special cancelled or normal cancelled. Can slide under some fireballs. Slowest crouching normal in the game, but it is safe on block, so it still has some use as a long range sliding low. Just don't be predictable with it.

j.Y - The people's elbow. Special cancellable. One of the faster jumping normals in the game, good hitbox and good active frames. Shrinks Frieza's hurtbox slightly, making it fine for air-to-ground clashes, and can cancel into Divekick and Evil Energy.

j.B - Frieza slashes forward with one foot. Everything this move does, j.Y does better, so just use that instead.

Special Moves

Frieza Slash - Qcb.gifY - An upwards claw swipe. Launches on hit. Pretty much exclusively a combo tool, too short and slow to be used for much else. Can only be comboed into in the corner, off of cr.Y. Has option select potential with Explosive Grab; if Explosive Grab doesn't connect, this move will always come out instead.

Flare Punch - Dp.gifY - A straight forward palm blast. Level 2 projectile. Fully hit invulnerable on startup. One of two reversals of Frieza's and an all-round useful move. Good midrange poke, great at stuffing hops, beats all level 1 projectiles and trades with level 2 projectiles, decent reversal attack and guard counter option. Unsafe on block at close range, but fairly safe at longer ranges. The invincibility makes it one of Frieza's better anti-airs.

Explosive Grab - Hcb.gifY - Frieza grabs the opponent then explodes them. 1 frame command grab. Deals the same amount of damage as a regular throw, but has twice the range. Very strong move for both offense and defense; on offense you can tick throw the opponent out of range of their own throws, and on defense it is one of the best guard counters in the game. No throw-whiff animation, so if the move is not successful it will always come out as Frieza Slash instead, which may or may not be a good thing depending on the circumstances.

Jasenkoh - F.gifDown.gifB while in the air - Frieza comes down with a double divekick. Knocks down. One of the best divekicks in the game, this one is quite fast and, depending on the spacing, can be made to be plus on block. However, being two hits, it can be guard countered more easily than most divekicks, so don't get too over-reliant on it.

Evil Energy - Qcb.gifB while in the air - The official Namek buster. Level 2 projectile. Odd little air fireball this one; it's slow on startup but upon hitting the ground, a small bolt of energy lingers for a short while before fizzing out. The bolt of energy itself can hit twice, making this a really good zoning and okizeme tool. More on the okizeme part later, but for zoning, make sure you aren't too predictable with this attack, because it can very easily be interrupted on startup.

Ground Wave - B.gifDownleft.gifDown.gifA - Frieza throws down a power wave that travels along the ground. Costs 5 health to perform. Low damage, small hitbox, very easy to evade, but the upside is that it starts up and recovers fast, so you can pretty safely throw it out at most distances. It's also impossible for characters like Gotenks or Vegeta to low profile this attack. Use sparingly, you have better.

Destructo Disc - Dp.gifA - The official suicide disc. Level 1 projectile. Costs 5 health to perform. One of the best projectiles in the game and a very strong midrange weapon, it attempts to track the opponent, although it will never stop moving forwards, so it can be jumped or hopped over like regular projectiles. This attack recovers very fast, allowing you to run behind for a safe approach. Not only that, but because the projectile appears above Frieza's head as it comes out, it can protect you from jump-ins as it's starting up, making it relatively low risk at midrange compared to other projectiles.

Death Ball - Hcf.gifA - Frieza throws a powerful energy ball diagonally up-forward. Generic anti-air projectile attack. Costs 10 health to perform. Does its job for the most part, too slow to use on reaction to hops but is still useful as a preemptive anti-air or on reaction to full jumps.

Frieza Buster - Qcb.gifF.gifA - Frieza focuses for a while before launching a powerful energy attack. Unblockable level 4 projectile. Costs 10 health to perform. The huge startup time of this move makes it useless in neutral, and the universal invincibility of wake-up hops invalidate the use of this attack as an unblockable meaty. Disappointing, but what can you do?

Desperation Attack: Flaming Headbutt - Qcb.gifB+Y - Flame on! Frieza engulfs himself in fire then flies toward the opponent. Frieza is fully invincible once he starts moving forward. Very slow startup, but practically unpunishable on block and whiff. Can't be comboed into, and anyone who knows what this desperation does will not get hit by it in neutral unless they screw up bigtime. Not really worth going for.