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Arcana Heart/Fiona Mayfield

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  • Fiona Mayfield (フィオナ・メイフィールド, Fiona Meifīrudo?) (cv. Maria Yamamoto)

Fiona was born in a wealthy family in Britain. She met Saki two years ago, when she came to Britain as an exchange student from Japan. The two of them became good friends, until one fateful day when they both were sucked into the Elemental world. Saki made it out in time, but Fiona was trapped there. She now serves Mildred, who promised to help her find a way home.

Fiona lives in the Elemental world. She was teleported there in a bright light two years ago, and she has stopped aging since then. On the bright side, she found herself in a part of the world which was largely inhabited by the kinds of fairytale creatures she loved. She even met the ”All-knowing Mr. Dragon”, who was able to explain to her what happened and where she was. That was the start of her journey to find a way home, thanks to Orichalkos, Fiona has learned to make brief visits to the human world, but she has found that very few people can see or hear her. She feels fortunate to have found Mildred. She crossed paths with Mildred and agreed to aid her.

Players considered Fiona as a "fake" mid boss due to she doesn't have characteristics conditions of being a mid boss in Arcana Heart But in Arcana Heart 2 Fiona became a regular character instead of being a "fake" boss.

Move list


4/6AD: Fiona scoops you up with her sword and tosses you across the screen. Covers a nice throwing distance.

5AD: Fiona launches the opponent with her 3C animation.

j.AD: Fiona does her j.2C animation and knocks the opponent to the ground. Fiona can still hit the opponent while they're bouncing from the ground to start a combo.

Normal moves

2A: A crouching kick.

  • Has some startup and can be baited or punished if whiffed; also covers a nice distance.

2B: A low stab with her sword.

  • This is used mostly as a poking tool due to the fact that her 5B does not have as much pushback and isn't nearly as punishable on whiff. Jump cancelable.

2C: A ground sweep with her sword.

  • Covers a good distance but she is also extremely vulnerable if this move whiffs.

5A: Pokes the opponent with the hilt of her sword.

  • Her fastest standing normal. Can chain into 5B from it. Jump cancelable.

5B: A horizontal sword slash.

  • One of her better tools. A good normal all around since it is relatively safe and covers a good distance without much pushback on block or on hit. Jump cancelable.

5C: A long-distance sword swipe that strikes down.

  • Covers a good distance and has very little startup. If this move is blocked or whiff, it is extremely unsafe. Has a clash window on startup.

jA: Pokes the opponent with the hilt of her sword.

  • Fiona's fastest normal. Covers little range but has a very decent clash window. Jump cancelable.

jB: A horizontal sword slash.

  • Very good for spacing and has a nice clash window. Jump cancelable.

jC: A slower horizontal slash with less range.

  • Quite damaging but has somewhat slow startup. Mostly used to combo into Heaven's Fall on hit.

Command Normals

6C: She moves forward and bumps into you.

  • Can be charged and is air unblockable.

3C: She swings her sword up like a baseball bat.

  • Can be charged and is air unblockable. Covers extremely good range; it's one of the better universal 3C's.

6B: A pounce that moves her forward a little. Hits overhead.

  • If you catch the opponent with this while they are in the air, it will knock the opponent down. Otherwise, it is a very fast overhead with good recovery and you can hit-confirm into Gáe Bulg.

IkarugaDC: the actual hit for this move can occur anything from the top of the arc of the hop till she lands, depending on when she actually makes contact with the opponent. Because of this, the only thing that reliably works is the hit-confirm into a Gae Bulg from this move.

2C (in the air): A relatively fast sword swipe that strikes down.

  • A good spacing tool with decent recovery; this is mostly used to knock the opponent down after air combos.

IkarugaDC: Do not be fooled by the animation of the swipe; use this pretty much only if opponent is on level or below you. It doesn't hit on the top half reliably or at all.

Special Moves

Karetov Roof - 623A/B/C: She hops forward and strikes the opponent down with her sword.

  • Outside of ground combos, this is mostly used to catch stuff. While her A version is the fastest, her A B and C versions have 1-hit super armor.

Long Minute - 63214A/B/C: She stabs the opponent with her sword.

  • A version is relatively safe and serves as nice pressure.

Heaven's Fall - 214A/B/C (in the air): Fiona dives headfirst [or sword-first].

  • After she bounces from the ground, some of her aerial options are still available.

IkarugaDC: people get pretty surprised from this attack being throw out at near ground level, and it does count as an overhead. While i don't recommend it unless you feel like playing hilarious gimmicks like I do, using it once and awhile from like, a quick 5HC, is pretty dang funny and for some reason works at relieving pressure from the opponent. Not that Heaven's Fall leaves you at an advantage, but worst case they block it and you either cancel or bounce away and decide what to do from there.

Grand Divide - 236A: Fiona sweeps the floor, knocking the opponent up slightly.

  • On hit, you can cancel this move into something else if desired.

IkarugaDC: comboable from 2A 2B or 5A 5B. In AHF!, it is cancelable into supers (Gae Bulg at the very least), but obviously if they blocked the divide chances are an excalibur uncancelable/homing-able won't help much. You usually only want to risk a grand divider if you're sure they won't burst punish you, but the misty chain still has a chance of connecting even if they burst. Also, grand divide does not land a killing blow.

Misty Chain - During Grand Divide, 236B: She launches the opponent to the wall like a baseball bat.

  • After this connects, you must input 236C (Angel Wing) to fly into the air.

Sacred Bringer - During Angel Wing, A/B/C (in the air): She slashes the opponent. This move has a clean hit property and will do more damage if positioned correctly.

  • The area you want to aim for to get the clean hit is around the mid-section.

IkarugaDC aka BigAsia edits: I've been experimenting with the grand divider misty chain angel wing sacred bringer setup for probably a straight week of just doing it hundreds of times from different ranges and it looks like the exact sweet spot for hitting is exactly when the opponent is just passing through your character sprite. Pretty much the angel wing timing is just as important as the actual swing, and if anything, you want to time the angel wing a little later than you think it should be in order for Fiona to directly make "bodily sprite contact" with the opponent. Do NOT aim for just batting the opponent with the sword, it's really more like trying to smack them with fiona's arms as she's swinging the sword. You kinda have to sit around and experiment with the timing before getting it consistently, and even after practice, it's pretty hard, not necessarily meriting a ~35% damage hit when it's so hard to setup and actually hit on target.

Super Moves

Excalibur - 623AB: Fiona does a powered-up Karetov Roof with more range covered and takes 2 hits instead of 1 with super armor. Air unblockable.

  • This move cannot be homing canceled in Full!, so you have to take major precautions or at least have meter to burst in case it is whiffed or blocked.

Gáe Bulg - 214AB: A powered-up Long Minute that moves her further and does more damage.

  • Does great chip damage and is mostly used to combo from 6B.

IkarugaDC: unlike Long Minute, this isn't something worth throwing out for pokes and just for giggles. It gets interrupted very easily and you can easily enough get guard canceled into a throw thanks to this move.

Sacred Punish - During Angel Wing, 360+AB: An alternative to Sacred Bringer. Doing this move instead will have the same clean hit properties.

  • There is a significant damage boost if you can do a successful clean hit with this version.

IkarugaDC aka BigAsia edits: the sacred punish is actually a good amount slower to execute than the sacred bringer. The swing timing is much different from the sacred bringer, so if you plan on including these into your game plan, you must practice sacred bringer and sacred punish timings separately. Note that the Angel Wing timing is about the same, just the swing timing is different to compensate for the slightly delayed hit.


Character Summary: While Fiona is considered one of the low tiers in Full!, she still has enough tools to compete with the rest of the cast with a little extra work. Her main weakness is that the majority of her options are considered unsafe and risky with above average reward at best. Her pressure game also falls short of the rest of the cast. However, she benefits from having an extremely safe and fast overhead, raw damage, and decent tools for footsies.

In-depth Strategy

  • Always poke from mid to max distance.
  • Fiona has reliable clashing windows such as j.A, j.B and 5B. Try to use this to your advantage.
  • j.2C is relatively fast and good at limiting your opponent's options for space.
  • 5B is one of her best pokes, offensive or defensive, due to the fact that it can be jump canceled and has decent range/recovery.
  • 5C is mostly useful for scaring your opponent's pressure game. Mostly useful for stuffing mindless air-dashing and punishing certain whiffed moves at the furthest distance. It is also good for an OTG hit, but will leave you at movement disadvantage afterwards unless homing canceled.
  • While Fiona's pressure game is slightly lacking/homing gauge demanding due to the recovery on the majority of her moves, you still have options to mix things up with 6B. It is very fast and moves her forward enough to continue pressure.
  • The majority of Fiona's combos have points where you can pause to do certain things such as using Arcana buffs.
  • You can still combo after Karetov Roof B and C versions even if you get hit. As long as the hit connects, they will be in hitstun long enough for you to recover and move forward and attack them again.
  • Punish Wall Techs 3C is wide and unblockable.If they wall-tech up hit a 3C then do a air combo.
  • Punish air dashers 5C nuff said.

IkarugaDC: because of her dependency on the homing meters for recovery on a lot of moves, get really good at sacred bringer. Meterless high damage is always great, and even if punish version is really hard to hit, bringer isn't so bad. With some work, you can get it more than 75% of the time. Definitely a great way at least to kill time to recharge homing meters in the worst case if you decide not to angel wing and follow up.

Arcana Evaluation

Best Arcanas:

  • Fire
  • Time
  • Rock

Decent Arcanas:

  • Water
  • Lightning
  • Steel

Ok Arcanas:

  • Poison
  • Love
  • Wind

Weak Arcanas:

  • Plant



2A 5B 2C 5C

  • Can also be started with 5A. Fiona benefits from having a slightly more damaging meterless combo in comparison to the rest of the cast. It is recommended that you homing cancel after the OTG 5C hit to maintain momentum.

1 Homing Gauge

2A 5B 2C HC6 5B iad j.AB land j.AB j.AB2C

  • While j.2C knocks the opponent down to setup okizeme, you can also replace the [2C] with [j.C 214C] to maximize on damage.

Random 623A/B/C -> HC6 5B, etc

2 Homing Gauges

2A 5B 2C HC6 5B 623A HC6 5B j.B wait C land sj.AB j.B2C

  • Again, you can decide to either follow up with j.2C or j.5C 214C. You can also tack on another 5B 623A HC6 if desired.

2 Homing Gauges and a Super Gauge

  • (point blank)5B 5C > HC6 > 5B 5C > HC6 > 214AB

Situational combo because of the need to be point blank, but does good damage. 214AB input has to be immediately after HC6.

(Fire/Lang Gong only!) 1 Homing Gauge and 1 Super Gauge

2A 5B 2C 632146D 623A/B/C HC6 5B, etc

Earth Combos

1 Homing Cancel (Arigato Nas)

3C, HC, jab, 41236D, jb, jC, 41236D, air dash j2C and then (boulder setup 623D)..

Frame Data

A 5F

B 9F

C 14F

6B 11F

6C (Not charged) 9F

6C (Charged) 24F

2A 6F

2B 10F

2C 14F

3C (Not Charged)13F

3C (Charged) 37F



JC 11F

J2C 13F

623A 23F

623B 29F

623C 33F

63214A 15F

63214B 19F

63214C 29F

J214 any attack button 20F

236A 15F - 236B 20 - 236C 9F

623AB 32F then 31F