Fatal Fury 3/Terry Bogard

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Move List


Buster Throw f + HP close

Command Moves

Uppercut db + HP Flying Turn Kick f + HK knocks opponent into back

                                                   sway plane if it connects
                                                   (not blocked)

Gut Uppercut f + LP while blocking you will find this will

                                                   work if you perform it
                                                   while blocking a whiffed
                                                   attack or perform directly
                                                   after an attack hits your
                                                   block animation; on heavy
                                                   attacks (HP/HK/supers/etc),
                                                   wait a little longer to
                                                   perform after the move 
                                                   hits your block animation

Chain Moves

”J”バックナックル NA・A・C コンビネーションアーツ

サンダースライサー NA・A・↓D コンビネーションアーツ

ライトニングキック NA・B・D コンビネーションアーツ

テリースペシャル1 →A・C・C・C・D コンビネーションアーツ

テリースペシャル2 →A・C・C・D・D コンビネーションアーツ

テリーラッシュ Close C・C・C・C・C コンビネーションアーツ

ロッククライム Close C・C・↙C コンビネーションアーツ

Feint Moves

Feint Power Wave qcf + LK+HK

Feint Burning Knuckle qcb + LK+HK

Feint Crack Shoot qcb + LP+HP

Feint Power Geyser qcb, db, f + LK+HP does NOT require flashing meter

Special Moves

Power Wave qcf + P LP=slow, HP=fast; will

                                                   collide with other 
                                                   projectiles as both will
                                                   be "destroyed" in the

Burning Knuckle qcb + P LP=short, HP=long

Power Dunk f, d, df + K LK=short, HK=further; last

                                                   part of the move is an

Crack Shoot qcb + K LK=short, HK=long

Super Move

Power Geyser qcb, db, f + HP+HK

absorbs projectiles; hits in all planes

Hidden Super Move

Hidden Desperation

Uppercut Set Up db + HP this part MUST connect (not

                                                   blocked) to move onto the
                                                   next part
 Charging Gut Punch     f + HP                   name will flash, which means
                                                   hidden super can now be 
                                                   performed; enter the next
                                                   motion VERY quickly after
                                                   this part connects
   Overheat Geyser      qcb, f + HP+HK          absorbs projectiles; hits in
                                                   all planes (properties
                                                   for hacked version of
                                                   super without set up

The Basics

Advanced Strategies