Fatal Fury 3/Jin Chonrei

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Move List



Energy Burst f+C

Command Moves:

Tatsukai Atama df+C

Special Moves:

Teio Jinsoku Ken db,f+_P Teio Tenji Ken f,d,df+_P Teio Rojin Ken qcb,f+_P Teio Tengan Ken qcf+_K Teio Tashin Ken qcb+D

Danger Moves:

Teio Syu Myo Ken f,hcf+B+D

Hidden Danger Moves:

To Name Flash stay far ^!Teio Ryuusei Ken hcb+C+D

Fake Moves:

Fake~Teio Tengan Ken qcf+B+D

Command Moves

Feint Moves

Special Moves

Super Move

Hidden Super Move

The Basics

Advanced Strategies