Fatal Fury 3/Geese Howard

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Move List


Clamp Of The Tiger b + HP close

 Fatal Blow Bopper      HP 

Shinkuu Nage df + HP close

Push Of The Tiger uf + HP close

 Fatal Squeeze Fury     HP 

Mauling Tiger Crunch f + HK close

Command Moves

Rising Palm d + HP 2 hits

Rolling Sweep b + HK knocks opponent into back sway plane

Slash Uppercut f + LP while blocking you will find this will

                                                   work if you perform it
                                                   while blocking a whiffed
                                                   attack or perform directly
                                                   after an attack hits your
                                                   block animation; on heavy
                                                   attacks (HP/HK/supers/etc),
                                                   wait a little longer to
                                                   perform after the move 
                                                   hits your block animation

Chain Moves

雷撃脚 遠D・D コンビネーションアーツ

武者水月突き 近C・C・C・C・C コンビネーションアーツ

Feint Moves


Kosatsu Nage b+C ^!Zetsumei Hitonaka Uchi _C Shinkuu Nage df+C Ura Kumo Kakushii _9_+C ^!Zetsumei Hitchu Shime _C Kosatsu Sho f+D

Command Moves:

Raikou Mawashi Geri b+D B

Special Moves:

Reppuu Ken qcf+A Double Reppuu Ken qcf+C Shippuu Ken _^qcb+_P Ja'ei Ken b charge f+_K Joudan Atemi Nage hcf+B

_`reverse jump/Special/DM/HDM

Chudan Atemi Uchi hcf+D

_`reverse high/mid
Danger Moves:

Rasing Storm db,hcb,df+C+D

Hidden Danger Moves:

To Name Flash _2_+CC ^!Thunder Break qcb,f+C+D

Fake Moves:

Fake~Reppuu Ken qcf+B+D Fake~Ja'ei Ken qcb,f+B+D Fake~Rasing Storm db,hcb,df+A+C

Special Moves

Super Move

Hidden Super Move

The Basics

Advanced Strategies