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Fatal Fury 2/Laurence Blood

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Move List

Hacked Laurence Blood:

  • Taunting (HP far) will give Laurence his Ole dodge, which is invulnerable for a second
  • will have a picture of Billy appear and disappear when he wins a round
  • His Low Shin move does NOT work in the back plane
  • Will disappear when in opposite plane from opponent


LP/HK - Teal costume


Poncho Through f + HP close Poncho Breaker f + HK close will toss opponent to back

                                                   plane whether it's an
                                                   obstacle or not

Backbreaker b + HP close in air

Basic Move

Glide hold df

Plane Move

Disappearing Change LP / HP / LK / HK /

                          LP+LK from opposite

Command Moves

Low Shin HP+HK knocks opponent to opposite


Low Kick d + LP/LK/HP must be blocked low Slide d + HK must be blocked low Ole Kick f + LP while blocking you will find this will work

                                                   if you perform it while 
                                                   blocking a whiffed attack,
                                                   not one that is striking
                                                   your block animation


Special Moves

Bloody Saber Charge b for 2 seconds,

                          f + HK

Bloody Spin Charge b for 2 seconds,

                          f + HP

Bloody Cutter Charge d for 2 seconds,

                          u + HP

The Basics

Advanced Strategy