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Fatal Fury 2/Billy Kane

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Move List

Hacked Billy Kane:

  • Taunting (HP far) will leave him in a fake duck animation until something
else is pressed
  • His Twisting Smack does NOT work in the back plane
  • Will disappear when in opposite plane from opponent


LP/HK - Blue costume


Pole Toss f + HP close Pole Strangle f + HK close will toss opponent to back

                                                   plane whether it's an
                                                   obstacle or not

Basic Moves

Glide hold df Pole Kick LK far low dodge Pole Follow HK either the kick or the pole

                                                   can connect, but not both

Plane Move

Disappearing Change LP / HP / LK / HK /

                          LP+LK from opposite

Command Moves

Twisting Smack HP+HK knocks opponent to opposite

                                                   plane; if a two line
                                                   plane, billy will disappear

Disappear f + LP while blocking you will find this will work

                                                   if you perform it while 
                                                   blocking a whiffed attack,
                                                   not one that is striking
                                                   your block animation

Special Moves

San Setsu Kon Charge b for 2 seconds, absorbs projectiles

                          f + HP                   

Sparrow Drop Charge d for 2 seconds,

                          u + HP

Whirlwind Pole tap LP repeatedly Power Hi Sho Bonk Charge d for 2 seconds, control descent with b or f

                          u + HK

The Basics

Advanced Strategy