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An enigma to all who come into contact with him. Ermac's past remains s hrouded in mystery. It's believed that he exists as a life force brought togeth er by the souls of extinguished Outworld warriors. Shao Kahn has managed to tak e possession of these souls and use them to fight on the side of tyranny.



Auto Combos

1. HK, LP 2 hits 15%, 24%, 26%

2. HP, HP, B+LP, D-F HP 4 hits 19%, 29%, 31%

3. HK, HK, LK, B+HK 4 hits 23%, 33%, 34%

4. HP, HP, B+LP, HK, LK 5 hits 24%, 34% 35%

Basic Juggles

1. HK, LP, JK, teleport punch, telekentic lift (TKS), aaHPHP fireball 7 hits 42% (says 39%)(with HK 43%, says 40%)

2. KS, HK, LP, aaHP, TKS, aaHPHP, fireball 7 hits 45%

3. JK, TKS, aaHPHP, teleport punch whiff, aaHP, TKS, aaHPHP fireball 9 hits 40% (says 7 hits 37%)

4. TKS, aaHPHP, teleport punch whiff, aaHPHP, TKS, Uppercut 7 hits 58% says 5 hits 48%)

5. TKS, aaHPHP, teleport punch whiff, aaHPHP, TKS, aaHPHP, fireball 9 hits 61%, (says 7 hits 51%)

Advanced Juggles 1. TKS, aaHPHP teleport punch whiff, aa(HP,JK), TKS, aaHPHP,JK 9 hits 74% (says 7 hits 64%) (add another aaHP on some characters at the end for 6-7% more, or aaHPHP aaHP, fireball on anyone for 78% (reads as 67% but 11% for two lifts)

2. TKS, aaRH, teleport punch, aaHP, TKS, aaHPHP, aaLP, fireball 9 hits 50% (says 7 hits 44%)

3. KS, HK, LP, JK, TKS, R, bouncing hit HK, LP, R, HP, fireball 9 hits 55% (says 8 hits 51%)

4. aaHP, TKS, aaHPHP, JK, TKS, aaHPHP, aaHP, fireball 78% or JK on the male ninjas, female ninjas, Jax, Stryker, and Zub-zero, Kano, and possible others for 82% the first two HPs must hit almost as they flip over Ermac but he keeps them in front of him, then cancel it with a run jab to give Ermac some slack on the walking, another aaHP, cancel with run, JK.

Corner 100% juggles

1. TKS, aaHP,HP, JK, aaHP, TKS, aaHP,HP, JK, RH, LK (works on just about everyone and is good if someone does a projectile in the corner and Ermac is about half screen away)

2. aaHP, TKS, aaHP,HP, RH, TKS, aaHP,HP, JK, RH, LK

3. aaRH, TKS, aaHP,HP, aaHP, TKS, aaHP,HP, JK, RH, LK

4. suJK, TKS, aaHP,HP, RH, TKS, aaHP,HP, JK, RH, LK

There's at least 25 minor (1 hit difference) to major (almost completely different hits) variations of Ermac corner 100%s. His best possible punisher combo is next to impossible to do in game. All the above listed combos are acceptable as they do over 50% for the most part I believe.

Special Moves

Kinetic Ball: D, DB, B, LP

Exploding Teleport Punch: D, DB, B, HP

Telekinetic Slam: B, D, B, HK


Fatality 1 "Decapatation": R, BL, R, R, HK (Next to)

Ermac delivers a quick uppercut to his opponent's head which knocks it off.

Fatality 2 "Slam Death": D, U, D, D, D, BL (Sweep)

Ermac telekinetically slams his opponent around 8 times which then causes them to explode.

Friendship "Rabbit Lift": F, F, F, HP (Past Sweep)

Ermac raises his opponent into the air and turns them into a bunny rabbit.

Animality "Hungry Frog ": F, F, B, B, LK (One Step Away)

Ermac turns into a little frog and eats his opponent whole.

Babality: D, D, B, B, HP (Past Sweep)

Brutality: HP, HP, LP, BL, HK, LK, BL, HP, LP, LK, HK (Next to)

Stage: R, R, R, R, LK (Next to)

The Basics

Advanced Strategies