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Birthplace: Mukai (The Demon World)
Birthdate: Unknown (Rumor has it he's over a thousand years old.)
Height: 5 shaku, 7 sun: 173 cm (5'7")
Measurements: N/A
Weight: 18 kanme: 67.5 kg (148.5 lbs.)
Blood type: Demon type AB
Weapon: Aguni no Kusari (the chains of Aguni)
Fighting style: The Spinal Column Recoil
Likes: "Jagwag-gah!!!"
Dislikes: "Gogwa-kah?!"
Flaws: "Goo-aah?!"
Idol(s): "Goo-whoa-ho!!!"
Philosphy on the sword: "Jorajoraja!!"
Time of peace: "Bwaaah, hah, hah, haaaa!!!"
Perferable Soulmate: "Goloor-aaaah!!"
First Appearance: Samurai Shodown V

Enja was a powerful demon who ravaged the lands. With the power of fire, he flew from village to village setting them aflame and slaughtering innocent bystanders by the thousands.

Upon hearing of this atrocious demon, the Kazama ninja clan took action. They ambushed Enja in a small, rural village and without fear, quickly set to the laborous task of attempting to seal the beast. However, Enja's might proved too powerful, and within moments, Enja had burned them all to cinders.

Enja then flew away, his clear goal in mind: reunite with his old friend Suija and steal the spell of Jinma-Itai from Kuraki-sumeragi.

Enja is the demon sealed in Kazuki Kazama's weapon. At some intervals in his life, his spirit seeps through the seal and takes possession of Kazuki's mind and body. Enja is also basically a carbon copy of Kazuki's slash form from Samurai Showdown 4. Suija is also like this being he is a copy of Sogetsu's bust form in Samurai Showdown 4. Since they are both near copies of Kazuki and Sogetsu their attitudes are similar, although more extreme. For example Enja is always in a berserker state of mind while Kazuki only really gets that way when he fights.

During the events of Samurai Showdown 5, Enja and Suija have escaped their seals. It's up to Kazuki and Sogetsu to track them down and seal them away once again.

Regular Attacks

Special Moves

Rikudou Rekka: Jigokudou "Hade's Flames"

This is the first step of Enja's three step attack. This is a low sliding attack, which can be followed by the Rikudou Rekka: Gakidou which will smash the opponent into the side of the screen.

Rikudou Rekka: Gakidou "Demon Path"
QCF + B (after Jigokudou)

This is the second attack of the Rikudou Rekka string. After the slide Enja will smash the opponent into the side of the screen. They will bounce back to him and Enja can then execute the last part of the string, the Tendou.

Rikudou Rekka: Tendou "Heaven's Glow"
QCF + C (after Gakidou)

When the opponent is flying back towards Enja after the Gakidou Enja will then execute a rising multi-hitting attack. The timing is very strict on this attack. If you're off even by a pixel the attack will end with Enja slumping when he lands. If Enja ends the attack with a downwards chop after the uppercut you did it correctly. Also if his Rage guage is full the Tendou will have more hits and do more damage.

Enmetsu "Annihilating Flames"
B,D,DB + A or B or C

This attack causes Enja to "self-destruct." He will blow himself as he appears behind the copy he just exploded. The button used etermines how far he will be bhind the copy.

Guren Kyaku "Foolish Crusher Kick"
F,D,DF + A or B

A close range rising bycycle kick, if it connects you can keep it going by doing the Tsuika Nyuuryoku afterwards.

Tsuika Nyuuryoku
After Guren Kyaku press B,F + Any button rapidly

This will entend the Guren Kyaku and cause the attack to go much and do more hits/damage.

Rage Moves

Enja Bakunetsu "Enja's Bursting Heat"
QCF + C + D

This is Enja's super attack in which screams in fury as a pillar of fire blast vertically around him. Small range but causes pretty massive damage in a point-blank hit.


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