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Arcana Heart/Dieu Mort

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Gier “The Overwhelming Darkness” (Arcana of Shadow)

One day, the collective wickedness of all of man’s deepest, darkest desires became an entity of its own. Forever lurking in shadow, he feeds on the very same emotions that spawned him. It should be no wonder that he has now chosen Lieselotte to help him satisfy his hunger.

As expected, this arcana is based around poisoning the opponent for extra damage while still being able to combo them. In addition, it offers a wide variety of teleports and many tricks that you can do with those at your disposal.

Passive Changes

  • Instead of teching like normal with the D button, you can use 623D or 421D to teleport right out of recovery.

Command List

Special moves

Poison - 236D: A pentagram seal forms on the ground and an ethereal cloud ascends from it taking the form of a skull.

  • 1000 dmg. Should one fall victim to this poisonous cloud, by getting hit with it directly or (accidentally) striking it with a physical attack, the target is inflicted with an ailment that slowly depletes life and super meter for a brief amount of time (approx. 10sec). During combos however, the poison status will remain in tact (regardless of the length of the combo) until the combo has ended in which normal status is immediately restored. Poison Cloud inflicts damage on the initial hit and can be performed in mid-air.

Evasion - 623D or 421D: A portal and a pentagram seal form around the caster and engulfs them in a void. The caster disappears and is then ejected from the void, reappearing at the desired location. Can be performed in the air.

  • 623D teleports the caster in relation to the caster, 421D teleports in relation to the opponent. You can hold a direction to aim where you will end up in relation to either the caster or the opponent.

Super moves

Sacrifice - 236236D: (3200 dmg) An unblockable hold appears in front of where your character does the move, and if the opponent step on it, they fall into it.

  • Once the hole is out, even if you get hit, the opponent can still fall into it. If you get hit during STARTUP, the hole doesn't come out.

Mirror - 412364D: A portal and pentagram form around both the caster and the opponent consuming them within a void. They are then ejected from the void and reappear in their reciprocate locations.

  • Can be executed in mid-air. Simply put, Miroir acts as a player swap. At the cost of one super gauge the caster is able to switch places with the opponent at any given time and anywhere on the screen. Because this spell is able to carry the momentum of a damaged opponent, it can be used to create some very interesting and situational combos. For instance: if performing the standard launcher (3C) and canceling into Miroir on hit, the opponent will be launched into the air followed by an immediate swap. Upon reappearing, the players swap positions but the target still keeps the vertical momentum from the previous 3C launcher. So now the caster hovers above while the target continues to ascend into the air from below. This same law of physics will apply to 6C wall slams and other moves that may reel the opponent at an extreme velocity (e.g. Lieselotte's J.2C). Miroir is not "perfect" in all situations of swapping though. Casting Miroir on a floored/downed opponent will not switch positions with the opponent still in a downed state but instead will force them into a standing, neutral position upon reappearance. Also, if you were to cast while the opponent was in heavy guard stun they would not reappear in a guarding state. Instead the target will appear in a neutral state much like casting on a floored/downed opponent.

Drain - (close) 632146D: An enormous skull materializes behind its prey and proceeds to drain energy from them through its mouth.

  • 1700 dmg. This super functions as a command grab. The range of the super appears to be less than normal throw range and the damage is very minimal. However, the startup is instant leaving the opponent unable to jump out after the super flash and it will consume one gauge of super meter from the opponent if landed. Invalider can also be performed in mid-air, creating the same effect as it would on grounded opponents. Invalider can not be comboed into and its huge recovery window (along with very low damage output) makes it somewhat impractical for use. It may be best for the caster to either finish off the last bit of life the opponent may have using Invalider or reserve the meter to escape dangerous situations or create combo situations that Mirror can provide.

Arcana Force

Abattoir (Slaughterhouse) - ABC: Description.

  • In-depth info.

Executioner - (in arcana force mode) 236ABC: Summon Dieu Mort

12500 dmg. A giant (blockable) hand comes and grabs the opponent. Then, Dieu Mort takes a huge swing and if he hits, he takes of 12500 damage.

  • This is somewhat wierd because it's a guessing game. You have a 50% chance of missing the opponent, even if you grab them. You have 2 options and your opponent has 2 options. If you choose up and the opponent chooses jump, they get hit. If you choose down and they choose duck, they get hit. However, if they choose jump and you choose down, they jump over it, and likewise, they can duck under an upper slash.

Activation Changes

  • Adds poison to the opponent if they are hit with a physical attack (does not include projectiles of any sort). Adds 30% defense bonus.