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Darkstalkers 3/Defense

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Defensive Options


Hold back to block. Blocking can be done on the ground and in the air. Block while Standing for high and mid hitting attacks (4), and Crouching for low hitting attacks (1).

Chicken Guard

Blocking in the air. An airborne character cannot block a standing normal, with a few exceptions. All ES and EX moves may be blocked in the air. Air blocking also has virtually no blockstun, allowing for characters to retaliate instantly.

Tech Hitting

Also known as pushblocking(Or Advancing Guard for the MvC players), Tech Hitting is performed by inputting anywhere from 3 to 6+ attack inputs during block stun within a 12 frame window. It can only be done on the ground. It pushes the opponent away a distance, depending on your last input of the tech hit. A strong button will push them far away, and a weak button will do the opposite, pushing them far away enough for you to dash at them and retaliate. There is a random success in executing a successful tech hit.

  • 6 or more inputs will guarantee a pushblock.
  • 5 inputs allows for 75% rate of success.
  • 4 inputs allows for 50% rate of success.
  • 3 inputs allows for 25% rate of success.

Tech hitting gives the person teching frame advantage. This trait of tech hitting makes it more desirable in some cases over guard canceling.
Also worth noting, is that buttons pressed simultaneously count as only one (1) input toward a tech hit.
(Important note: Anakaris is the only character in the game that can't pushblock.)

Guard Canceling

Guard Canceling is the Alpha Counter of Vampire Savior. It is performed while in blockstun, and only on the ground. The command motion for any Guard cancel is Dp.pngP.png or K.png while in blockstun. All guard cancels have frames of invincibility. The attack button (P.png or K.png) varies with the character, and is listed in each character's respective guide.
A guard cancel can be buffered in to, if a player can properly predict the need to block a move correctly within a 14 frame window. This is done by performing the motion, blocking, then immediately pressing the attack button to finish the guard cancel input.
*All guard cancels have ES forms(Anakaris only have an ES version)
**Also important to know, is that guard cancels do not always guarantee a clean hit(Some of them are slow, and some of them are fast, without talking about the ones that won't even hit).

Throw Tech Hitting

Throw Tech Hits counter throws. In this case, they are performed in the exact same manner as the throws: press the direction forward or back and P.png or K.png. Only medium and strong punches or kicks may counter normal throws. Command throws are un-techable(with few exceptions).

Strategic Wake-Up

Upon being knocked down, press left or right, and an attack input. Your character will then move left or right(depending on which direction you held).

This allows for you to evade pursuits and keep close (or away from) your opponent.


This describes the ability for a character to go from one a "non-hittable" state straight into a Special Move instantly with no extra Frames in between.

Dark Force

Dark Force (abbreviated "DF" for short) is a mode that every character has available. It is activated by pressing punch and kick buttons of same strength (Lp.png+Lk.png , Mp.png+Mk.png or Hp.png+Hk.png). A DF requires at least one level of special meter (Certain DFs require two or more), and adds additional effects and states unique to each character. The DF mode increases regeneration of white damage, but makes all damage taken and dealt during that mode red (permanent).


Mechanics listed here have been categorized as "offensive" or "defensive" but that is not strictly true. "Offensive" mechanics can be used defensively and vice versa. What is important is your goal/intention when playing. Learn from other players and get creative to see everything this game has to offer.

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