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Arcana Heart/Daidohji Kira

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  • Kira Daidohji (大道寺 きら, Daidōji Kira?) (cv. !Hiromi Tsunakake)

She is a child prodigy who earned her doctorate in Elemental Science at a prestigious American university. However, Kira became embittered with the world around her when she was forced to return to elementary school upon returning to Japan. Consequently, she has become arrogant and condescending, and she has come to the conclusion that her only remaining option is to embark on a quest for global domination.

Kira Daidohji received her doctorate at age ten, performing breakthrough research on ether conductors. The blob she takes with her into combat with her is also made of ether, and it changes its shape to suit Kira’s immediate needs. This is a revolutionary application of Elemental Science, and it would surely make Kira even more famous than her research on ether conductors. Nevertheless, unveiling him to the world is not her highest priority right now. Kira has been asked many times what the blob’s name is, but she always answers. “Names are there to differentiate one entity from another, but since he is the only one of his kind, what would he need a name for!?”.

Sometimes Kira likes to refer herself as Dr. Kira.

Move List


4/6AD: A suplex grab.

  • Useful for scenarios when you're backed into a corner and want to switch positions. Also, since it is faster than her command throw, use it in situations where you are close enough to connect it but think that the opponent will try to interrupt a command throw. A common time when this situation arises is during a Guard Cancel.

5AD: A grab that looks like the 5B but send the opponent upwards.

  • Can actually be Homing Cancelled pretty early in the animation (right after she hits the opponent with the 5B-esqe attack), so that ground attacks like 5A and 2A will catch the opponent before she goes flying off the top of the screen.

j.AD: A mid-air tombstone drop.

  • Not much point in this throw since 214C is better in almost any scenario when this would connect.


2A: A low karate chop.

  • 10f. Can be blocked like a mid attack. Used in some combos, mostly because it is jump cancellable. It can also reflect projectiles downwards, which is only useful if the opponent does a projectile right in your face. It chains into itself and can easily combo into 2B, so it becomes useful for poking because it is easy to hit-confirm.

2B: A small upper-cut.

  • 10f. Easily one of Kira's best normals. One of the fastest air unblockable attacks in the game! Can be super-jump cancelled or special cancelled (usually with 623A or 421A on hit). Against a grounded opponent, it is considered a mid attack. It can't be gatling chained though. Oh yea, this also reflects projectiles straight up too.

2C: A low boot sweep.

  • 15f. Her only real low attack. Ridiculous range (at least half-screen). Can be HC into a 5A, 2A, or 2B, but must be close. Another grounded hit is guaranteed after this hits (ie. 2C, 2C). This attack can also be special cancelled.

5A: Judo chop!

  • 7f. Kira's fastest ground normal, which isn't saying much in a game filled with characters that have 3f 2A's. Useful for tick throwing and anti-air. Considered high from a distance and mid close-up. Can be jump cancelled, special cancelled, or chained into itself. It has clash frames all over the place (like most of Kira's normals). If this connects against an airborne opponent, you can usually link 623A or j.A afterwards to start up combos.

5B: A massive hay-maker punch.

  • 16f. Another staple Kira normal. What this move lacks for in speed, it makes up with clash, range, stun, and air unblockable goodness. Can be gatling chained and special cancelled, and is a primary part of her combos due to the bounce stun it creates on hit. And just so this is clear, the clashing properties on this move are just gross. You can basically just throw this move out whenever you think the opponent is going to do attack and the chances are good that it'll just blow through their attack.

5C: A boot kick.

  • 20f. Not much to say about this move. It's pretty slow and has about the same range as 5B. Used in some combos, as its main redeeming qualities are that it can be chained from 5B and be special cancelled. It can't be blocked if the opponent is airborne, but it doesn't have much vertical reach, so it's sort of a moot point.

j.A: A quick, aerial overhead punch.

  • 6f. Kira's fastest normal. Pretty awesome move. It has a large hitbox and can be used to tick throw very effectively (ie. jump in with j.A, land and 360C). It's also the only air attack of Kira's that can be double jump cancelled.

j.B: A slower version of j.A.

  • 16f. Mainly used to end air combos, since it causes knockdown on hit. Otherwise, there aren't too many uses for it.

j.C: A giant aerial boot.

  • 20f. The hitbox on this move is huge, and basically consists of the entirety of the blob when it makes the boot, so it can cross-up if you want. It also creates a significant amount of stun on hit, so it is useful in combos. You basically have to input the C button the split second you normal jump if you want this attack to connect though.

Command Normals

6C: A charging boot attack.

  • 32f. 54f charged. Well, the range on this command normal is obscene. It covers almost the entire screen. It also gives Kira frame advantage on block (not TOO much though), is air unblockable (like all 6C's), and clashes like a mofo. I don't know what clashes better 5B or 6C... You can even chain 5B INTO 6C for a clashing fiesta! Needless to say, this attack is one of Kira's better moves.

3C: A giant uppercut.

  • 17f. 40f charged. Not as utilitarian as 6C, Kira's 3C still has its uses. It'll clash well, and it covers much more vertical space than any of her other air unblockables. If you homing cancel after connecting it, you can combo a j.A into whatever or bait out a tech to connect 214C or 6321463214AB.

j.2C: Body splash!

  • 12f. Meaty-as-hell, cross-up monster of an air attack. And you can combo off of it if j.2C connects on a grounded or airborne opponent pretty easily. However, unlike many of Kira's moves, this attack won't clash at all and will usually be out-prioritized in air-to-air combat. Nonetheless, it is essential to implement this attack into Kira's okizeme, since it creates an ambiguous cross-up without much timing or effort required by the player.

Special Moves

Kira-sama Driver - 360A/B/C: A classic spinning piledriver.

  • 5f. By far the best range of any ground throw in the game, difficult to escape out of, and very fast (for Kira at least). And you only have to press one button, so you won't waste any homing meter on whiff like you would with regular throws! 360A will give you a slightly weaker throw with more range (think the distance between two characters at the start of a round), while the C version causes the most damage but has the least range. By the way, the command input for this throw is very forgiving and bufferable, so you can get away with just doing 270° rotations on the joystick off of many blocked attacks.

Flying Kira-sama Driver - AIR 214A/B/C: A classic spinning piledriver... IN THE AIR!

  • 3f. Wow, what an easy command for free damage in the air... For best results execute this throw when the opponent is ABOVE you. Especially useful for tech catching people and making your opponent afraid to break out of any air "combo" you put them in.

Daidohji Bunker Buster - 63214A/B/C: A running grab.

  • 18/21/24f. Basically, Kira charges forward, and if the opponent is still grounded, she'll grab her and perform a flying powerbomb. One of those "WTF!" kinda moves that is worth throwing out after blocked attacks that can be special cancelled and have large amounts of block stun (2B comes to mind). The C version has around half-screen range.

Nouten Chokugeki Backdrop - A/B/C (during Daidohji Bunker Buster): Adds a suplex to the end of the Bunker Buster.

  • By pressing any of the attack buttons right when Kira slams the opponent into the ground, it is possible to add more damamge to the Bunker Buster and change the position of where the opponent would've been. The timing on the button press is rather strict. If you know of Just Frames from Tekken or FRCs in Guilty Gear, the timing is close to that in terms of strictness. Definitely worth attempting in most scenarios where the Bunker Buster connects, since the damage increases and the wake-up is better.

Ekoda Shiki Rocket Gun - 623A/B/C: Kira grabs the opponent out of the air and chucks them across the stage.

  • 11f. This move is rather important for Kira's combos. It counts as an air unblockable and won't hit grounded opponents, but it'll still connect when the opponent is in hit stun. After it connects, Kira will throw the opponent towards the wall and the opponent will bounce off of the wall at variant distances depending on what strength button you press. The A version will leave the opponent pretty close to the wall and the C version bounces them towards the middle of the stage. Note that the wall bounce can not be teched like 6C's wall stun can. The opponent can't even tech once they hit the ground either. If you space the Rocket Gun correctly, you can basically hit anything you want afterwards. Generally, after Rocket Gun hits, Kira players will jump and hold D to close the gap and continue the combo with j.C or j.2C into whatever. There are tons of other options, but that is probably the most common method of linking attacks after Rocket Gun. Also note that you can only connect this once during combos, so there's no infinite loop involving combos with this move.

Ekoda Shiki Grenade - 421A/B/C: Kira grabs the opponent out of the air and plants them back into the ground.

  • 9f. Same concept and starting animation as the Rocket Gun, but it ends with the opponent being put in the ground right next to Kira in neutral state and neutral frame advantage. It leaves them in perfect range for Kira's command throws, but not close enough for regular throws to connect. You can use this in combos just like the Rocket Gun too. It'll connect in a combo after using the Rocket Gun, so it makes for a nice combo ender when other stuff won't connect.

Super Moves

Armageddon Buster - 720AB: Some crazy throwin' and spinnin' goin' on. Topped off with a disturbing muscle buster showcasing Kira's crotch.

  • This is a must-learn if a Kira player wants to do well. 12000 base damage (half-life) from one level of super... Admittedly one of the most difficult commands to input in all of Arcana Heart, but definitely worth it once mastered. Note that this throw is very easy to buffer as well, just like its non-super version.

Flying Armageddon Buster - AIR 63214,63214AB: Basically an aerial version of Armageddon Buster.

  • Another great super, with an easier command input too! See the advice for AIR 214A/B/C and just apply it to this super as well.



While most of the characters in this game can create a mid/low mixup in some shape or form, Kira can not do such things with her very limited arsenal of lows (low?). Instead, Kira's yomi is derived from her massive arsenal of throws vs. air unblockables. Basically, everyone you will play against as Kira will recognize that she is the "throw character" of Arcana Heart, and as such, will never give you opportunities to throw them. It'll be your job to make that opponent stay on the ground via whatever means necessary. Thankfully, Kira is probably one of the best suited characters in AHF when it comes to keeping people pinned to the ground.

Tick Throwing

Kira has a bunch of attacks that leave her at even or positive advantage when blocked (ie. 5A, 2A, 6C, j.A, j.2C). When the opponent blocks these moves, they should have to guess whether to jump away or risk getting thrown. Mix up throws with her air unblockables like 5B, 2B, or 6C to create a nasty 50/50 mixup game for yourself.

Clash Throwing

Due to the slow execution and clash-heavy nature of her moves, a Kira player will be put into a lot of situations where clashing is involved. Thankfully, throws can't be clashed in this game (you can even buffer 720's while in the middle of a clash war). So you can actually bait clashes with moves like 6C and whip out an Armageddon Buster to win the clash. Be wary about using the normal command throw too early in a clash war though. Unfortunately, it isn't instant (it's actually a 5f attack), so many characters' fast pokes will beat out your throw. It is generally a good idea to clash a couple of times in order to bait the opponent into using a slower string attack. If Kira's clashes with someone coming in from the air, it is also a good idea to clash a couple of times in order to give the opponent an opportunity to land in order to get your throw to connect.

Throw Buffering

It is very difficult to do standing 720's in AHF. Actually, they're quite difficult to perform in almost any fighting game. So make it easy on yourself and buffer a 720 while you can't screw it up (mainly by jumping)! Basically, use the recovery from some other action that prevents you from jumping to input a 720 motion. A previously mentioned example included using the time while clashing to buffer a 720. Another good time to buffer is during a Guard Cancel (6D_4D while blocking). You can actually give yourself even more time to buffer by holding down D during the Guard Cancel too (especially useful for the 4D version). Whiffing moves in order to give yourself some time to buffer is even a plausible idea (charged 6C and j.C come to mind here). Heh, you can even buffer out of teching!


No Homing Meter Combos

Deep j.2C, 2A_5A > 2B > 623A...

Anti-Air j.A > j.2C, 5A > 5A > 623A...

2A > 2B, sj.9 > dj.A > dj.2C, 5A > 623A...

2C, 2C

1 Homing Meter Combos

2B, sj.A > dj.A > dj.C~6D > dj.2C, 2B > 623A...

2B, sj.C~[D] > sj.2C, 5A > j.A > j.C, 5A > 623A...

2B, sj.C~[D] > sj.A > dj.A > dj.2C, 5A > 623A...

5B~6D, 2A, j.A > j.2C, 2A, j.A > j.2C, 5A, j.A > dj.A > dj.B_2C

5B~6D, 2A, j.A > j.2C, 2A, j.A > j.2C, 5A, 623A...

5B~6D, 2A, j.A > j.C, j.A > j.C, 5A, 623A...

5B~6D, 2A, j.A > j.C, j.A > j.C, 5A, j.A, dj.A > dj.B_2C

  • For Time or Stone Arcana, substitute ~4[D] for ~6C and the combos off of 5B should generally connect if close enough.

Far 5B~[D], j.A, 5A, j.A > dj.A > dj.2C, 5A, 623A...

Far 5B~[8D], j.A > j.2C, 2A, j.A > j.2C, 5A > 623A...

Far 5B~[7D}, j.A > j.C, j.A > j.2C, 2A, j.A > j.2C > 5A > 5A > 623A...

Near 2C~6D, 2A, j.A > j.2C, 2A, j.A > j.2C, 2A > 5B...

5A+D > 6D~5A, j.A > j.C, j.A > j.C, 5A, 623A...

2 Homing Meter Combos

5B~6D, 5A, j.A > j.C, j.A > j.C > 6D > j.A > dj.A > dj.C, j.A > j.C > 5A > 623A...

5A+D, 6D~5A, j.A > j.C, j.A > j.C > 6D > j.A > dj.A > dj.C, j.A > j.C > 5A > 623A...

sj.2C_sj.C, 2B, sj.C~[D] > sj.A > dj.A > dj.C~[D] > dj.2C, 2B > 623A...

sj.2C_sj.C, 2B, sj.C~[D] > sj.A > dj.A > dj.C~[D] > dj.2C, 5A, j.A > dj.A > dj.2C, 5A > 623A...

sj.2C_sj.C, 2B, sj.C~[D] > sj.A > dj.A > dj.C~[D] > dj.2C, 5B...

Time Arcana Reset Combos

623A, 6D, 2A > 5B > 236236D, 5B~4[D], 2A, j.A > j.2C, 2A, j.A > j.2C, 5A, 5A, j.A, dj.A > dj.B (2A opponent if they don't tech)

623B, 5B > 236236D, Far 5B~[7D], j.A > j.C, j.A > j.2C, 2A, j.A > j.2C > 5A > 5A > 421A

Fire Arcana Combos

5B > 3[C]...

(Mid-screen) 3[C]~[D], j.A > dj.A > dj.C~3D > dj.A > dj.236D > dj.A > dj.236D > dj.C > 632146D

(Mid-screen) 3[C]~[D], j.A > dj.A > dj.C~3D > dj.A > dj.236D > dj.A > dj.236D > dj.C~6D > dj.A > dj.236D > dj.2C, 2A, j.A > j.2C > 5A > 236D > 623A...

5B > 63214D, j.A > j.2C, 5A > 623A...

5B~6D, 2A, j.A > j.2C, 2A, j.A > j.2C, 5A > 623A, 3[C]...

(Corner) 3[C]~[D], j.A > j.236D > j.A > j.236D > j.C > j.632146D > dj.B

(Corner) 3[C]~[D], j.A > j.236D > j.A > j.236D > j.C~6D > j.A > 236D > j.2C, 2B > 623A...

(Corner) 3[C]~[D], j.A > j.236D > j.A > j.236D > j.C~6D > j.A > 236D > j.2C, 2A, j.A > j.2C, 5A > 236D > 623A...

sj.2C_sj.C, 2B, sj.C~[D] > sj.A > dj.A > dj.C~[D] > dj.2C, 5B > 63214D > 2B > 623A...

sj.2C_sj.C, 2B, sj.C~[D] > sj.A > dj.A > dj.C~6D > dj.A > dj.236D > dj.C, 5A, j.A > j.2C > 5A > 623A...

Frame Data