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Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness/Gameplay

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Cyberbots works on a simple 4-button system: three buttons attack, one dashes.


Refer here for information on notation used in move lists or elsewhere.

Property Meaning
Airok.png Move can be done on the ground or in the air
Aironly.png Move can only be done in the air
High.png Move must be blocked high
Low.png Move must be blocked low
Throw.png Move can only be performed at point-blank range and has no whiff animation if it fails
Airthrow.png Same as a throw, but in the air
Unblockable.png Used only for a few Cyber-EX moves, this move cannot be blocked if it connects
Cptr.png Move acts like a throw if it connects, but it can be blocked
Template:OTG Move has the On-The-Ground property (see below)
Symbol Meaning
L.png Light Attack
H.png Heavy Attack
Atk.png Light or Heavy Attack
Boost.png Boost
W.png VA Weapon
Qcf.png Quarter Circle Forward
Qcfd.png Quarter Circle Forward to Down
Qcb.png Quarter Circle Back
Hcf.png Half Circle Forward
Hcb.png Half Circle Back
Dp.png Dragon Punch
Rdp.png Reverse Dragon Punch
360.png 360° Rotation


The standard button layout is:

CB default layout.png

Basic Elements

Gameplay gauges.png

① Round Timer

Shows remaining time. If the timer runs out before either player is eliminated, the one with the highest health wins.

② Life Gauge

Shows remaining life. Whoever runs out of life first loses.

③ Arm Gauge

Shows how close the VA is to losing its arm. Similar to a stun gauge, this bar decreases when taking damage and refills after a period of not taking damage. If it empties completely, the VA loses its main arm and cannot perform certain attacks. Helion, Super-8, and Warlock cannot lose their arm.

④ Weapon Gauge

Dictates how often the VA may use its weapon attack. Most weapons have a short cooldown before they can be fired again.

⑤ Boost Gauge

Shows remaining number of air boosts. The gauge refills completely any time a VA is on the ground. Number of boosts varies greatly depending on VA model and leg type, and the gauge is visually different for each main model (i.e. Blodia-type, Reptos-type, etc).

⑥ Super Gauge

Shows amount of super meter filled. It can be filled by landing attacks or Charging. When full, the VA may perform a Super Counter or Cyber-EX, which will drain the bar back to empty.

Universal Techniques

Normal and Special Moves

Gameplay attack.png

The Template:L and H buttons are the basic attack buttons, used for normals, specials, and other techniques. Generally L.png is fast, short range, and weak, and H.png is the opposite.

  • All VAs have access to standing, crouching, jumping, and ground-dashing versions of Template:L and H.
  • All VAs can do Template:D + H in the air, which often has a special property to set it apart from regular air H.png.
  • Most VAs have a short ground combo of {{L > H}}, or {{L > L > H}}.


Gameplay boost.png

The Boost.png button serves as a shortcut for ground dashing, as well as air movement specific to the VA's leg type.

  • Dash-Type Boost
Causes the VA to dash in any of 8 directions or neutral when pressed, up to the VA’s limit.
Used by Command Walker and Treads leg types.
  • Jump-Type Boost
Causes the VA to jump left, right, or neutral when pressed, up to the VA’s limit.
Used by Insectroid leg types.
  • Hover-Type Boost
Causes the VA to enter a steerable free-flying mode as long as the button is held, for up to 5 seconds of sustained flight.
Used by Turbo Jet leg types.

Weapon Attacks

Gameplay weapon.png

The W.png button will fire your VA's shoulder projectile, but has a cooldown so it cannot be used like a regular attack button.

Most Weapon attacks have a neutral, crouching, and jumping version; however some weapons have other directional inputs as well, such as forward, jumping-down, jumping-up, and so on.

A few weapons have also have special moves that can be done with them, which are listed in each VA's move list.


This game features a variety of throw types, but all of them require your VA to be touching the other for them to connect.

Also note that there are no whiff animations on failed throws.

Gameplay throw.png
  • {{b or F.png + L}} will do a multi-hitting throw which can be mashed for more hits.
  • {{b or F.png + H}} will do a strong, single hit throw.
  • {{Qcfd.png + Atk}} will do a multi-hitting throw that heavily damages the opponent's arm gauge.
  • Reptos and Killer Bee have the exclusive ability to airthrow.
  • Some VAs have additional throws with special move inputs, such as Reptos and Vise.

The Super Gauge

Gameplay charge.png

When a VA's super gauge is not full, there are two ways to fill it:

  • Landing attacks, whether they hit or are blocked, will gradually fill the gauge.
  • Template:L + H will quickly fill the super gauge; however if a VA is hit while charging, it immediately loses its main arm.

When a VA's super gauge is full, there are three ways to use it:

Gameplay burst.png Gameplay super.png
  • Template:L + H will do a Super Counter, an invincible attack which knocks the opponent away if it hits. Super Counters can also hit downed opponents.
  • {{qcf Qcf.png + Atk}} will do the VA's Cyber-EX move, which is typically flashy and does very high damage.
  • VAs automatically gain a 20% damage boost for 10 seconds once their super gauge is full, but they lose this effect early as soon as a Super Counter or Cyber-EX move is used.

Advanced Mechanics

Move Cancelling

Special Cancel

Most ground normals can be cancelled on hit or block into special moves, Cyber-EXs, and super counters.

Startup Cancel

Because of the way the game handles move inputs, all ground normals can be cancelled early in their animation into other techniques, whether or not they hit. This includes special moves, Cyber-EXs, super counters, and charging.



When knocked down, holding left or right will cause the VA to roll in that direction as it gets up. You can also cross-up your opponent this way.

Recovery Slide

As a VA is being knocked down, pressing Boost with proper timing will cause the VA to leap to its feet much quicker, making it safe from OTGs. However, this cannot be performed if the VA was knocked down with a counter-hit.


Once the opponent has been knocked down, your VA can hit them with one more move which has the OTG (On-The-Ground) property. Most VAs have a throw and several special moves with the OTG property. Additionally, if a downed opponent is hit with a Super Counter they may be hit with one more OTG move.

Air movement

Instant Overheads/Triangle Jump

By jumping and immediately dashing down-forward at the opponent while doing an attack, VAs can create almost unreactionable overheads. Due to the nature of this technique, it can only be done by VAs which have Dash- and Hover-type boosts.

Air Stalling

Hover VAs can safely stall in the air for a very little cost by tapping any up direction + Boost the moment they start losing altitude.

Air Hop

By double jumping (any up direction + Boost for Hover VAs and just Boost for Jump ones) and using a normal at the same time, you can keep your altitude while having a moving hitbox active.

Ground Movement

Short Dash Attack

By pressing either attack simultaneously with Boost, the VA will perform a shorter distance version of their dash attacks. This is useful for staying outside throw range while still doing the attack.

Dash Break/Dash Slide

By pressing the dash button again during a dash, the VA will go back to neutral. Dash suits will lose all momentum from this technique, while jump and hover ones will continue to slide for a bit. This is useful for spacing and using your normals while dashing.

Dash Throw

Inputting up-forward and Light or Heavy allows you to throw during a dash. This is very important to punish missed recovery slides.

Training Mode

Copy the content of this cheat file to a text file and rename it "cybots.ini" then place it in the "cheats" folder.

To enable specific cheats, select "Misc" then "Enable Cheats". By default, infinite credits, time, health and arm gauge are on, as well as the stage being locked to Doomsday Machine.