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Showcase of the combos shown below performed in-game by jay_ts. Custom Combo section performed by GunterJPN.

All health values tested using C-Groove Ratio 2 against a C-Groove Ratio 2 Ryu at full health

All combos are written in Numpad Notation, refer to this visual aide if you need help reading it.

Meterless Combos
Combo Position Damage Stun Difficulty Notes
2LK, 2LK xx HK Tiger Knee Midscreen 2700 27 Easy Simple confirm into Tiger Knee for a hard knockdown. 2LK can be linked up to 3 times but can whiff at longer range confirms so 2 is the most reliable. Using 3 will deal less damage due to the fact that you aren't getting the first hit of HK Tiger Knee, and it will only deal a total of 2517 damage and 25 stun. If you only get the second hit of Tiger Knee with two 2LKs then the combo will do 2100 damage and 21 stun. The output of your combo depends on your spacing.
j.HK, cl.5HP xx HP Tiger Uppercut Midscreen 4907 47 Easy Optimal meterless jump-in confirm. Really nice damage and stun with no difficulty. Absolutely shreds HP if Sagat has Rage, MAX Mode, or any other passive damage buff. Definitely Sagat's highest damage meterless combo.
5LP, 5LP, 2MK xx HK Low Tiger Shot Midscreen 3045 49 Medium A tricky link into Low Tiger Shot. Does more damage than the Tiger Knee confirms but doesn't give a knockdown of any kind so it's utility is limited, although this link is very useful for confirming into super. If you only do one 5LP instead of two you can land the second hit of HK Tiger Knee for the knockdown but the damage is only 185 more than the 2LK confirm at 2885, and the stun only increases by a measly 1 point, at 28.
2LK, 5LP, 5LP xx HK Tiger Knee Midscreen 2835 31 Medium A good hitconfirm that works on standing opponents. It can work on large characters crouching like Chang or Raiden, but most times this combo will only prove useful if the opponent is standing.
5LP, 5LP xx HP Tiger Uppercut Midscreen 3122 30 Easy Another confirm that usually only works on standing opponents. Deals good damage for it's simplicity.
2LK, cl.5HP xx HP Tiger Uppercut Midscreen 3857 37 Medium A weird link from 2LK into a close 5HP Tiger Uppercut cancel. Requires you to be in the range of close 5HP so you can't link two or more 2LKs like you can for Tiger Knee reaction confirms. You also can't confirm into this link from a standard jump-in. You have to use cross-up j.LK, and if you do the combo deals 4452 damage with 43 stun, so it's a pretty decent upgrade although the j.HK jump-in confirm combo outclasses this one by every metric.
Non-Groove Specific Super Combos
Combo Position Damage Stun Difficulty Notes
2HP xx Low Tiger Cannon Midscreen 3921/5110/6375 15 Easy THE Sagat super confirm. The hitstun of cr.HP almost guarantees you a combo into Low Tiger Cannon, even at max range. Even with 1 bar, it does great damage, but with three bars it can easily give you all the momentum you need to win the round. You can combo into cr.HP from a jump-in as well, so your jump-in confirms are just as scary.
j.HK, cl.5HP xx Low Tiger Cannon Midscreen 5181/6370/7635 27 Easy Instead of confirming into Tiger Uppercut, you confirm into super instead. Much higher damage with more meter, does over 50% on an average health character with 3 bars.
5LP, 5LP, 2MK xx Low Tiger Cannon Midscreen 4446/5635/6900 20 Medium 5LP, 2MK link into super. If you frame trap 5LP or blockstring it and manage to get a hit this is a really nice confirm. It does more damage than the 2HP super confirm although this one is slightly more of a challenge to land.
2LK, 5LP, 2LK xx Low Tiger Cannon Midscreen 3780/5635/6405 13 Medium A tricky light confirm. Not recommended, since you would rather just use 2MK after 5LP but it's one of the confirms Sagat can use.
2LK, 5LP, 5LP, 2MK xx Low Tiger Cannon Midscreen 4935/5040/7560 24 Difficult The nastiest super combo Sagat has. It's very tricky, but if learned this combo can destroy the opponent's healthbar. You cannot combo into Tiger Raid with this sequence.
2LK, 5LP, 5LP, Tiger Raid Midscreen 4305/5670/7455 14 Difficult Good consistent confirm into Tiger Raid. Great damage and simple linking, however it does require most characters standing.

You can use Tiger Raid for Lvl2/Lvl3 confirms however due to Low Tiger Cannon being a lot more consistent in combos they are used more. Tiger Raid deals more damage than Low Tiger Cannon, however Tiger Raid has a limited range, and will not combo at certain distances, while Low Tiger Cannon is a very consistent super confirm. If you are close enough, then you could use Tiger Raid as a substitute, Low Tiger Cannon is just listed because it will be more consistent in super confirms.

Lvl.2 C-Groove Super Combos
Combo Position Damage Stun Difficulty Notes
2HP xx Lvl.2 Low Tiger Cannon xx HP Tiger Shot Midscreen 6035 25 Easy The same 2HP confirm but now tacking on an extra hit in Tiger Shot. In the corner you can get a Tiger Uppercut but it doesn't deal as much damage.
5LP, 5LP, 2MK xx Lvl.2 Tiger Raid xx HP Tiger Uppercut Midscreen 7593 40 Medium Not only does this combo do crazy good damage, but it also does 40 stun, which is over half of the amount needed to get a stun on an average character.
2LK, 5LP, 5LP xx Lvl.2 Tiger Raid xx HP Tiger Uppercut Midscreen 7123 34 Medium Good light confirm and great stun. You can get even more damage with cancelling into lvl.1 Tiger Cannon instead of Tiger Uppercut but the stun will be much lower.
j.HK, cl.5HP xx Lvl.2 Tiger Raid xx HP Tiger Uppercut Midscreen 8416 47 Medium Same Lvl.2 followup but with a much more powerful sequence into it. cl.5HP will always combo into Tiger Raid, so it is better to use it here over Low Tiger Cannon now that range is not a problem. For max damage, you need to cancel Tiger Raid just right to get a 14 hit combo. If you see that you got less than 14 hits, you missed out on an extra hits from HP Tiger Uppercut, and will only get 8054 damage. If you cancel Tiger Raid into Lvl.1 Tiger Cannon you get a whopping 9427 damage, which is the most damage you will see from a non-raged Sagat.

These combos don't use lvl.1 Tiger Cannon but you can use it. It's just that for level 2 combos specifically without spending any more meter those are your options. If you want to spend another bar you can, and it will be a noticeable upgrade in damage, however there are times where you might want to save that meter for say another super or an alpha counter. It just depends on the situation but spending all 3 bars on a level 2 cancel is not a bad idea at all considering C-Groove's meterbuild.

Custom Combos

Information for this section comes from Gunter's Custom Combo Collection guide on his Google Drive space. For the full guide, complete with video, go Here

Sagat's custom combo game is fairly underwhelming compared to the rest of the cast. Unlike his fellow top tier contemporaries, he doesn't have much utility with his CC, but he still has the damage that everyone else has with it. He still has variety though, even if the practicality and difficulty does not exactly match up.


Salvaged Meter
Combo Position Damage Stun Difficulty Notes
2LK xx 2HP xx 2HP xx 2HP xx 2HK xx 5HP xx Tiger Cannon Midscreen 5920 0 Medium This is if Sagat activated CC and he didn't end up getting a combo, or got counter-activated, but managed to land a stray normal with a good half bar left. He can still deal good damage with that short about of time by just mashing cr.HP until it reaches max range.
Ground Confirms
Combo Position Damage Stun Difficulty Notes
2LK xx 2LK xx 2HK xx cl.5HP xx Roll, {cl.5HP xx cl.5HP xx Roll} x 3, HP Tiger Uppercut, Tiger Cannon Midscreen 6760 0 Difficult The "Easy" version of Sagat's optimal CC. Instead of cancelling Tiger Uppercut into roll, it's close 5HP into roll. Gives good damage still, but the combo overall may take some practice to get down.
2LK xx 2LK xx 2HK xx {MP Tiger Uppercut xx Roll} x 2, {MP Tiger Uppercut xx cl.5HP xx Roll} x 2, 2HP xx HP Tiger Uppercut, Tiger Cannon Midscreen 7684 0 Very Difficult The optimal Sagat CC. Done off of a 2LK into sweep string. Doing two 2LKs will give you more time to react if the CC landed. Once sweep lands you let it rip with MP Tiger Uppercut into roll. This is a somewhat difficult thing to input repeatedly, on top of cancelling the DP into cl.5HP into roll towards the end. This CC will definitely take some time to get down, and it's a weak CC compared to the better A-groove characters. If it gets blocked Sagat has no lasting blockstrings, and if it lands it does less damage than if Sagat used a level 2 Super Cancel confirm in C-Groove.


x n = You can do the specified section of the combo until the meter is close to running out.

Combo Position Damage Stun Difficulty Notes
(Activate) LP Tiger Uppercut, {MP Tiger Uppercut xx cl.5HP xx Roll/LK Tiger Knee} x n, 2HP Tiger Cannon Midscreen 8512 0 Very Difficult Essentially Sagat's optimal CC but it starts with an LP Tiger Uppercut, setting up the perfect spacing for the loop. This CC deals more damage than the "optimal" CC because there is less overall hits in the combo and the combo is starting with the DP loop from the get-go. Difficult to perform but damaging when done right. According to Gunter himself, LK Tiger Knee isn't really necessary in the combo, it is just to show off, so if rolls are easier then that won't change anything but the difficulty. This combo does not work on Dictator, refer to "Anti-Airs (Vs. Dictator)" for the explanation and combo adjustment.
(Activate) cl.5HP xx {MP Tiger Uppercut xx cl.5HP xx Roll/LK Tiger Knee} x n, HP Tiger Uppercut, 5HP xx Tiger Cannon Midscreen 8448 0 Very Difficult A true universal anti-air CC. Works on every character. Also incredibly difficult to perform but has a lot of reward. As mentioned above, LK Tiger Knee isn't necessary but if you want to show off you can.
(Activate) MP Tiger Uppercut xx 2LK, sj.MP xx sj.MP, {sj.MP xx sj.HP} x 2, {sj.HP xx sj.HP} x 2, 2HP xx Tiger Cannon Midscreen 7356 0 Difficult If you don't like the DP loop, this is an alternative. Instead of DP looping from Tiger Uppercut, you cancel into 2LK to prevent the DP from rising. You then super jump forward and juggle the opponent with two strong-strong cancels, then two strong-fierce cancels, then two fierce-fierce cancels, and finally finishing the combo. Difficult, and does way less damage than the loop CC.
Anti-Airs (Vs. Dictator)
Combo Position Damage Stun Difficulty Notes
(Activate) MP Tiger Uppercut xx Roll, {MP Tiger Uppercut xx Roll/LK Tiger Knee} x n, 2HP Tiger Cannon Midscreen 8624 0 Very Difficult This combo is specifically meant for Dictator, the LP Tiger Uppercut starter doesn't actually work on him. The roll crosses up, messing up the spacing necessary for more reps. Instead, the loop is immediately done from the get-go. While Sagat briefly turns around each rep, if you wait for a split second for him to turn back around, you can get the spacing back and continue the combo.


Combo Position Damage Stun Difficulty Notes
2LK xx {2HP} x 3, {HK Low Tiger Shot} x n, Low Tiger Cannon Corner 105 0 Medium The only blockstring CC Sagat has, and it's corner only. Essentially just start with 2LK, mash 2HP until you're out of range, then spam Low Tiger Shot until there's no more meter, and then cancel into Low Tiger Cannon. In terms of guard bar damage, it takes away about 75% of the guard bar, and does okay chip. The fact that it is corner only makes it quite situational, and if Sagat is not in the corner, then he really has nothing to work with other than to just pressure as best as he can.


Combo Position Damage Stun Difficulty Notes
2LK, 5LP, (Activate) 5MP xx 2HK, {MP Tiger Uppercut xx Roll} x n, HP Tiger Uppercut, 2HP xx Tiger Cannon Corner 7068 9 Very Difficult A really niche and super situational confirm into CC that is corner only. Confirming 5LP into CC then linking that into 5MP is a 1-frame link, and it's not just a matter of pressing one button within a 1/60th second window. You have to activate the very first frame that 5LP has ended, then on the very first frame that you gain control after the activation, you do 5MP, and it links. A weird link, yes, is it optimal? Not at all, but it's something.
j.HK, cl.5HP xx HP Tiger Uppercut, (Activate) 5HP xx {HP Tiger Shot} x 11, Tiger Cannon Corner 8030 47 Medium Does good damage, and is easy to execute, however screen positioning is very precise in order to get the spacing needed for this combo to work.

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