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Capcom vs SNK 2/Nakoruru/Combos

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All health values tested using C-Groove Ratio 2 against a C-Groove Ratio 2 Ryu at full health

All combos are written in Numpad Notation, refer to this visual aide if you need help reading it.

Meterless Combos
Combo Position Damage Stun Difficulty Notes
Notation Here Position Damage Stun Difficulty Notes
Notation Here Position Damage Stun Difficulty Notes

Custom Combos

Nakoruru's Custom Combo Slides by GunterJPN

Old Combo Table

Bread and Butter Combos

d.LKx2, d.MP xx BTD+P (Ground slide)

Her b&b of choice when close in, from slightly further out she could run a single d.LK, d.MP instead. Hit confirmation is good and frame advantage off a counterhit d.LK makes it better. As an R1 it deals about 1886 damage without bonuses against a character with full health. The link between the second crouching short to the crouching strong is about 3-4 frames. The sequence isn't that hard to learn, two shorts, strong, during the strong roll the stick to back, then return to down and hit punch. It's similar to how some characters like Hibiki do d.LKx3 xx hcb, hcf+P super inputs. The move's recovery depending on strengths used sets up plenty of stuff already listed in Specials.

Crossup LK, s.LPx2 xx BTD+P

What you can do after the crossup short varies depending on how deep you hit and what character you're facing. Shorter characters can actually crouch the close s.LP's, so against them you'll want a deep crossup short followed by d.LK, link d.MP xx slide. You get a real deep crossup short opportunity following a b&b to jab slide.
Doing this combo into another jab slide sets up another deep crossup opportunity as well. Don't get predictable though.
If blocked you're at either +7 or +8 depending on which normal you use between the standing jab or crouching shorts. Go for a throw or fish for counterhits.
In fact, s.LPx2 xx ground slide is a common occurance and there are many moments (to be described in Advanced Strategy) where you will end up landing a close s.LP, if it hits, throw another and cancel it to jab slide.

Low Jump HK, s.LP xx BTD+LP

Considering how fast her low jump is, and the fact that a forward low jump's startup looks remarkably similar to her bird grab, you can easily get away with doing an early low jump roundhouse, link s.LP xx jab slide on people while they're even inputting their dp motions. This also works best immediately after a backdash after you have them cornered following a knockdown; the bird will be over them, turning to fly back towards you because of the back dash, and your low jump will look like you're jumping up in the direction of the bird instead of what it truly is. If they block the roundhouse and jab you're at +8 go for a throw or counterhit d.LK attempts. Mix this up with empty low jump throw or empty low jump, d.LKx2 b&b's.

Super Combos

Will note the ratio 2 damage later on since that's "standard"
likewise with stun

d.HK xx hcbx2+P

Really the only way she'll land her supers.
Perhaps the most practical way is linking the d.HK off a counterhit close s.LP (giving you +10, easy link), since they'll still be reeling in hit stun you can't throw them so you can be more free with the sweep input and your half circle back motions. This method also owns since you're already pressuring them with your +8 walking jabs in the first place, fishing for counter-hits.
I like whiff punishing run up sweeps xx bird supers myself. The run, as well as the skid animation, does a good job preventing you from accidentally getting a kickthrow in there like you might if you did a walk-up sweep xx hcbx2+P.
In fact anything you can do to prevent accidental option selecting throws is recommended. A deep low jump HK combos easily enough with a sweep for example.

Custom Combos

There are many variations of her customs but the main ones have her activating into a crouching strong or forward (strong being faster) and then multiple down+forward Fierces from there 'till you get 8 of them by the corner. Then you get a sweep, crouching fierce with a whiffed short and super jump jabs x4 about two times then bird super on landing.

CC, d.MP, df+HPx8, d.HK, d.HP whiff d.LK, [sj LPx4]x2, hcbx2+P Damge inflicted is 7000+

Personally I prefer another df+HP immediately following the sweep, it puts you at +6 and knocks them in the air long enough that you recover and superjump easily, and it also sets up the bird super nicely as well if I mistime the jumping jabs even in the slightest. That and it's just easier besides.
Ideally though the custom above is the one you'll likely see the most often.

Reset, or blocked CC Option
CC, d.MP, df+HPx6 xx qcb+K, qcb+P, df+HP, [sj+HKx3]x2, hcbx2+P
About 9,500 or slightly more depending on Nako's ratio

Nakoruru doesn't have too many reset or blocked CC options but what she does have is pretty fast, effective and safe. It involves the Mamahaha Grab and the qcb+P bird dive move following about 6-8 df+HP's. This sequence is so fast that if you really tried it combos, so let up a bit, but only slight. Immediately following the Blade of the Gods you can do a crouching Fierce, whiff short and begin superjump HK's, or do the easier df+HP's. I like the latter option a lot because if they try something stupid to get out like roll, due to the df+HP's startup I suppose the move goes towards them regardless so you nail them when they come out the roll, though they're no longer cornered. If the bird dive connects, you knockdown and juggle with the same move and are free to do j.HK's. If they block it the df+HP simply block combos them so you're still safe. They try to mash, the Bird Dive counter-hits. Only "safe" options would be to JD, parry, dp, etc, but those are reaction-based tests of skill often frowned on because it varies from person to person.

She doesn't seem to have too many fancy setups, they're all basic.
At least she can link custom off a crossup short, or nail someone from across the screen when they're nearly cornered with the bird dive.

d.LKx2, CC, d.MP
close s.LPx2, CC, d.MP

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