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Kyo has high combo freedom generally, and you should experiment to see what's possible and what isn't (or read further past this page). This isn't every Kyo combo possible, but it should be enough to get you learning how his combos work. All damage values were recorded using C-Groove Kyo vs a full health C-Groove Ryu.

All combos are written in Numpad Notation, refer to this visual aide if you need help reading it.

General Combo Tips
In place of 623HK, you can usually do 623HP for an easier juggle at a small damage/stun cost in the corner.
Kyo normally won't use his level 1 supers in combos, as they aren't very strong and the stun is usually more worth it.
236LKK (Light Kai and Followup) has very limited combo potential, only comboing into level 2/3 Orochinagi.

Basic Meterless Combos
Combo Position Damage Stun Difficulty Notes
2LK > 2LK, 2MP > 236MP > 236P > K Anywhere 3223 18 Medium Kyo's main combo from a 2LK starter. Powerful and long hitconfirm that has a few places to end safely.
(j.HK) > 2MP > 236MP > 236P > K Anywhere 4095 26 Easy Not Kyo's best jump-in but fairly reliable when the range for a cl.HK isn't guaranteed.
2LK, 2MP > 236MKK, 623HK Anywhere 4072 40 Medium A shorter hitconfirm that ends in a launcher into 623HK. While rekka ender isn't bad at all, Kyo's 623HK is an amazing knockdown and gives tons of corner carry.
(j.HK) cl.HK > 236HKK, 623HK Anywhere 5647 55 Easy One of the best combos to learn. cl.HK is your main punishment normal, so learn this one. Basically guarantees corner from most parts of the screen, does massive damage, and gives an amazing knockdown.
2MP, 2MP > 236LP > 236P > K Anywhere 3675 22 Medium A double 2MP combo into rekkas. 2MP is one of your main meaties, and this can be a nice way to enhance the damage from one. Especially good on counterhit
2LK > 2LK > 2LK > 623HK Anywhere 2677 26 Easy An easier 2LK combo if you can't do the link. Unless you seriously struggle with 2LK, 2MP, don't use this one, and practice doing 2LK, 2MP.
2LK > 2LK > 236LKK Anywhere 1365 13 Easy A combo into 236LKK. The light version of Kai has very limited juggles afterwards, but this is a useful confirm into level 2/3 Orochinagi.
2MP, 2LK > 623HK Anywhere 3150 30 Medium Reverse link into 623HK. Better knockdown but harder to do and worse damage.
hop.HK > 623HK Anywhere 3200 32 Easy A simple combo from a hop into 623HK. In hop grooves this is very useful.
Non-Groove Specific Super Combos
Combo Position Damage Stun Difficulty Notes
2LK > 2LK > 236236P Anywhere 3360/5040/6510 4 Medium A low combo into super. Can be a bit hard to buffer as you can easily misinput into 236LK, but is a worthwhile way to spend meter once you have it down as 2LK is a move you'll hit often and Orochinagi level 1 is not very juggle friendly.
2LK > 2LK > 236LKK, 2141236HP Anywhere 3675/6090 0 Easy Orochinagi juggles from LK Kai. Level 1 Orochinagi can't be juggled into after any version of Kai, limiting it's use in combos to mainly the level 3 version. You won't always want to use this as other enders will give better corner carry where level 3 Orochinagi is stronger.
(j.HK) cl.HK > 236MKK, 2141236HP Anywhere 5775 34 Easy High damage jump in into Orochinagi. Generally you won't use this, saving the meter for higher damage combos in the corner is usually more worth it and midscreen ending in 623HK for stun, corner carry, and knockdown is more valuable. Still, if you get a midscreen jump in and need to kill this might do it.
(j.HK) cl.HK > 236HKK, Charge 2141236HP, Release Corner 8820 35 Easy Flamebody juggle into Orochinagi. Massive corner damage from a solid punish. In the corner, the fire surrounding Kyo will juggle for a single hit after Kai. Let it juggle once, and as they fall in front of Kyo, release it. If done right it will hit 3 times.
2LK > 2LK > 236LKK, Charge 2141236HP, Release Corner 6510 13 Easy Flamebody juggle from a light starter. Expensive but worthwhile if it will kill, and very easy to do.
2LK > 2LK, 2MP > 236LKK, Charge 2141236HP, Release Corner 7245 21 Medium Corner 2LK 2MP link into 236LKK. Damaging super ender from Kyo's main combo. Worth learning over the above combo for the added damage. If you only do one 2LK into 2MP, do 236MKK as that combo does the exact same damage as this.
(j.HK) cl.HK > 236HKK, 623MK, Charge 2141236HP, Release Corner 10451 51 Medium Massive damage combo off a jump-in. Especially strong in grooves like K or P, as this can be done from outside the corner so long as you reach the corner by the end of 623MK.
5HK > 2141236P Anywhere 3990/5250/6090 13 Easy A heavy poke into super, and one of the only ways to combo into level 1 Orochinagi. Seems hard at first, but doing this as 214HK then 41236P makes it a pretty consistent cancel
C-Groove Specific Super Combos
Combo Position Damage Stun Difficulty Notes
2LK > 2LK > 236236MP > 236MKK, 623HK Anywhere 6940 34 Medium 2 bar BNB off of 2LK. Kyo has stronger level 2 combos but this gives massive corner carry, good stun, and is very consistent. In the corner, you can do 236HKK instead for some extra damage. Generally this is the best you get midscreen with
2LK > 2LK > 236LKK, 2141235MP > (delay) 236HKK, 623HK Corner 6458 44 Medium Worse than the above combo, but it's mostly so you know you can get a level 2 Orochinagi off of 236LKK.
(j.HK) cl.HK > 236LKK, 2141236MP > 236HKK, 623HK Corner 8453 63 Medium High damage jump-in combo. Level 2 Orochinagi is hard to use in juggles similar to level 1, so this can only be done off of 236LKK.
Any combo into a level 2 > 2141236LP Anywhere 7245/6510 0 Easy After 236236MP or 2141236MP, you can add a 2141236LP for added damage. Damage values are listed as if done raw, with 236236MP first and 2141236MP second. Generally C-Kyo won't end with these, as the stun from the other finishers will be more worthwhile and being able to build back to a level 2 quickly is strong.
(j.HK) cl.HK > 236HKK, 236236MP (1) > 236HKK, 623HK Corner 7718 66 Easy Silly looking 3 bar combo. Not as high damage as the two bar version, but does a ton of stun. If you hit them at all shortly before landing this they may be stunned. Even without any meter Kyo can get high damage, so this is very worthwhile in those situations.

Custom Combos

Kyo's Custom Combo Slide by GunterJPN

Kyo has ways to combo into Custom Combo. The CC confirms are listed in this table, and his actual CCs are listed in the next.

A-Groove Custom Combo Starters
Combo Position Damage Stun Difficulty Notes
(j.HK) cl.HK > 236MKK, 623LP, Activate... Anywhere 4100... 41 Easy Jump in/Heavy confirm into CC.
2LK > 2LK > 236LKK, Activate... Corner 1300... 13 Easy Corner low confirm into CC.
Meaty cr.MP, Activate, cr.LK... Anywhere 704... 8 Hard Activation link. Not entirely useful but if you can do it it's a confirm Kyo can get fairly easily.
Anti-Air 623LP, Activate... Anywhere 800... 8 Easy Anti-Air CC Confirm. Useful to make Kyo's powerful anti-air dp even scarier.
2HK, Activate... Anywhere 1300... 13 Above Average Sweep CC confirm. Tight and requires close range, making it very niche and rare.

These are Kyo's CCs. In this table, "xN" means however many work. If you can do it 4 times, 5 times, 6 times, however many depends usually on the character. You can internalize these and use them but CCs are incredibly flexible and learning the theory behind them will benefit you much more in the long run.

A-Groove Custom Combos
Combo Position Damage Stun Difficulty Notes
Activate, (623MP > 3HK whiff)xN > 2HP > 2141236P Anywhere 8084 0 Above Average Kyo's main CC. Does good damage and is very versatile, working from grounded activations, anti-air activations, and all his listed starters.
Activate, 2LK > (2HPxN > 236HP)xN > 3HKxN > 2HP > 236236P Anywhere 6884 0 Medium Easier grounded CC. After the 2HP > 236HP loop reaches max scaling, start doing 3HK repeatedly until you have to super.
Anti-Air Activate, 623MKxN, Reach corner, 2MP, j.LPxN, 2141236P Anywhere 5220 0 Medium One of the first anti-air CCs found. Generally stick to the BNB CC but this is a bit easier.

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